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An entry that speaks NOTHING about Motherhood!

Damn you, Stephenie Meyer for releasing another hardback copy of Eclipse — but this time you included a poster for Breaking Dawn built into the cover as well as the first chapter included in the back and iron-on transfers that say either “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob”. DAMN YOU! Because, of course, LilZ and I had to go out and buy a copy last night when you know for damn sure that we already have a hardback copy of Eclipse.

Luckily, LilZ is on Team Jacob and I’m on Team Edward so we only bought one copy. I’m counting on him growing out of his interest in the series sometime in the next few years at which point I’ll take the poster and claim it for myself.

But still…DAMN YOU.

(I say all of this with sincere love for Stephenie Meyer, of course. And would buy a third copy of that damn book if she included chapter two at the end of that one.)

Note from 2020: Nyoka is the Twilight nerd now and she would DIE to know Eliah was team Jacob when he was 13.Β 

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  1. okay, good! I finally found someone else I can share my new addiction with–I bought Twilight to read on the plane from Hawaii to Florida, and oh my god! I gobbled it up and (practically) as soon as we landed, went to the bookstore to buy the next two! What do you think about the Twilight movie?

  2. Now I really need to go and read this series. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews so nothing’s stopping me except sheer laziness. But I am excited to read it!

  3. I took my little guy (age 4) to see Kung Fu Panda last night (highly recommend it!), and I almost squee’d like a little girl when I actually saw the Twilight *movie poster* up at the theater! I’m surprised they already have the poster up, considering the release date is in December, but there ya go.

    I also went out and bought the collector’s edition. Luckily, it was only $15 with my Borders reward card. TJ and I had the first chapter read so quick it’d make your head spin. Is it August yet???

  4. VAMPIRES!!! Protagonist Sexy Vampires, of course. (I can say he’s sexy since he’s like 200 years old, right? That’s not creepy? Even though he plays a high school student?)

  5. Yay yay yay! You read Twilight!! I went and sat in Barnes & Noble to read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn since I didn’t want to buy another copy.

    Madame Queen – After Breaking Dawn will be Midnight Sun – Twilight from Edward’s point of view. But no new stories.

    Did you read The Host?? Very similar writing style, and great story.

  6. My husband would be angry if I went out and bought another copy. So I will just have to stick with being jealous of you and LilZ.


  7. @Valeta – LilZ actually bought it with HIS OWN MONEY. So score one for me! And for having the same reading interests as my son! hehe.

  8. I recently just finished reading Twilight based on your recommendation. I will be sure to read the rest of the series as well. I will go to your midnight sun link as soon as I finish submitting this. Have you or LilZ read any of the recommendations from your Youth/Young Adult fiction post comments?

  9. I am planning on buying the set soon, so I can let my mother-in-law have her set back! And have you read “The Host” yet? Amazing book, she’s an amazing author and I can’t wait for August to get here for the “Breaking Dawn” reveal!!!!!!!

    I am so torn between Ed & Jake, but I lean towards Jake (like them tall, dark, and on the wolfish side!).

  10. Someone bought my twelve year-old daughter Twighlight for her birthday and she is OBSESSED with the series now. We just bought the second book on Sunday and she’s halfway through already (we had to remove the temptation from her room last night at 10:30 when we spotted a light coming from the crack under her door).

    You are tempting me to read them myself. I think I’ll have to fit it into my large stack of summer reading material.

  11. We are huge Stephenie Meyer fans at our house too. I can’t wait to tell my daughter about this new book. I am team Edward.

  12. Check out the MTV Movies blog on Tuesdays for Twilight Tuesdays. They post info about the movie each week and you get to stare at Robert Pattinson, the hot actor that is playing Edward.

    August 2nd is the Breaking Dawn release.

    The Host is a great novel!!

  13. I am so excited about this. My hubby would have killed me if I bought another copy of Eclipse so I went to Barnes and Noble and read the first Chapter there!!! I do have to say thank you, if I didnt see it on your blog I never would have picked up the book…now I’m obsessed!!!

  14. Wow… you seem really interested in this stuff. — Just like me!!! That’s why I created my own blog,, to keep fans all around the world updated with everything Twilight. It’s cool to know that my mom isn’t the only mom who is obsessed with Twilight! I love your blog; my mom and I have been reading your blog for about three years now, and it’s great. I really like the Twilight centered blogs… that is always fun. I’m always interested in what LilZ is up to; I am seriously into photography, also. He takes awesome pictures, by the way!

  15. Team Edward (with Team Jacob a very close second)

    I only *wish* I had the same choices to make in my own life! πŸ˜‰

  16. Shhhhh….be vewy vewy quiet. My oldest loves these. She doesn’t know about the poster though. πŸ™‚ I haven’t read them, but after following your link? I think I’m going to have to try them on. Yay for having the same reading tastes as your son…or is that the other way around?

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