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Dad of the Year.

Dad left this morning and as I thanked him profusely (can you ever thank them enough?) for helping out this week – I told him, “That will be the last time I take any of my children out of the house for the rest of the summer.” Without someone to escort me to the park and Greenway and nature trails, I don’t think the chances of us going back this summer are very good. This week has been awesome and the kids have had loads of fun, let’s hope it lasts them all summer.

Both of my kids woke up for the day at 5:20am this morning. That is usually about the time I get up so I can have some “Me” time before anyone else wakes. Since I didn’t get the “Me” time this morning, and since I had to say goodbye to my Dad (I grabbed his leg as he walked out the door and said, “DON’T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!”) I am feeling especially emotionally volatile. I feel as though I’m fighting back tears with every second that passes. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation finally catching up with me, maybe it’s missing my Dad, maybe it’s because I had to shop for clothes today for a wedding and no one should have to shop for clothing 3 weeks postpartum – whatever the reason – I’m not close to being stable today. In the least.

So – – I’m just going to try to focus on the positive. My kids are all still healthy even though we spent significant amounts of time outdoors this week. (THE EVIL FRESH AIR WILL KILL THEM!) I have an awesome Dad who will take the kids places with me and do the manual labor while I sit in the shade. My daughter has started understanding the concept of an apology, and breaks my heart with her cuteness when she says, “I sorry, Momma” after accidentally stepping on my blister-covered feet. I have a son that has written sixty pages of his book so far. SIXTY. How awesome is that?

It’s all very positive here, I promise. My emotions are fragile and my tears are prolific – but my life is blessed and the more I think about it, the more I smile.

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  1. I wish I could help. But then again, I’d have my own 2.5-year-old in tow and that’s never REALLY helpful, is it?

    I remember after the first week home with Al how I cried when the Mr. went back to work, and then again when my mom left after the second week. And I only had ONE kid to look after.

    It’s hard. I imagine it’s hard no matter how many kids you have (except for Michelle Duggar, and she has like, what, a houseful of built-in babysitters?).

    I for one think you are amazing. The fact that you even have time or energy to post is incredible.

  2. Love.

    That’s all I’ve got. 🙂

    Seriously, though, when it gets cooler at night, Aardvark and I are going to start walking the Greenway. We will let you know when, and you are more than welcome to join us with your brood.

  3. It seems overwhelming now but you’ll be out with the two youngest or all three alone in no time. You’ll wonder why it ever seemed like a daunting task.
    Just keep counting those blessings and smiling.
    I’m glad you have your blog as an outlet for your feelings and emotions. How cool is it when a hobby you love is like good, cheap therapy? You even get tons of unsolicited advice!

  4. You will hopefully get some ME time soon! Even if it is just time for a quick nap. 🙂 Good luck you will do just fine!

  5. Lovely last sentence – really great that you can both acknowledge the stress and tough emotions of the situation right now, but also remind yourself of the basic good in your life beyond the current overwhelming stuff. Keep doing the best that you can, I have a feeling that will be more than enough.

  6. Toss AndyZ in the stroller and head on out. Can NikkiZ pedal a trike yet? That’s about the same speed as pushing a stroller. And the stroller will contain him while you ride slides and push swings. That’s all post-healing, of course.

    You’re doing great. You’re bringing AndyZ to BlogHer, yes?

  7. I wish I could come to BlogHer (If I started saving now when do you think I’d make it – 2012 maybe 2015 lol)

    Did she make up the poop song herself or did she hear it somewhere?

  8. I can kind of relate with you. I had very major back surgery in March and when my husband went back to work, I was nervious and wanting him there with me all the time. Glad you had a good visit with your dad and the kids.

    With all the pain with the surgery, I could do the tear bit too with you today. But we will both take the positive road today.

  9. Awe Zoot. I remember that feeling. It’s so terribly hard isn’t it? When my mom left after my second was born I may have just cried all day. It’s overwhelming. You are tired. The hormones are going bat poop crazy. And did I mentioned tired? And overwhelmed at the new responsibilities? And how you feel like nothing will ever be the same? You know all those people who tell you that it will get easier as time goes on? The one’s that you don’t believe or want to smack? They are right. And I’m proof of it. You’re doing great. You really are. Really, really great.

  10. hugs! hang in there, girl and keep up with the awesome positive attitude – that’s the biggest help (or so I find)

  11. LilZ is writing a book? That’s amazing!! (Does he want to write mine for me?)

    All I can say to everything else is – good luck. It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job and that you have a great support system around you.

  12. You can do this. Anytime you feel like it’s falling apart hear all of us in the back of your head cheering you on, chanting “You can do this”. When you doubt yourself, look at the wonderful job you’ve done so far, look at your fabulous kids and know that you have this mom thing all sewn up.

  13. I remember the feeling when my Mom left after Scout was born. I felt like she was abandoning me. I cried.

    Doesn’t LilZ help when you’re out with the little ones? He seems to have a terrific relationship with NikkiZ so let them play together while you sit in the shade with AndyZ.

    That is so cool that LilZ is writing a book! Fiction?

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