I only have a minute. I’m tired – AndyZ was gassy last night and did not sleep well. At one point, I was so delirious I actually said to myself, “I was on the road last night, MrZ was watching AndyZ. It must have been something that HE ate that made him gassy.” Because – you know – that’s how it works. I was drunk with exhaustion.

We had warnings of gas shortage and high prices yesterday with Ike looming. I filled up my tank (only 8 gallons needed) at lunch for $3.54. I’ve never paid higher than $4 a gallon her in Huntsville. About 10 miles away, at about the same time, MrZ paid $4.10. When I got back into town last night after taking LilZ to meet his Dad? Most of the stations were out of gas. The ones that had gas? Were $4.99 and higher. THIS IS INSANE.

Just wanted to see if anyone else was seeing any other weird Ike-induced gas trends. We’re not even on the Gulf and may not even see so much a drop of rain from Ike. But the fact that it’s hitting our Gulf oil supply is the trigger. At least here. Is it triggering anything where you live? If $5 gas is normal for you, then I guess it’s no big deal. But to see it rise over a dollar in LESS THAN A DAY? Weird.

I’m scared to go out this morning to see what’s going on. Let’s just say no extra driving this weekend for any of us.

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  1. The same thing happened here in Westeren NC. By lunch time yesterday gas prices had started to go up and long lines had formed at the pumps. By 5:00, most stations were out of gas. It is crazy.

  2. in Connecticut, ours jumped .20 yesterday, and there are no current weather threats in our area… we’re going on business as usual, but *geesh!* it’s scary (shocking? surprising? i dunno) how much it can fluctuate….

  3. Gas here has always been outrageous. I’m glad I’m not farther north or west in the outlying remote communities, because as it is we damn near hit $5 a gallon a few months ago. I was lucky enough to fill up yesterday morning using my Safeway discount (10cents/gallon for each $100 you spend, and they accumulate til you use them) so I saved 60 cents/gallon and only paid $3.76. I was tickled.

    I hate that people gas gouge during natural disasters… bastards.

  4. You know, it always makes me cringe to read what “you Americans” pay for gas. 5 dollar for 8 gallons? 1 gallon is a little less than 4 liters. We pay 1,5 euro for 1 liter. Which is about 6 dollars for one gallon, rough estimate.

    That being said, it sucks when gas prices go up. Wherever you are.

  5. In Maryland, they climbed about .15$ yesterday. From 3.39$ to 3.52$ I think.That was when I came home from dinner at… 6 or so. I’m not sure what they’re up to today, but it’s pretty pathetic seeing as we’re not connected in any way to the gulf…

  6. when i drove past the station i usually go to on my way home from work, it was #$3.99. i noticed because that was 15 cents more than the day before. when i drove past the same station again 2 hours later, it was $4.29. i called my mom to complain, and she said that where she was the gas was $5.99! and she was only about 20 miles away from me! i expected the prices to go up because of ike, but when it goes up 30 cents in 2 hours, and when my mom is paying 2 WHOLE DOLLARS MORE in the same area…well, that’s just scandalous.

    especially considering that i drove another mile down the road and found gas for $3.79. there were lines, of course. but i waited. i am no fool.

  7. Must be something in the air. I spent 3 hours trying to get the baby to sleep last night, and she was gassy too. DH finally took over after that time & rocked for a while. It was a long night.

    Gas was up 70 cents per gallon when I went home last night. Barely got through the stretch of road due to cars backed up IN the road waiting for gas. You’d think we would never have gas again or something. It was crazy. We’re staying home this weekend for sure.

  8. I drove past a few gas stations that were completely out of gas yesterday – we’ve got a lot of evacuated folks here in town.

    Strangely enough, it’s a blue sky, puffy white cloud morning here and Hurricane Ike is wreaking havoc less than 100 miles away.

  9. In Western Kentucky we were at $3.58 Thursday night when my neighbor filled up her car and called to let me know that lines were horrible. By 10am Friday, only one station had gas and it was at $3.89 and there was still a line. I understand what the economists say about the reason the prices are going up but come on, this is ridiculous!

  10. Tessa was up every 1.5 – 2 hours last night. Not sure what her deal was but man am I wiped out today! Must have been the full moon.

    There is no gas to be had in our little burb. I was shocked to see lines at the gas pumps and gas had jumped to 3.99 during the day. Then it was gone.

  11. I knew the price would go up with Hurricane Ike so I had got gas earlier in the week. I just put a bit more in the tank yesterday to fill it up. Prices went up everywhere. Hopefully the prices will come back down in a few days after the storm is over.

