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Gold Medal in being a *WAFHM

Goodbye maternity leave! Week 1 as a Working Away From Home And Therefore Away From My Three Evil Precious Children has gone pretty well, if I do say so myself. I thought I’d start missing my kids terribly by Wednesday…but I really didn’t. Could be because I’m a awful mother. But I’d prefer to think it’s because I’m an awesome mother who used the few hours she had with her kids each night to enjoy their company and play with them. Therefore eliminating the build-up of longing over the week.

Or I’m just a bad mother. Either way…

We tried to do something fun every night. (NikkiZ says when she goes to be now, “I want to do something SUN tomorrow!” We’re still struggling with the “fff” sound.) Whether it’s bathtime, (Which is fun to her…not to me, the one who ALWAYS ends up soaking wet. How does that happen?) or painting, or crafts…or even just an outing to Target. (NikkiZ: “I love Target.”) I tried to really make use of those hours before she went to bed. And LilZ and I tried to hang out and watch TV together a few nights after the kids were in bed. I say I did a DAMN good job this week, thank you VERY much.

AND — I kept the laundry washed, the house clean, I cooked dinner every night, changed the kitty litter, and managed to somehow get all of us out the door relatively close to 6:20am every morning. Dressed and carrying the necessary items for school. And although LilZ doesn’t require assistance getting ready for school anymore…it does take the force of a small army to get him out of bed at 5:45am. That small army is ME yelling LOUDLY.

Essentially? I’m taking this moment to do something I rarely do. Openly brag about myself. I typically suffer from low self-esteem and guilt issues that keep me from ever complimenting myself in any way. I either don’t believe I deserve it, or I feel guilty for thinking I deserve it. (Living in my head is FUN!) But today? Damn it! I deserve it. I did great this week. Go Me!

Your turn: What is something you did this week you’re proud of? I don’t want to be the only one patting myself on the back over hear. Why don’t we all take a turn? We all deserve it!

*Working Away From Home Mom. “Working Mom” seems so insulting to the SAHMs of the world who – I can vouch for having been one – work WAY harder than I do at the office all day.

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  1. Something I’m proud of this week… Hmm… I managed to keep from driving over to my ex boyfriends house and punching him in the face, when I found out that even after being broken up for 2 years, he’s still spreading lies and rumors about me in our place of business. THAT took a lot of strength on my part.

    Congrats on being able to keep everything running smoothly your first week back to work!! That is something to be super proud of. I couldn’t do it, that’s for sure!

  2. Go you!

    Um, I washed the car and weeded the flower beds this week. I had been *meaning* to do both tasks for about 6 weeks, so I was very proud to finally get them done.

    I’ll start a new position (at my old workplace, but still–new position) and Al will start a new preschool next week. I am hoping with all my heart that my end-of-week report is half as good as yours.

  3. Today I am completing my first week of work outside of the home for the first time in 15 years. All of my babies are now in school. I have one in highschool, middle school, elementary and preK. I am loving working but I do miss my kids. It is amazing how much snuggle time on the couch means. It is priceless to wipe a bum afer she goes potty and I would gladly sit up any night after 10 hours of work just so I can listen to my 15 year olds fears. Being a mom works any way you have to do it!!

  4. Woohoo! Go you. Everyone should be able to give themselves a pat on the back every now and then!

    I finally unpacked. My clothes are no longer on the floor. And only a couple of weeks late! That’s something to celebrate.

  5. Good job with your at home and away from home working. You did more than I did, and I had no children at home to worry about! But, I am patting myself on the back for completing my final yesterday in an online course I’ve been taking. Made a 92, thankyouverymuch. : )

  6. Congratulations!

    If I were to brag about myself, it would be I was able to put dinner on the table (table being a very loose term here) every night. I may not have eaten very much of it (stupid evening sickness), but the family had the need met.

  7. Go Miss Zoot! You definitely deserve several pats on the back.

    I’m proud that I went to work every day this week inspite of stress related stomach issues. I’m proud that I came up with 11 design ideas for our annual report.

  8. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I kept my cool in the face of my husband who would not eat anything I had cooked for myself and the baby this week. I managed to make everyone happy and still keep the house clean, etc. It’s the small things, really.

