Thing 2

That’s right – I said TWO.

I’ve been very busy the last few days, as demonstrated by my lack of posting. We have a friend from Seattle in town, LilZ came back from his trip out west (I’m shocked he even willingly got on the plane to come home he had so much fun), we had to go school supply shopping (my favorite time of the year), and we had not one – but two social events to attend this weekend.  That is exactly two more than we’ve attended in the last year, I believe. We don’t get out much.

TWO SOCIAL EVENTS. (I thought that needed repeating.)

But – to avoid any emails wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth – I thought I would take the time to post my two favorite photos from the last few days. The truly represent the range of life with my daughter. One moment she’s making you pee on yourself you’re laughing so hard – and the next? You’re considering shipping her off.

We were invited to a birthday party yesterday for a little boy from NikkiZ’s school. Unfortunately, somewhere in the chain of invitation (we were invited through a few people) I missed the part about “Bring a Bathing Suit.” The mother of the little boy pieced together this amazing ensemble from her son’s wardrobe to serve as a bathing suit for NikkiZ. It is – by far – the most awesome outfit she’s been photographed in. Doncha’ think?

This photo is just as awesome, however. I was trying to get a picture of NikkiZ in the t-shirt LilZ brought her back from Sea World. She had also covered herself in stickers from the same park, I guess because they matched the shirt? Who knows. Either way – you can see how clearly pleased she was that I was taking her picture. I think this expression captures the essence of her opinion of photography in general.

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  1. Am I the only person in the world who thought NikkiZ and AnydZ were actually named Nikki and Andy?

  2. Swistle – Thistleville – Swistle lives with her husband Paul and children Robert (born 1999), William (born 2001), twins Elizabeth and Edward (born 2005), and Henry (born 2007). Email: Swistle at Gmail dot com. "Swistle" rhymes with "thistle."
    Swistle says:

    I lovvvvvve your baby’s name, and I listened TWICE to hear the older two kids’ names but couldn’t quite catch them. I heard someone else’s kid’s name One! Million! Times!

  3. i tried but it sounded like she called your daughter “nekkid” and i don’t think that is her name (i do know what it is, i just wanted to hear how it was said). i love the southern accents!

  4. I tried to listen and only heard 2 of the 3! I too love the southern accents.

  5. Ummm…I didn’t think about the kids names being in the video. Sorry.
    Although I am not sure how the names could be missed in the first video…you would think I was doing roll call.

  6. Heard the baby’s name, *think* I got LilZ’s name but NikkiZ’s name was completely lost to me. Heh.

    (I TOTALLY thought they were named Nikki and Andy!)

  7. I just listened again, and it sounds like Nikki’s name is “Niopa” or “Nova.” That can’t be. Or, maybe it is?


  8. Is LilZ’s name the same as an old favorite book of ours, “____, ____ Crocodile”?

    Love the baby’s name – the only other person I know with that name is turning 50 this year – you just don’t hear it any more.

  9. Your daughter is so sweet. Love the faces, happy and sad.

    Kudos to you for getting out there with all the kids to not one but TWO social settings… such an accomplishment! Funny how the smallest things become achievements when you have little ones! 🙂

  10. I too must be hearing impaired. I’d love to hear their names because I just know they’re unique and beautiful. Between the (lovely!) accents and the background sounds I have no idea what they are. Plus every time NikkiZ’s name was said it sounded a little different, adding to the torture.

  11. So, yeah, I totally thought NikkiZ and AndyZ were Nikki and Andy. AndyZ’s name is so cute, but I didn’t catch LilZoot’s or NikkiZ’s. I’m totally going to watch it until I do. Yes. That is how pathetic (and bored at work) I am.

  12. You should make a video saying their names for the avid readers and make them sign in to watch it!

    I LOVE your newest son’s name but just couldn’t catch the other two no matter how many times I listened!

  13. Okay, maybe I have them. Maybe not. Ah, the suspense!

    So, how did you come up with NikkiZ and AndyZ for their psuedonyms?