  12. Ours hit just under $6/gallon here, and we’re gas rich up here in Canada, and are paying world prices. Makes NO sense!

  13. Since Thursday gas prices have jumped as much as 60 cents a gallon here but went back down. Average price here on the shores of Lake Michigan on Thursday were $3.78 (highest in a hundred mile radius …. we get screwed here). Just got back home from town & the stations vary from $3.99 to $4.04 … when they vary that means the price is going to change.

  14. We are having gas gouging on the NC Coast too. The people are flocking because the of the media hype. People were freaking out before the hurrican even struck. Gas is hitting over $5 but the governor annouced that it’s time to open investigations. I hope we have gas tuesday when we need it.

  15. I live in Idaho and I paid $3.69 the other day which is the lowest it’s been in months-we were the second highest in the nation prior to Ike. The newscasters claim it shouldn’t affect us but I’m sure glad I can make a tank of gas last awhile. I don’t even want to see what it could get too.

  16. Here in Kentucky our governor declared a state of emergency over gas prices so they could prosecute those who are price gouging. Gas went from $3.49 to $4.11 overnight.

  17. Yesterday at lunch I went and got gas $3.99 a gallon, day before it was 3.63. At 5pm when I left work it was 4.49 a gallon and this morning it was 4.99 and plenty of gas stations with no prices because they have no gas at all. Stay home this weekend,

  18. I’m in Raleigh and I filled up at $3.99 this morning, when I saw the majority of gas stations were out of gas, plastic bags tied over the pumps and everything

  19. In the matter of an hour gasoline here in West Central Indiana went from $3.28 a gallon to $4.98 a gallon. We are so far from the coast, and I saw several tanker trucks delivering today. It just ridicules!

  20. It’s been $3.58 here in NW Pennsylvania for a few weeks and was still $3.58 when I filled up a couple of hours ago. I feel like I got lucky!

  21. Well here in Louisiana…the gas station a few blocks away was at $3.79 the other night. It had been one of the few open and with gas when we got back from Gustav. They were out a few days ago right before Ike slammed into Texas. They should have gas by now, but am unsure of what the gas price is at. I have been hiding inside all day again. The winds have finally died down here (we had tropical storm winds all yesterday) Ike wasn’t very kind to anyone. We are having major flooding in lower parishes that got slammed by Gustav and now this. They are rescuing people from houses here in Louisiana as well as in Texas. Everyone across the country is going to be feeling Ike for a long time.

  22. Here we buy by the litre and it ranges from $1.40 to $1.80, that’s about $5.40+ per gallon. For some reason the prices always go up 5 – 10 cents of a Wednesday afternoon so the queues to buy of a Wednesday are insane.

  23. I wish we were paying $4.99 a gallon! We are playing $1.40 a LITER in Canada. There are about 3.8 liters in a gallon (US) and so that makes it about $5.40ish here in Ontario! Time to break out the bike! lol Now, I don’t even want to know what my brother is paying in Northern Ontario, as it is more expensive up there, not to mention out East where it is ALWAYS higher.

  24. The price here has gone from 3.79 to 4.09 but our governor is known for going after stations that price gouge and her office issued a warning yesterday.

  25. It was weird to see so much coverage of Texas going to hell from Ike and then have nothing even remotely touch Austin. We had a pleasant breeze. That was it!

  26. I can do weirder: I paid $3.77/gal for mid-grade, which was all that was left at the stations I passed, around 2 PM. After I picked my son up at 3:30-ish, the cheapest store here in Meridianville had their regular unleaded at $3.99, but they were out of all gas. Still, within an hour and a half, the regular rate of $3.65 had climbed to $3.99. Crazy, indeed.

    My ex and I opted for me to keep my kids here this weekend, because we both have to put more gas in our vehicles by the time we make our meeting-place trip twice and were afraid that all the sparse stations we pass along the way would be out. Oh, and they were saying north Mississippi would have tropical storm conditions with wind gusts of 40-50mph, that had something to do with our decision as well. But I’d have not been able to make the trip for financial reasons, regardless.

  27. In my part of Western North Carolina, we had whole towns running entirely out of gas. Those in the surrounding area who still had gas were charging 4.79/ gallon for regular.

    I’m fairly certain that this falls in the realm of extortion?

  28. I live on the Prairies, In Canada, and our gas prices have been effected. I dont know how that works. So many people have been left injured, and homeless, or worse that I cant really complain. But wow, gas is way to expensive.

  29. Gas has stayed around 3.50 here in Southern California. That is actually what we would consider a good price, pretty sad huh?

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