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I Prefer To Call It PiTA

LilZ had been reminding me earlier this week that the PTA meeting was coming up where we’d get to go to each of his classes for five minutes and meet his teachers. That’s the only meeting I ever go to because, well, I kinda have no use for the PTA. I’m glad they’re there, and I pay my dues every year to join it, but I just have no desire to lose 2 hours on a week night to hanging out in the cafeteria of my son’s school while much more dedicated mothers tell us about all of the new and exciting upcoming events we should participate in.

When we sat down to dinner last night, LilZ said, “Oh, crap. Tonight’s the PTA meeting.”

Thanks for the warning, kid.

Now, the old me would have said, “Too bad. Not enough warning, I’m not going to stress out to try to make it.” But, I’m try to be more active in LilZ’s schooling this year to help him get ready for High School. (I just threw up a little in my mouth saying that.) Meeting his teachers and hearing about their curriculum is the best way to get involved. Plus – It would also give me a chance to meet this teacher.

It was 6pm at that moment and he thought it started at 7pm. We all wolfed down dinner and rushed to get the kids ready (meaning: In clothes not covered in dinner) for the evening. We were taking AndyZ because I feared he’d get hungry while we were gone and would need to nurse. If he was with me I could just whip out The Boobs in the middle of the meeting to give LilZ a great Most Embarrassing Moment to use the rest of his life. (Or I could quickly run to nurse AndyZ in the van…either way.) NikkiZ wanted to go since AndyZ was going, so I ended up braving a PTA meeting with two kids in tow.

Luckily, LilZ was all for it because he has already learned the value cute kids can add to your evaluation from others. He knew if he walked into each class last night with LilZ and AndyZ, his teachers would have no choice but to love him. I told him a secret, “I did the same thing in college with you.” All of my teachers in college knew LilZ because he was such a natural charmer I used him as a weapon. Who was I to stand in the way of him doing the same with his siblings?

So, with him helping out I knew it wouldn’t be too bad. And it wasn’t – except for the repeat elevator trips to get between floors since NikkiZ was in her stroller. And the fact that the meeting extended an hour past NikkiZ’s bedtime. Meaning – she spent the last 30 minutes doing her best SATAN impersonation.

But, LilZ won some great character points as he was doing the Baby Bounce while holding his brother so I could beat his sister into submission. Several people commented on how natural he looked doing it, giving away that he’s not a first-timer with a baby. And the groups of girls eyeballing him as he walked around with NikkiZ? Yep. That kid was smart to want to bring the younger half of our family. I didn’t raise no Dummy.

All in all – it was an interesting trip. He’s got some great teachers, and they all got to see him in action with his brother and sister. I’m always glad people can see that side of him because it’s such a big part of who he is, I feel like you just don’t know the true LilZ until you’ve met them and seen him care for and play with them.

And really – how can you grade a kid harshly after you’ve seen him bounce an infant around to help his Mom instead of run off with his peers? You can’t. Which is why he deserves the good grades…because he’s a DAMN GENIUS.

12 thoughts on “I Prefer To Call It PiTA”

  1. Yay for LilZ! Did you get to meet THE teacher then? Looking forward to a follow-up on that story…

  2. Hey! Man, he is GENIUS for showing up with his younger siblings! That is awesome! So…..did you get to meet “that teacher?” If so, how was she??

  3. Every time you show us a photo or share a story about LilZ I think “if I could have had a kid, I would have wanted a LilZ.”

  4. He is such a great kid to want to be around his brother and sister!! Not many would do that!

    So how was “the teacher”??

  5. The teacher was/is a very sweet lady. She has actually come to be one of LilZ’s favorites in the first two weeks of school. Which, of course, makes it almost WORSE. I’d rather her been a cranky old maid hell-bent on making our lives miserable.

  6. i think my monkey would be similar to lilz, if i was to have more. though from hearing about my boss’s two she has, i’m kind of glad monkey is an only child at my house.

  7. Wow. One smart kid! I guess thats what sucks about being an only child.

    Its sad to know that “the teacher” was one of LilZ’s favourites. I can agree on how it makes it worse.

    I would love to know if you said anything to her about it.

  8. LilZ continues to remind me of my 18 year old son and my own Z….. He has been taking his 6 & 8 year old cousins (my beautiful nieces) to the pool this summer…to use them as CHICK BAIT!!!!

  9. …SATAN impersonation. (LOL, oh, I’ve been there).

    Gotta love a boy who is not afraid to be sweet and caring and loving to his younger siblings. Awesome.

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