The One Where Grown-ups Act Like Fools

This weekend kicked my ass in the most major of all ways. We spent most of it in Knoxville moving my Mom into her condo that she recently purchased. And then…after three days of minimal sleep combined with maximum physical exertion, we came home Monday morning so we could spend the day resting after our busy weekend.

Oh, wait. That’s not what happened. We went to a relaxing calm cookout at the home of some friends.

Oh, wait. Not calm and relaxing…that’s not what I meant. I meant, INSANELY AWESOME because they rented those inflatables and we got to play on them! Grown-ups never get to play on those things because the kids hog all the damn fun. But WE got to do it! And it was awesome!

(Except for the burns on the elbows from going SO DAMN FAST. Like lightning. I’m awesome.)

Eventually – we had to admit that maybe we were all running on some bit of drunken exhaustion energy and maybe we should go home and pass out. Some of us didn’t wait until we got home.

All in all? A productive weekend. We got my mom moved, hung out with my brother who still can make me laugh so hard I nearly pee in my pants, walked around in the scorching heat with my Dad, spent a total of 16 hours driving (during which AndyZ was a perfect angel – THANK GOD), and ate a lot of unhealthy foods. (Mom – please remove the ice cream candy bars from your freezer before we come visit next time, thanks! I feel really guilty for eating them all. And also really bloated.) And I now have decided that the best way to end a busy weekend is bouncing on a giant inflatable slide. Or maybe that’s just the best way to end every day.

I’m totally going to ask Santa Clause for one this year.

17 thoughts on “The One Where Grown-ups Act Like Fools”

  1. Man, that looks like so much fun! How cool they let adults share in the excitement too. I am so impressed with everything you did this weekend. Cheers to AndyZ for behaving too. I can’t seem to put our little one down for a minute, much less be able to help someone else out. Bravo!

  2. Those photos are exactly what this girl needed!!! I am glad you guys had such a great weekend. How fantastic! I may click here a few times today to make me forget about the gulf….

  3. That is AWESOME! Now I’m off to google where I can rent one of those for MY next yard-fest!

    And I LOVE the Knight Bus shirt… Harry Potter nerd that I am, I was instantly wondering where to get one (even if that’s not actually what the shirt’s referencing, that’s where MY mind goes).

    Hope that you’re able to recover from all the festivities today!

  4. My neighbors put up bouncy things in their backyard every other week or so, and I always want to ask if I can jump too. But only the kid neighbors jump, none of the adults. Boo!

  5. LilZ and MrZ can FLY! Why didn’t you tell us. I’d say having that much fun is worth a few sore elbows. I wish I could claim to have had such a fun and/or productive weekend.

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