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I Always Get Nervous When The Word “Cool” Is Used This Close To My Name

Well – I’ve been very sadly notified that BlogHer is not going to come to Nashville this fall. Therefore, there will be no need for me to speak there. Therefore, I have taken the button off my sidebar. *sob*

(Notice my excessive use of the word Therefore? That was intentional. Because that kind of crap is funny to me when I wake up at 4am. I fully acknowledge it will no longer be funny by the time the rest of the world is awake.)

The good news? I have a brand new button to put in it’s place! I’m an officially contributor at Alpha Mom’s new section: “Guide to Everything (In 5 Easy Steps)”. My contribution is about being a Cool Twilight Mom and I totally would love for you to go read it and leave a comment so that I can calm the HELL DOWN already. I’m a little worried being the first entry in line that no one will actually read it because there’s a much funnier one at the top of the page. I did my best to write the list with no spoilers because so many parents are just now getting into the series with the movie headed down the pike.

Also – they’re accepting contributions from anyone. As it says on the sidebar of there, contact them first so they can avoid duplicate topics. Otherwise – if you’re an expert in something? Give it a go!

But – don’t take “How To Demolish A Dozen Donuts Before You Get Home from the Bakery And Make It Look Like They Were Stolen So You Don’t Have To Share Even Though You Left To Buy Donuts For Everyone To Begin With And They’re All Expecting Them When You Arrive”

That one is mine.


8 thoughts on “I Always Get Nervous When The Word “Cool” Is Used This Close To My Name”

  1. After reading your ‘guide’ I feel the need to purchase a new book series. I think the only topic I am an expert at would be how not to paint a wall, a topic that is oh so helpful to everyone!

  2. So excited for you – congrats!! Stinks about BlogHer, though.

    Your column was great – and now I’ve bought the series. You finally talked me into it!

  3. I am a contributor too — it isn’t up yet though. Can’t wait to have my name in lights with you and many others 🙂

    Also, I may have to read Twilight now.

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