  9. Go Zoot! You totally deserve to brag a bit. I don’t do half of that stuff when I get home.

    I am proud of myself for signing up for college classes this week. I will be taking 3 courses this semester online. Part of me knows I’m insane for doing it, working full time and balancing two kids – but anyway…..I will be even more proud when I actually finish up in 2 years!

  10. AWESOME!!! That is so cool.

    I am proud of finishing my first week of a new job with no hearing in one ear without jumping out a window!

  11. Nice idea! And congrats! Let’s see, this week I managed to get the kiddos to swimming lessons – without having them drown – and am now focusing on actually trying to ENJOY my birthday today!

  12. That’s awesome – I’d be singing from the rooftops too!

    I’m really proud that I did not murder my child last night when she woke at 253 and stayed awake until just before 5am because she wanted to play. No, not one damn thing was wrong with her – except that SHE HAD LOST HER MIND. And I handeled the whole thing rather well, if I do say so myself.

  13. Great idea! This is my first week ever being a WAFHM (my DD is 6 weeks old). I think I handled it smashingly with only 2 emotional breakdowns. I allowed myself to leave work early and pick her up when I missed her, and I did NOT feel guilty (ok, after the first day) for doing what is right for my family.

  14. You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back. Good for you! I don’t know about THIS week, but last week I went to the movies alone which was a very big step for me.

  15. I am in awe of you. Seriously, do you give lessons? Because I’m been a working-outside mom for about 4 months now, and I’ve NEVER had an entire week go that well. Days, sure. But a whole week? Clearly you deserve SuperMom status – brag on!!

    Proud? This week? Hmm… I’m proud of my little sister, who is at basic training for the USAF this week. Nothing I’ve done compares to that yet. 🙂

  16. Listen, my brag was going to be that I got up and got my kid to school on time every day…..then I realized that since we don’t leave home til 7:40 that is apparently no amazing feat if you are leaving at 6:20.

    So, let’s see……it certainly isn’t that I didn’ t yell at my kids this week because I did, for probably the second time ever……

    Let me see…..I’m working hard at the internet stuff. Does that count? I’ve made 200 bucks or so this week doing it. Does that count?

  17. I think your pretty superb and deserve a big pat on the back for all your many achievments and updating this blog so regularily. I however can barely type these words as my arms ache so much. I went to a climbing wall on Wednesday and clmbed to the top of two routes, this is a big del to me as I have puny arms and am terribly scared of heights. So I say go me.

  18. Congratulations! It’s such an amazing thing to have a great week- perhaps because it is so easy to focus on the negative and just think “the weekend will come eventually.” This week I am proud that I have started the diet regimen that I know works for me and I am lucky that my bf is on the same plan. I am proud that I made plans with an old friend to have dinner tonight. Have a great day and weekend!

  19. Wow, I’m impressed!

    I? Have reread the first three Twilight books this week. Is that something to be proud of? I guess not.

    I also have made dinner almost every night this week, except for the night we had leftovers. But still – real food FIVE NIGHTS IN A ROW!

  20. Go you! You are doing great.

    I am proud that I worked out this morning and put dinner in the crockpot before leaving for work!

  21. You. are. amazing. I can’t believe you can get your kids ready and out of the house that early!

    I am proud of myself for spending two days shopping (which I HATE) for school clothes and supplies, and school lunch food stuff, and not having a meltdown. And also for scoring a Wii Fit (Yay!) reducing my Christmas shopping headache significantly, I’m sure.

  22. I am 35 weeks pregnant and I managed to get about 10 million tax returns done this week. (Not really, more like 50, but it was a lot), get them processed and out the door a day before they were due. I’ve been getting to the office at 6 am to get all this.
    And I cooked supper one night this week with two side dishes even. I made 48 ham and cheese sandwiches last night IN THE SHAPE OF AN APPLE for my son and nephew’s end of summer party at day care today. And I had a grasshopper cupcake (Very proud of that one).

  23. I am proud that yesterday we all got a bath and I took both kids to the grocery store and no one cried (meaning me). The baby in the sling and my toddler in the cart. It felt like quite an accomplishment.

  24. I’m a construction project manager that design/builds homes through government programs. My eldest sister & her man happened to be the recipient of one of those homes. I’ve been freaking out all through the process making sure that they don’t get special treatment (other than I’m there to photograph the progress daily since they live hours away) and that the damn thing stays under budget.

