Momma DOES Vote For Him


Our local Democrat headquarters had their “Grand Opening” yesterday. They were active during primary season and then, I guess, shut down for awhile until now. We’re not that huge of a city, and we’re in a red state, so there’s probably not enough demand to keep a democratic headquarters open year-round. I’m not sure what it’s like in bigger and bluer cities.

We picked up some of their Obama paraphernalia, but we also sat around and listened to the local democrats who are running for various offices. I got to hear Judge Deborah Bell Paseur speak, she’s running for our state Supreme Court. I enjoyed her and wished I had taken a chance a few weeks ago to go to a function she was holding in town to meet local women.

The coolest thing was, as NikkiZ and I sat in the grass and listened to the speeches, that most of the people speaking? Were woman. How awesome is that? I love that I’m finally becoming active enough to raise NikkiZ with this type of exposure to politics. And she got a free balloon! When she got home she told MrZ, “Obama gave it to me! Momma votes for him.”

Hee. At least she got the important part right.

7 thoughts on “Momma DOES Vote For Him”

  1. I love Judge Paseur! Even if she was the judge over my first parking ticket (I’m from Florence, went to UNA and now live in Birmingham). I’m so proud to see her running.

  2. Such a cute picture!

    Did you see Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL last night? She nailed her!

    I’m in a red state too (GA).

    Obama/Biden 2008

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