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A Good Big Sister

When NikkiZ woke up from her nap yesterday, she turned and immediately started giving her brother some love. I think she is napping better now that he’s here with her, or maybe she’s just getting more worn out. I know I am. And “worn out” is possibly the biggest understatement of the year. My exhaustion level has reached the point of insane delirium. What day is it? Where are my pants?

She’s adapted to being a big sister very well. She will clarify, “No – where is my BIG brother?” if I tell her where AndyZ is instead of LilZ. She still wants to hold him constantly and gives him kisses and rubs his head when he starts to fuss. She also corrects us a lot if she thinks we’re doing something wrong. Like – when I talk to him, asking him questions, she gives me a look that says, My Mom is such a dumbass… and she’ll very calmly say to me, “Mom. He can’t talk yet.”

Thanks, kid.

She likes to point out when he’s using things she used as a kid. She’ll say, “Mom! I used that bathtub when I was little!” Which is waaay better than what I was fearing which was, “Mom! That’s mine! Give it back!” And then the tantrum from hell to follow.

Not that she’s not found other ways to throw tantrums. Like…EVERY OTHER SITUATION IN THE UNIVERSE. But – with regards to now being a big sister and now having a little brother? She’s done beautifully.

Now – if only I could get her to stop telling everyone she has a penis. She said that one day after we explained to her about AndyZ’s penis being what boys have. And of course we laughed when she said it. Which is the WRONG thing to do – but WE COULDN’T HELP IT. So now she says it all the time.

And we’re still laughing.

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  1. Cute story – glad NikkiZ is adjsuting so well, that has to make things easier, adn also make you smile ๐Ÿ™‚ Also – like Ashely said – you have AndyZ’s real name inthis post…

  2. Real name = TIRED TIRED girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh man…those are some sweet pictures. I am glad that she loves her baby brother. I watched the boys I babysit interact more than normal on Monday, the baby has taken 5 steps on his own!!! They are so sweet together, it makes my uterus ache and tick all that much louder.

  3. Cutest pictures EVER! I’m so glad she’s adapting well to being a big sister. =) Your kids are beautiful, Zoot.

  4. ๐Ÿ™‚ So adorable!!!!

    The penis thing cracks me up. I still giggle when my son toots, which I know is not good but I can’t help it. I have a feeling he’ll be embarassing me a lot because of my uncontrallable giggles.

  5. Nothing is funnier than toddlers saying the word penis. Sure, it is juvenile of me to think so, but I can’t help it. I worked in daycare many years ago with the potty training set. There was a lot of penis talk and it always made me laugh a little.

  6. I love the corrections/information she gives you. Hysterical.

    My son is constantly asking where MY penis is. And the female babystitters’. (Doh.)

  7. Those pictures are wonderful. They make my heart melt. I think my favorite is the first one. I’m glad she is adapting well to being the big sister. Does she help you out some with him? Like bring a diaper to you or that have you? I hope things calm down and you can get some rest soon.

  8. Audrey had a penis for quite awhile. And, she would slap it when we were changing diapers.

    I laughed. Every. Single. Time.

  9. That is so awesome! and sweet! and look how gentle she is with him! Those pictures are beautiful.

    I love that she’s correcting you. Kids are just so darned concrete. so black & white.

    I’m sure you’ve heard it, so I guess I’ll just reiterate, you should be napping when they’re napping. I think it’s awesome that she’s sleeping better. Seriously, let the housework go. You’re no good to anyone if you can’t find your pants!

  10. MrZ took out AndyZ’s name for me – that was a mistake of exhaustion. I don’t mind sharing his name in emails and such, I just don’t like it googleable so as to save him from future embarrassment as he gets older. (grin)

  11. Like Nina said, I missed his name too! LOL. Guess since I’m not a morning person, I miss the extra! Glad NikkiZ is doing great with her baby brother. My siblings were close in age like them and didn’t do too great together.

  12. AndyZ is beautiful!!! Congratulations. I don’t totally remember when all the milestones happened with my now 10 and 7 year olds but I DO remember the exhaustion. Hope it gets easier for you.

  13. that first picture is the loveliest thing i have ever seen. you are really, really blessed.

    any chance lilz will take a nap with them? because, you know, the cuteness of that picture could destroy the whole internet.

  14. I had to come back and say I missed the name too. I always seem to be a day late and dollar short…but it’s ok, because I love the name AndyZ. Again, these pictures are priceless.

  15. Just. So. Cute.

    I love watching the love between siblings, and when it’s a toddler and a baby, or a 5 year old and a toddler, it’s just so freaking adorable.

  16. Love the pictures. Love her co-opting AndyZ as HERS. Delightful story and my boys still talk about their penises at 17 and 19. Don’t ask.

    I lost weeks of memory when my oldest was 2 and 3/4 and younger was 1,2,3 months. I have a memory for detail and I forgot my husband was on a trip to Paris for two weeks. He left me alone for two weeks and went to watch tennis in Paris for his job. I cannot remember that he went, if he ever called us, or when/how he came home. It’s a complete blank because I was the most tired I’d ever been.

    It gets better.

  17. That last photo is just precious.

    You will know you reached rock bottom when you’re in Target asking where your pants are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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