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Jinxing myself, surely.

When we got pregnant with AndyZ, we immediately started prepping for The Jealousy from NikkiZ. I mean – she was essentially an only child, with regards to our attention. LilZ just doesn’t require that much of it. While I was concerned with prepping her for the oncoming attention suck that would be her brother, I was also wanting to give her a LOT of EXTRA attention since I knew that attention suck would be coming.

In other words? We didn’t really prepare her at all.

However – there were several things we were preparing ourselves to cause Big Problems.

  • Sharing her room. Don’t most kids find it irritating not to have their own space? We figured she’d find his encroachment into her life a little annoying.
  • Me Cosleeping with AndyZ. I just knew she’d pull out the “I want to sleep with you!” temper tantrums almost immediately.
  • Carrying AndyZ everywhere. NikkiZ was used to being carried, so giving up her spot to a kid who couldn’t walk? Was going to be a huge issue.
  • Nursing AndyZ. I just assumed she’d be a little jealous of the extra Mom Time this would give him that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy.

Now – the problems we’ve actually had in regards to The Jealousy? NOTHING. Not a damn thing. She doesn’t care about any of the things we thought she would. And she still seems pretty enamored with her little brother. Hasn’t wanted to send him back yet or anything. We’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I would love to tell you that this wonderful Jealous Free relationship is due to something we did. But – um – it’s not. Unless we did something we were unaware of. I just think it hasn’t occurred to her (yet) that she could be jealous. She’s fine with all of the things we mentioned before.

Don’t get me wrong – she’s still pitching random tantrums. But – they have nothing to do with her brother. They have more to do with the fact that we are still unwilling to bend to her every will and allow her to abuse us verbally. We’re evil like that, with our need for manners and respect.

So – I just thought now would be a good time to jinx myself by drawing attention to how easily NikkiZ transitioned to being a big sister. How long now before her first fit of jealous rage? Maybe a week? Or are you thinking she’ll do it by bedtime tonight?

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  1. Tyler is about 3 months younger than NikkiZ, and Hayden is about a month older than AndyZ – but so far, we’ve not seen the jealousy meltdowns we so feared. Sure, there are moments when Tyler wants mommy or daddy to himself, and if the other is home, we try our best to accommodate those few moments. But as a whole? Tyler is nothing but completely and utterly in love with his little brother…and mommy and daddy couldn’t be happier!

  2. I have no experience whatsoever in that department, but I hope that it all goes down just as easily when we decide to make the jump to #2.

    I’m mostly popping in to say: My God, you have gorgeous children!! I cannot get over NikkiZ’s eyes!!

  3. Hey, Walker is 5.5 and Jace is 3.5 and from the first time Walker laid eyes on Jace, he was in love. He was mad at the hospital because my mom wanted to hold Jace.

    When we brought Jace home, he met us at the door and said, “gimme” and every time someone tried to hold Jace, he would tell them no that he was going to hold him and take care of him. And, since Jace was a 5 week premie, we were all on alert listening for him, but if he just barely grunted, Walker would be like, “someone get him, he is gonna cry”.

    Believe it or not, they rarely argue even still. So, you may just get lucky!

  4. My kids are 4 years apart so it’s a whole different dynamic. They both adore each other. The only jealousy we ever experienced was a bit lately (she just turned 6 and he turned 2) over “fair” amounts of everything. She has an obsession with “fair” though, so it’s not really about her brother. Hopefully, NikkiZ will continue to adore AndyZ. She is also in the unique position of having an amazing big brother in LilZ as a role model!

  5. I like u thought I would have big problems when we brought my youngest home. My oldest was 2 1/2 at the time and there was almost no problems. Now the youngest is almost 2 and the oldest almost 5. The problems start when the youngest plays with the oldest toys. Then there is a whole lot of jealousy going on.

  6. It’s alright to take the credit 😉

    But that is awesome! My parents said that when my little sister was born (I was 5) I told them to take her back. At 5.. wow I had issues!

  7. I think some of it is little girl stuff; mini-mommies. But I’m w/Mir. When AndyZ is mobile it’ll be a different story. Mine are 3 years apart (2 girls) and they’ll be find and then the little one will poke the big one, just for reaction and the fun ensues. You aren’t jinxing it, it’ll happen regardless. Enjoy it now & hopefully the issues will be more along the line of he doesn’t want to play w/me instead of actual fights.

  8. She is such a good big sister! They are so freakin’ cute together. I’ve gotten issues when I’m alone with the two of them and they both want to do different things/go in different directions. Lil’bug can’t do the things Scout wants to do and Scout doesn’t want to do the things Lil’bug can do. There are times when he’s terrific with her. He took her through the fun house at the carnival because she was a little unsure of some parts of it. He was kind and gentle and patient (I savor those times, they’re what it’s all about), then there are other times that he doesn’t want to be held back.

    I’m with Mir, things will take a turn when he’s mobile and getting into her toys. Will you post the pics when she dresses him up in her princess dresses?

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