Rain on a tent is not as soothing as rain on a roof

Baby Tricks!

Last night was loads of fun, as usual. We went camping with the Aardvarks this time and it made it even more fun than last time. NikkiZ would like to shout an “Amen!” to that statement because she had Scout to play with all night. (LilZ also enjoyed having someone else to play with, by the way.) We took a night walk along the Scarecrow trail which was a lot spookier in the evening than it is during the daytime. We saw a bunch of garden spiders in the trees and I really had to fight the urge to do the stereotypical Mom Squeal and run away. Since no one else screamed, I just acted impressed like the rest of the group. But inside? I was screaming. And also making sure to walk BEHIND someone the rest of the night. I’d rather someone other than myself clear the spider webs out of their way with their head. Even if it was some 8-year old kid. Better him than me! I can’t believe I made the stupid mistake of looking at information online about the Black Widow Spider before we left for the camping trip. It probably had something to do with the fact that I saw a couple of them in the house before we left and wanted to know how I could get rid of them so they were gone when we got back. Turns out, it’s just made me even more scared of any type of spider and the fact that we saw some on our walk definitely hasn’t helped. I hope they’ve gone from our house…

Spiders aside, I absolutely love camping. It is such a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors. We take camping very seriously in our family and so you can often find one of us browsing outdoor websites like checking out reviews of all the latest camping equipment. Just thinking about all the amazing camping gear out there makes me excited for our next trip!

The morning wasn’t so great as it started raining around 4:30am though. Since AndyZ and I were already waking up, there was nothing to do but load up camp since there wasn’t going to be a good chance to get up and visit in the morning. NikkiZ heard me up and got up too, helping me load stuff to the car. By the time we were on the way home I was soaking wet and incredibly sore from carrying a load of stuff to the car on already Jillian Michaels abused muscles. Next time I’m looking at tents for cold weather and choosing one that is ultra waterproof. A good quality tent is one of the best investments you’ll make when you have kids; they ensure an easy, affordable holiday every year.

We’re just taking it easy today and watching football. I’m trying to talk the kids into letting me take a nap, but they’re having nothing of it. Which means when I put NikkiZ to bet at 7:30 tonight? I’m heading straight to my own bed to sleep until Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Rain on a tent is not as soothing as rain on a roof”

  1. I can PROMISE you you would NOT be the only one screaming.

    Or allowing people to walk ahead of you so they would hit the spiderwebs first. My husband would totally do it for us. He’s used to it after six years together.

  2. I’m glad it went well. If you came to my house you would scream a huge spider has built a massive web in our front yards. Julain has broken it twice but he’s persistent and rebuilds it over night. Luckily spiders aren’t poisionous here.

  3. I love sleeping in a tent while it is raining too, but I hate hate hate having to pack up in the rain, or worse trying to figure out where to dry out a wet tent in a townhouse…

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