  14. I already knew NikkiZ’s name, so i could make that one out. I THINK i heard AndyZs name correctly, but for LilZ, the good child, i hear howiawillwave. Which he did. But you didn’t name him after that baywatch boy did you? Please say you didn’t.

  15. I had to listen like 4 times, but I *think* I got all 3. LilZ’s was the hardest to make out. He is such a cutie! (that sounds weird. you know what I mean)

  16. I’m glad that I’m not the only person who watched the videos more than once to figure out the NikkiZ & LilZ’s names. LOL I think I got ’em. Maybe. They’ll always be Nikki, Lil and AndyZ to me, though!

  17. Yeah I don’t think you’ve seen the last of that look! I can’t wait until Evie’s that age…

  18. Fast foward ten years and that is the look your teenage daughter will be giving you all the time.

    Im so bummed that i cant hear the names! 🙁

  19. I’ve watched the video…several times.
    I have been stalking the comments, hoping that someone will give me the answers!

    Damn noisy restaurant.
    *shaking fist violently*
    Damn southern accents!!

  20. I just want to say I heard them all, I don’t see how people are missing NikkiZ’s name. It’s said several times! I’ve been wondering how you pronounce it since I saw it painted on something in your Flickr stream, I love it! The Jungle Girl, right?

  21. Okay, got Nikki’s name (thanks April!) Still can’t quite get LilZ’s. He must be getting a kick out of this!

  22. I just listened again, and now I’m thinking that Nikkiz’s name is different from what it was before. It sounds beautiful. I love when people pick different names for their kids. Some people get into name ruts, and honestly names can be sooo boring. Kudos for having beautiful children with great names.

  23. Okay, so you totally are going to think I’m a stalker. Really, I’m just bored at work and curious about names and people’s choices re names. Anyway. How did you and MrZ come up with Nikki’s name? I have never heard that before (and I did extensive baby name searching while naming my daughter) (who ended up, by the by, with a very popular name which i love but wish wasn’t so darn trendy this year…)
    and I could really use a hint on lilz’s name…

    Okay. Done stalking. Promise. 🙂

  24. Glad it was that you all were busy and not sick! I already knew Nikki’s name, and I understood Andy’s name, but I’m with the other ones-LilZ has been a problem understanding.

    Guess since I’m from the South, I don’t notice the accent!

  25. Rachael1013 – Bellingham, WA USA – Sassy, fiery, tattooed bookworm, kinda-geek-girl, big heart, movie buff, mama to 2 crazy boys, photographer, windows down car singer following the thread of hope into a new phase of life. The written word is in my blood.
    Rachael says:

    I just love both of those pictures. The second one is just precious. I can’t wait until you get that EXACT same expression on her when she’s about 14, then you can frame them together. Ha. And I love the makeshift bathing suit. Too cute!

  26. The baby’s name was easy to hear/understand. I *thought* I understood NikkiZ’s name until I read the comment about “The Jungle” girl. Now I am not sure. I thought I heard a female race car drivers name, but the jungle girl comment leads me to believe it is a different name.

    And NO IDEA what LilZ’s name is.

  27. Ahhh, I too think of them as LilZ and NikkiZ but April’s comments led me to the light. Love all of their names but LIlZ’s is awesome, I have loved that name for a long time. Good choices for great kids!

  28. I absolutely LOVE the expression on NikkiZ’s face for the second photo. It’s like “Get outta my face wit dat KAMERA!!! I’m TOO COOL for anybody to be takin’ my pic!!!”

  29. Man! I listened SO MANY times and am not sure that I caught any of them. If we promise not to stalk can we find out? I am dying here!

  30. Okay, clearly I cannot hear. It is all becoming clear as to why I always talk so loud! I got AndyZ, that is actually my godsons name and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. As for LilZ and NikkiZ…I am at a loss. I have so (unlikely) guesses, but that is all they are…*sigh*

    Also, NikkiZ is a DOLL in the second video! She looks so adorable!

  31. Okay, after reading April’s comment, I listened again. I’m 100% sure about LilZ and AndyZ but am now very confused about NikkiZ. Help please!

