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Proof of Life

LilZ’s paternal great-grandmother passed away this week. She watched him while I was in classes for the first several years of his life. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for awhile now, and her health has been deteriorating, so her passing was expected. But – it’s still a figure from LilZ’s childhood that is gone now and he is spending the weekend with his Dad’s family attending the funeral and such.

I drove him to the town of the funeral on Friday and we spent some time at a local park until his Dad called to say he was in town as well. It was a nice little trip and hopefully a bit of fun to cheer LilZ up before dealing with a few days of sadness. We took NikkiZ on a train ride around the park and she really enjoyed it. I also found a shaded corner of the park to nurse AndyZ in – adding Spring Park in Tuscumbia, AL onto my list of Places My Boobs Have Been Exposed To Feed My Kids. The swamp boat tour in Florida is still the best place on the list, but Spring Park is a nice addition.

After we rode the train, LilZ asked to take this picture:

He often thinks of stopping and taking pictures of me with the kids. I’m so glad he does to prove that I’m around in a lot of our adventures. Since I’m typically the one with the camera, I worry they’ll wonder where I was during each of these outings. Luckily, he stops and considers this periodically and takes pictures. Proving I wasn’t at home on the couch watching endless episodes of Buffy and Angel while pigging out on Potato Chips and Ice Cream.

Even if that is what I might want to be doing.

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  1. For someone who is always thinking of and caring for others, today we will be thinking of you LilZ. Take care.

  2. So sorry for LilZ and his dad’s family. I hope it is an okay weekend for them, at least as a family together it helps.

    That picture of you three is just adorable.

  3. Sorry about LilZ’s GGmom.

    My hubby and I were just discussing the complete absence of photos of us with our daughter. We were saying that we really need to make a conscious effort to jump in the photos now and then.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

    Those kinds of unexpected photos are my favourite because they really capture the “a day in the life” of kind of vibe.

  5. I’m so sorry about LilZ’s great-grandma; not just for his sake, but yours, too, since she helped make it possible for you to continue in your education. That in itself is a huge blessing.
    It’s a special thing to be able to know four generations of your family. I feel lucky to have known two of my great-grandmothers.
    Sending love and prayers for heart healing for you, your son and even LilZ’s dad.

  6. Im so sorry for your loss. Even though you dont know me, I know how much it hurts to loose someone you love dearly. I hope your family is holding up.

    That picture is so pretty! you have such a lovely family, and such a considerate son for thinking of these things!

  7. So sorry about your family’s loss. They’re never easy, are they?

    I did Dark Angel on DVD, and am no into West Wing, but I only sporadically watched Buffy, so perhaps I shall add that next??!? Exciting. I love LOVE watching TV shows on DVD. Did you ever make it through all of Gilmore Girls? I missed a few seasons here and there, but not enough to want to rent the series as a whole.

  8. I’m sorry for LilZ. It is never cool losing a family member.

    Pass the potato chips and start up the “Buffy”. I’m there!

  9. So sorry for LilZ’s (and your) loss!

    When you mentioned train ride around the park, I just knew you were talking about Spring Park! We love it there…especially the splash pad this summer. You are one up on me, though, as I have never exposed my boob there.

  10. LilZ is such a great kid! Good job mom!
    Hope everything goes well for him with his family and the sadness they must be feeling…

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