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Unbalanced Baby Karma


This kid right here reminds me so much of his brother. He’s generally a happy baby who is easy to make smile or laugh. He’s laid back and not even remotely quick to cry. If he does cry, it doesn’t take much to calm him down. A pacifier, a kiss, a blanket. Any of those things could switch him immediately back to the smiling, laughing baby he spends most of his time as.

How in the hell did I get blessed with two low-maintenance infants? Hell – even NikkiZ wasn’t that bad. She wasn’t colicky or anything…just a little more quick to cry and difficult to console.

I’m assuming that somewhere down the road all three of my children will team together to form some sort of criminal conglomerate. Or maybe they’ll build a meth lab the size of a Super Wal-Mart. Or they’ll grow up to vote republican. Somehow, they’re going to pay me back for all of the excellently mild baby-times they gave me. No one deserves as much good-baby Karma as I have gotten. That will haunt me one of these days…mark my words.

But until then? I guess I’ll just savor it.

7 thoughts on “Unbalanced Baby Karma”

  1. He’s so adorable. I can’t believe how big he is already. My son has been an easy baby from day one. He never even cried for more than 2 seconds and that was only a handful of times. We said with all the unique names out there we could have just named him Content. My daughter was a whole other story. She’s the reason my kids are 4 years apart!

  2. I’m sort of jealous–my (only) son was not a very easy baby. He cried a lot, would only nap if I was holding him (not conducive to getting much done), and was nearly impossible to please for his first 4 months or so. Thank God it got better after that.

    But maybe I don’t have to fear him voting Republican someday. So that’s a bonus.

  3. That first photo is priceless. You must have done something very right to get such good babies.

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