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Next Year’s First Day Of School Post Will Involve Many More Tears

In a little over an hour, I’ll be taking LilZ to his first day of 8th grade. I offered to hold his hand and walk him in to help him find his classroom, but he turned me down. He’s independent like that. My brave boy.

This means he officially survived seventh grade. I’ve documented my horrid memories/experiences of 7th grade several times, so the fact that he made it through alive? Means I’ve done something right as a parent. He even finished the year out with his first ever straight-A report card.

He asked me if him starting 8th grade made me feel old (No – but you ASKING me does!) and I honestly said, “No.” Starting middle school? Yes. Turning 13 and therefore a teenager? Yes. Next year when he starts high school? Definitely will. But this year? Not too climatic for me. I remember the excitement of 8th grade. Being the oldest in your school and impatiently counting down the minutes until you are a high schooler. Being terrified and excited for the entire year. This will be a good year.

This summer has been awesome. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect maternity leave. I got to spend an entire summer with all three kids at home. I doubt that will ever happen again. I hope I did a good job doing fun stuff all summer, even if it was the same fun stuff every day. As evidenced by the million pictures I have of the kids playing in the 12-dollar pool from Wal-Mart. I’m hoping LilZ will look back on this summer fondly and not as That Summer I Was Stuck Home With My Nagging Mom, My Annoying Sister, and My Crying Brother.

I’m thinking not.

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  1. LPW – you know, life is just plain wierd ... are we supposed to figure it out, or do we just hold on with white knuckles, do our best to not flip out, and work each day to just do our best? What happens when doing our best is just not worth it at the moment ... do we have to lose our complete sense of self - who the heck is this 'hefty' person ... do we lose control of our finances, weight and hopes ... do we lose control of the kids ... EVERY TIME??? Hold on ... trying to get back in my 'right' mind ... we will see where we go!!
    beachmom says:

    congratulations, Mom … what a great group of kids you are raising … LilZ is a perfect example that you are “doing it right”. There aren’t many 8th Grade Big Brothers who would be such great playmates.

    AND, my son just walked in and saw the first picture … and yelled to his sister to come see the “EL-Camino” just like Pop-pop’s old one! Just had to share that you made him quite happy this morning!

    Have a great day

  2. I think the memories that are made with the least monetary investments are the ones that last the longest and are the most treasured. So that $12 Walmart pool? Small money, huge fun.

    You are a great example of how to do it right.

  3. Meg – Hi, I'm Meg. I'm 30 and live in Florida. What else about me... I wrote a book, it was awful but I started it and I finished it and I'm totally proud. I have 5 animals, apparently I have sucker written across my forehead when it comes to furry critters. I try and be "green" though I hate the term and the trendiness in it. I ramble (if you've gotten this far you already know that). I completely dislike clutter and peoples need for more-more-more. Oh, and I live in sin. Sort of. We got married when we were barely legal to do so, got divorced 2 years later. Then we reconciled 3 years ago (after 5ish years give-or-take) and have been happy ever since, but we're both pretty alter-shy.
    Meg says:

    Wait, back to school?? It’s August 6th! What the heck did I miss?? That’s wicked early!!!

  4. WOW. Down here they start school next Monday. Teachers report today. I thought that was early. I don’t remember much from my 8th grade year. My teacher (small school no switching classes until HS) didn’t really teach us much. I just remember goofing off the whole time.

  5. wow. i’ve never heard of classes starting so early. isn’t it usually september?

  6. You may not be crying, but I am. How can he be so old?
    Have I ever told you that you’re one of my mom-idols? I’m so impressed by how you juggle so many things, all while being an amazing mom.

  7. Swistle – Thistleville – Swistle lives with her husband Paul and children Robert (born 1999), William (born 2001), twins Elizabeth and Edward (born 2005), and Henry (born 2007). Email: Swistle at Gmail dot com. "Swistle" rhymes with "thistle."
    Swistle says:


  8. Awesome job, Mom.

    The day my son turned 13, I went into his room and asked him if we wanted to take the day off and go hang out at the mall. Have some lunch at his favorite restaurant and then go do some shopping.

    He gave me a blank look.

    “Well . . . I can do that?!”

    “Of course you can!”

    “But . . . ”

    “Because I said so.”

    “Well . . . ”

    “You can go to school if you want.”

    “But . . . ”

    We ended up having a ball!

    He’s a freshman this year. My how they sprout . . .

  9. Well, unless you’ve bribed him with playstations and nintendos to smile in all these pictures, it looks like he’s had SOME fun.

  10. Congrats, Zoot – I too have an 8th grader – where the hell does the time go??

    That last picture, with NikkiZ’s face is hilarious:)

  11. It is usually the cheapst things bring the fondest memories. I hope you all will look back on the past summer with smiles on your faces. Enjoy it. Its winter here!

    Your doing an amazing job with the whole parenting thing. Don’t let anybody tell you that your not!

  12. It is usually the cheapst things bring the fondest memories. I hope you all will look back on the past summer with smiles on your faces. Enjoy it. Its winter here!

    Your doing an amazing job with the whole parenting thing. Don’t let anybody tell you that your not!

  13. Wow. What a gorgeous family you have… you document it all so well through your photographs.

    8th grade… I remember that well too. Good luck to LilZ as he goes on to rule over all the “little kids”!

  14. Hannie – Hey, i'm Hannah, Born and bred in Bedford, UK. I'm foster Mum to a teenage boy and mum to a small boy. I'm married to Chris and blog about our life as a crazy slightly random family.
    Hannah says:

    How did LilZ’s first day go? I don’t remember my first day of year 8 (UK equiv.) but I remember the first day of middle school because I walked myself to school – My Mum had to take my little brother (who was in year 3) to school.

    I remember the first day of uni thats the best – I met my best friend (Kewey) she didnt become my best friend that day in fact we didnt actually talk for about 4 weeks after meeting on the bus but after that we’ve been insperable pretty much!

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