    This week there was a plethora of inspectors and sub-contractors at the house. I heard a lot of praise about “the big house on a small budget” and how efficient my crew is. After everyone left, one of my senior crew members put his arm around me and said “You deserve that ear-to-ear grin you have right now. You do some damn good work and I’m proud to work for you.”

  25. Ooo OOoo! Pick me pick me!

    oh wait, you already asked.
    Well, since you asked, I upgraded my restaurant review site and got paid advertising on it, not like google ads, but real paid stuff! Woo! go us, me, you! haha

  26. let’s see – i didn’t do anything great this week – just worked a lot. but you – girl – you do deserve a gold medal – wow i’m impressed. you must be exhausted! hope you can get some shut-eye this weekend! thanks for sharing – you’re a great inspiration, and i’ve only got one kid!!

    Beth (tired mommy to a busy almost-5 yr old)

  27. Hi, are you me? I feel the same way about working motherhood–I sometimes have summers off (in academic field), and while I love those summers with my kids, I think I could not do it full time. I’m much more fully there at home when it’s not a 24/7 thing. Which means that I now admire SAHMs more than ever. You’re awesome, SAHMs.

    Anyway, what am I proud of? Well–yesterday was my “test” day–my spouse was out of town overnight, so it was just me and the boys (ages 3 and 1 month). And not only did I survive, I think I did pretty well! Even made a somewhat “real” dinner. So, hooray for that. We’ll see how well I do when I go back to work in a month.

  28. You have ALWAYS been a great mom, since like forever ago!! And I think great moms age like fine wine… We just keep getting better every year!! Working moms rock!!

  29. Quit saying you’re a bad mom. You rock and everyone knows it. I didn’t get a darn thing done this week!

  30. Around here we are ALL ABOUT the f-sound; in fact, we find other words to use it in, such as frasshopper.

    I keep thinking of proud things, but then as soon as I go to type them they look small. I made muffins two mornings this week in time for breakfast, how’s THAT? That’s pretty good, right?

  31. I mowed the lawn and ripped out the veggie garden to prep it for the fall veggies. And in 100+ temps, I think that is damn good!

  32. You are awesome! As a long-time reader, though, I’m once again mildly baffled by your husband — namely his (lack of) role helping with the kids/house/chores. Seriously…does he read your blog?? Maybe it’s not quite so unbalanced, but wow does it seem that way. You’d think he (should be) ashamed!

  33. I changed a fuse on my car!! I know nothing – nothing! – about car repair. It took me nearly 10 minutes to figure out how to open up the hood. But once I did, the manual was spot on and I was able to locate, open, and view the fuse box, remove and replace the fuse. And… oila! My right headlight works once again. I’m very proud of myself.

  34. I think we must live in the same headspace. A WAFHM is way better for me and my family than when I pretend to be a SAHM. I still can’t believe you are all ready and out of the house at such an early hour. I am the only on up that early here, and that is just for a few minutes of peace and quiet before the insanity begins. I would (and do) have a melt down if anyone else surfaces from slumber before 7am.

    Hmmmm, what am I proud of? Today I did very little, and I actually enjoyed it, a major feat for me, and guess what? We all survived. Apparently I don’t have to do everything for everyone!

  35. MrZ does more of the Home Improvement type of tasks. Like, painting the outside of the house, or working on the landscaping. Last weekend he installed a new door to our screened in porch and did landscaping work.

    Now – when I’m feeling really bitter I’ll point out that he actually LIKES to do that stuff…so not quite the same. But still – that’s what he does. Makes the house more valuable so when we move some day we’ll get more out of it. I steam-clean the carpets when the dogs shit on them.

  36. OK I’ve been away for a while that’s for sure. I have been gone long enough for you to have a third child. Good Lord I’m behind.
    Congrads at working well at home and at work. I think balancing the two is difficult. I was a SAHM for 10 years and now own my own company. It’s more difficult trying to spread myself between both places.
    Good for you Zoot. It’s good that you have taken this on and ran with it. Be proud of yourself today that’s for sure.

  37. I have had an easy week this week. But i am really proud that New Zealand got its first 3 medals in the Olympics. 1 Gold and 2 Bronze, all in the rowing!

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