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We’ll Try Him Out Behind The Wheel Of The Car Next


Are we the only parents who put their children in devices they’re too small to use because we’re too impatient to wait? As you can see – he’s barely even old enough to hold his head up. Did that stop us from putting him in the Johnny Jump Up? Nope. And, of course, it was a family event.


We all took turns trying to find ways to prop AndyZ up successfully in the seat so that he could jump properly. Because, you know, he totally knows how to jump. Even though he still can’t hold his head up. Because that’s how kids develop…jumping first. Balance later.


Of course, when the kid is this cute, does it really matter?

30 thoughts on “We’ll Try Him Out Behind The Wheel Of The Car Next”

  1. Speaking of driving a car –
    We’ve been trying to teach Gameboy to drive….. I’m not sure whose bright idea it was to put the age of drivers ed at exactly the same time as teens have decided their parents are stupid and know nothing about anything relevant in todays world; but this whole drive at 16 is HARD.
    I wish I had thrown him behind the wheel out in the country somewhere when he was 12 and still thought I knew something….

  2. We did the same thing. Hilarious!

    The Jumperoo by Fisher-Price has a built in headrest thingy on the seat. It’s great. Our boys were in that while their little heads were still a little floppy. And just stopped using it at a year.

    Damn the distance between us (I’m in California)… I’d totally bring it over for you to have if I lived a little closer!!

  3. I wrapped a blanket around the baby so he wouldn’t slide side to side in his jumpup and exer-saucer. I needed to be able to put him down somewhere and not have him roll away. Nevermind that he didn’t really *fit*.

    AndyZ looks to be all giggles, all the time. He’s a good baby.

  4. I actually think you have the world’s happiest baby. AndyZ always seems to look like he is having SO MUCH FUN in all your photos. Love it!

  5. How cute! I had been thinking of getting one also, because my just turned 4 month old loves to jump on my lap. She cracks up every single time I ‘bounce’ her. Do whatever works and let him have some fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. How totally adorable. He doesn’t look to care if he can hold his head up or not! Too much fun!!

    And yes – we tried to fit our little guy into things waaaaay before he was technically the correct size. The anticipation of all the fun to be had is just too much!

  7. This made me laugh. I did the same thing with my son. When he was 4 months old I got impatient and I had to stick him in the Jumperoo. He was just a tiny bit too short to get his feet on the floor to jump up, so I stuck a phone book underneath him and he was good to go. That thing saved my sanity (and got me some extra sleep) for months!

  8. Nope. My sister in law does that too and we all think it is adorable. And yours seem downright happy about it! Too cute.

  9. Oh my! He looks so very very happy. And, you are not alone. Ana is just 12 weeks old (almost) and I am dying to get out the jumper. And the exersaucer. And, I tried turning her around in the front carrier… but she isn’t tall enough and she screamed at me.

    Why do we rush these things????

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