Saturday Snaps


Our outing today involved going up to Green Mountain while I took pictures of the foliage and NikkiZ played in the mud. AndyZ spent the trip testing out his new found freedom associated with being able to finally roll over. It was a good morning.

I get LilZ back tomorrow and I miss him so much I could cry. It seems like he’s been visiting his Dad in Georgia for YEARS. When in reality it’s been one week combined with one case of strep which made that one week feel like one decade. One decade of HELL.

Speaking of the week from hell…I found one more picture I took of NikkiZ while she suffered. It is a great representation of how miserable she really was. She spent her strep adventure rotating from our bed to the couch in the living room, depending on what she wanted to watch on television.


I’m definitely glad that’s over with.


This version of NikkiZ makes much cuter pictures.

17 thoughts on “Saturday Snaps”

  1. What beautiful kids! Not only do you make pretty babies, but you know how to shoot a camera. My children and grandchildren are stunning (I know you’re shocked to hear a mother/grandmother say that, eh?!) but I cannot capture that beauty with a camera. I’ll definitely keep trying, but the kids are just going to have to settle for my gift of . . . oh heck, who am I kidding? I don’t have a creatively gifted bone in my body!

  2. Did you see the link I posted on Twitter today? I was saw a picture online that looks just like LilZ. You’d better find out if his dad turned him into a Republican… But he looks really bored, so I think you’re safe!

  3. You get the best pictures of your kids. I’m so jealous that you actually have the energy to take pictures.

  4. That first photo is seriously perfect. It makes me pine for my SLR even more. Just amazing Zoot.

    And that picture of NikkiZ just shows how ill and pathetic she felt. Poor thing.

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