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I Write This While Holding My Nose


For the past three days, AndyZ has had the stinkiest gas ever in the history of the world. He has cleared rooms and had me changing false alarms all weekend. Even his teacher said today that she went to change his diaper thinking he had pooped and there was nothing there. It is keeping him up at night as he does the Wiggle…Wiggle…Poot dance to disturb me enough to keep me awake but not enough to actually wake him beyond the stray cries. It’s the WEIRDEST THING. I have ruled out all foods and beverages that I’ve put into my system because it’s been going on for THREE DAYS now. Obviously anything weird I may have eaten when it first started is long gone from my milk now. For the last 48 hours I’ve kept it normal and simple. YET THE TOXIC FARTS PERSIST.

Any suggestions? Or is this just a sign that maybe he inherited his Dad’s moody digestive system?

17 thoughts on “I Write This While Holding My Nose”

  1. My husband is lactose intolerant. When he drinks milk…Katie bar the door…he is STINKY flatulent…if not enduring nasty assplosions. That’s the first thing that popped (don’t read that as pooped) in my head. Hope that’s not what AndyZ’s problem is, though, ’cause it’s tough to have a little one who’s lactose intolerant.

  2. Sounds kinda like lactose intolerance – thats exactly what I went through with my little one when I tried to breastfeed…turned out it wasn’t what was in the milk, it was just the milk. Good luck!

  3. I have no advice, since I also have no children, but I wanted to let you know that I love the site redesign. Very cool.

  4. I read somewhere that it takes about two weeks for cow’s milk to leave your system when it comes to breast feeding and how that might affect your baby. Maybe see what a doctor says?

  5. Unrelated but I just saw NikkiZ’s photo over on Amalah’s site in an ad for Obama fingers! I hope you OK’d that one! Its adorable…..

  6. Love the new design!

    Maybe it’s just his system adjusting and growing. Early in the morning when our baby wakes, she’s stretching and grunting then BOOM! You’d think the diaper just blew off her bottom. I eat a really bland diet most of the time to try to not affect her. So I don’t know what the real cause is, but go buy about 10 bottles of gas drops and it will quit. Not because you give them to the baby, but because the baby seems to know that it freaks you out and they’ll stop it the next day all on their own. 🙂

  7. How many days has it been since he really DID poop? It could be that he’s got some blockage that is making its way down and he’s tooting it all the way.

  8. I’ve got a gassy kidlet too, and I think it’s just his GI system growing and adapting. Nothing I do to my diet seems to affect it, it’s just the way he is. I even cut out all cow milk-related products for a month (which SUCKED, ’cause I love me some cheese) and saw no change/improvement. It does improve, now the farting doesn’t really faze him. This too shall pass, although it might smell funny for a while.

  9. Could be dairy — what kind of formula does he get when he’s at daycare? Even if you’re not drinking milk and the breastmilk is OK, the milk-based formula could be causing it.

  10. I’ve got some big-time stank going on over here, too. It happened when I started solids with him…but I don’t even give him solids every day, and when I do, it’s just a few bites. Other than that, breastmilk only, and I’m not much of a dairy eater.

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