  32. I got the baby’s name (I think…), but am not sure about the other two. I thought I understood NikkiZ’s name until several people commented on how unusual it was; if it is the name I think it was, I wouldn’t say it’s common, but not that unusual. And… the Jungle Girl? What in the world is that?

  33. Is it crazy that I didn’t get any of the names? I think I got AndyZs but not REAL sure on that. I googles “Jungle Girl” and it only came up with Bindi and I am fairly sure that’s not NikkiZs name. It’s killing me that I can’t figure the names out…and no Im not a stalker 🙂

  34. Between 2:30 and 4:00 am Eastern time, after having fed my 4 month old and gotten up with the 25 month old who had a nightmare, unable to get myself back to sleep, I tossed and turned while trying to figure out NikkiZ’s name. I had gotten LilZ and AndyZ pretty easily (yes, it was like a roll call) but I was having some trouble interpreting NikkiZ. This morning, I went back to the post, ready to watch the video for the umpteenth time, but decided to read the comments to see what others had said. Luckily, all the clues were there for me to follow (yeah Zoot readers!!) If you go to Zoot’s flickr stream, the one with the Great Room Switch, you should be able to find her name easily. And yes, as one smart reader pointed out, it is also connected to “Junglegirl” (not Bindi!) I am DYING to know how you came up with her name, Zoot! I know of two other children whose names have Swahili roots, but they are both born of Tanzanian fathers. Is it your love of geography? Also, I seem to notice a theme in your names–LilZ and NikkiZ both have names associated with reptiles–coincidence?

    FYI–absolutely LOVE the prints in NikkiZ’s room–I have been looking at similar prints (the dragonfly) for my little girl.

  35. I guess I’m one of the few readers who’s actually spoken to you on the phone (for 451, of course), so I knew Nikki Z’s and LilZ’s names, but I didn’t know the newest addition’s one yet….all I have to say is:

    “Asssss yyooouuu wwwwiiiissshhhh”

  36. Ok, i’m also coming back hoping there will be clues in the comments, but the last one before me only confuses me.

    I even looked on a babyname site. My guesses: AndyZ: from the west field, NikkiZ: Jungle Girl (and according to it is a “created name”) and Lil Z: clearing in the woods.

    Please tell me i’m right.

  37. I have listened and listened and still am not sure on LilZ’s name. The clues don’t help either. Urrrrg!

  38. Additional clues? What are the additional clues? I think I have NikkiZ’s name (though I thought it was Japanese, not Jungle Girl), and I feel pretty sure of AndyZ’s, but am stymied by LilZ’s.

    All clues welcome! 🙂

  39. I didn’t find those additional clues, either. LilZ! (said in manner of STELLA!) We need to know your name!

  40. Here’s some help with LilZ’s name…

    country singer ___ Lovett

    Google “lovett” and you should find it pretty easily. 🙂

  41. Oh, and I needed help with NikkiZ’s name, not LilZ’s and people had given more help with her name.

    Zoot, you must be cracking up at us!

  42. So, I guessed that long ago, but I didn’t think I was right, because when I listened to the video again, I thought it had one more syllable…
    Anyway, the social events look like fun!

  43. Ha! LilZ thinks it’s hilarious that you all think his name is “Lyle”. Although – playing the video back it does kinda sound like that. How about if I sound it out for you? Nobody will google that! EEE-LIE-UH.

  44. That dancing video is so darned cute! Love watching little kids dance. I really ought to get a video of Lil’bug dancing. That would be priceless one day.

  45. Duh. Love the second pic. Better get used to that look. It’s the one you’ll probably see a lot of during her teen years. They start practicing much earlier, though.

  46. Okay those pictures are way to adorable. I haven’t seen the video, probably can’t get it to play at work and I haven’t slept in my own bed in over a month. So excited for tomorrow night….my own Tivo, my own computer, my own bed…..

  47. Ha, awesome. I knew Nikki’s from another video, but I thought it was spelt the Japanese way, not the Jungle Girl way…didn’t know the other two, that’s so cool!

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