My version of matching my kids for photos.

We went shopping this weekend for cooler-weather clothing for the kids. LilZ is about 2 inches too tall for his jeans from last year and NikkiZ has NO PANTS at all. We hit the thrift stores on Saturday where I scored the most for AndyZ and nothing for LilZ. Then, Sunday we spent an hour at Target raiding the clearance racks and even paying full-price for some staples for NikkiZ.

One of the scores LilZ found on the clearance rack was this t-shirt for NikkiZ which I first thought might be too small. Now, he is actually probably the biggest Beatles fan in the house – so he begged for us to get it for her. She didn’t want it at first (No flowers? Or princesses? Or ice cream? Huh?) but when she realized LilZ really wanted her to have it she put it on over the shirt she was wearing and said, “See, Mom? It Sits!” (Sits = Fits. We’re still not doing the -ffff sound.) So, I bought it for her and she and LilZ both wore their Beatles shirts to school yesterday.

Sunglasses were HER choice, not mine. I swear.

And luckily, because of my mad tagging skillz, I was easily able to hunt down another photo where they’re wearing matching shirts. This is why I love flickr, I can dig through 2+ years of photos in mere seconds to find the one I want.

Dude. Who are these small babies?

Some people like to put their kids in all matching outfits – usually involving copious amounts of plaid. While I think it’s cute, you won’t ever see me doing that (Unless I could get MrZ to participate too -that would be AWESOME) but this? I’ll do. Especially if they’re cheap and come from Target. I wanted them both to get the ones that say, “My Mom ROCKS!” but LilZ drew the line at that one.

He said he’d rather wear the plaid.

10 thoughts on “My version of matching my kids for photos.”

  1. Holy crap, Lil Z isn’t so Little anymore!! When did that happen, Zoot?? I’m digging the shirts, though. It’s good to see that NikkiZ is such a good little sister, to let her big brother pick out her clothes!

  2. While I think the matching outfits is nice, I like your theme photos more. It is coordinated, but not so coordinated that each person doesn’t stand out as an individual.

    I’m sure I won’t be the only to say this, but Mr. Z in a plaid kilt would be awesome.

  3. Wow, look how much they’ve grown! I like this version of matchy also. If it were plaid I’d be looking for bagpipes in the background.

  4. For family photos we would always go for co-ordinated instead of matchy-matchy. Although when we went to Disney last year I made everyone (me, my roommate, Goose, my parents, and another friend) tie dye shirts with the mickey head in the center. And we wore them. At the park. On the same day.

    We decided we were being “ironic” and “retro-hip” as opposed to “dorky.”

  5. Its crazy how fast they grow right under our noses isn’t it?!?

    If you are still in the market for clothing bargins I just scored big at oldnavy online…. Of course now I have to answer questions like how many flip-flops does one person need and what color to they call that – but still FANTASTIC!

  6. ohhh would you ever dress the whole family the same. about 5 years ago we took family pictures. My mom, sister and I were wearing the same shirt and my dad and BIL wore the same shirt that was the same color as ours. tee hee.

  7. What a difference a couple of years makes. You expect it with the little ones, but it comes as a surprise with older kids. I can’t believe how much LilZ has grown!

  8. i love the beatles shirts and i love that nikkiz loves her big brother enough to wear a shirt he picked for her. i love littlies like that.

  9. I’d like a T Shirt like NikkiZ’s. Do they do them in adult sizes? Dang, we have in Target in the UK.

    I respect your postscript.

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