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An Assortment of Delicious Babyness

I haven’t had a lot of free time to blog (go figure) the last few days as I’m trying to either (a) Keep everyone in my family alive, a task that is much harder than I anticipated, or (b) Catch up on sleep by forcing the kids to nap with me. AndyZ is a much better sleeper than his sister was, but I’m feeling more tired because I can’t sleep as much during the day as I did with her. The nights were impossible with her, but since it was just her during the day, I could stay caught up relatively easily. The nights are easier, but still not long enough with AndyZ. But I can’t nap as much during the day because his evil sister thwarts all of my attempts. Like today – she slept for 30 minutes at naptime. THIRTY MINUTES. That’s not even enough for me to fall asleep, much less clock in any catch up time.

AndyZ is doing great, eating like a maniac. He’s getting tons of love as there are so many people here to take turns holding him. I think I’ll feel better if he ever starts smiling, this old man grumpy face is KILLING ME.

However, I have been trying to upload at least a few new pictures to flickr every day. For those of you not keeping tabs on my new flickr photos, I thought I’d add a few of my favorites here for you to see.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you are having a lot of fun!! LOL!! Make MrZ keep up with NikkiZ for a little while so you can get some much deserved shut-eye… You need it…. Curl up with that new baby and love on him until you fall into blissful sleep…

    BTW..I miss that new baby smell… Give AndyZ a good sniff for me..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    He is adorable!!!!!!!!!

  2. I haven’t even said congratulations yet, so: CONGRATULATIONS!
    You have a wonderful, beautiful family and I love all of these pictures. I was about to tell you which ones are my favorites, but I can’t decide! I hope you manage to get some sleep, so you can enjoy them all even more!

  3. All of your children are beautiful! I love the newborn chinless look with the wide open eyes. She is so sweet with him but my fav is the one where all the pets are standing guard.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love all the pictures! My favorite is the “changing of the guard” picture with the dogs. They are soo cool with Baby AndyZ. Congrats again.

  5. …his evil sister thwarts all of my attempts…. mwhaahaahaaa!

    Those are some awesome pictures. Each one was better than the previous, and the first was better than the last (how’d you do that). That AndyZ is one stylin’ little dude! Adorable.

  6. Those are some awesome photos. My favorite is the last one, with all three kids in it. That’s definitely a keeper. You are sol lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The “guard” dog picture is great. I still say you need to frame the fifth one. It looks like a pro shot.

  8. Oh my gosh, your family is just so cute! The baby looks great, and dood… your hubby is hot! And I just think LilZ is such an awesome brother I can’t even tell you. Even your dogs are apparently awesome! Ya done good.

  9. First and last pix are the best IMHO. AndyZ looks hilarious like any decent newborn should! and LilZ with the two little ones is priceless. Whoever gets him is one lucky girl.


  10. That one called Sweetie is seriously adorable!!!!!

    I took lots of photos yesterday at my Aunt’s wedding and my Mum told me how professional they looked – I am slightly scared!

  11. The last one is my absolute favorite. Your children are so beautiful.

  12. How are your bostons with AndyZ? My three didn’t care about the baby until he was maybe a month old and now they love him to pieces.

  13. Wonderful pictures. I love them all, but the ones with the animals and AndyZ are just super because there’s so little possibility that any of them are posing — it’s just who they are.

    I have a similar pic somewhere of my 3 (at the time) scotties welcoming my son home from the hospital– 8 years ago now.

  14. OHHHH! He is SUCH the little old man. I love that – and the picture of him on the white blanket… he looks like a little puddle of baby yumminess. DELISH!

    P.S. Our cats are totally twins! I’d link a picture if I had any computer skillz whatsoever… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love all of these photos…I’m not sure which one I love best. Maybe the one of AndyZ sleeping on his tummy so peacefully? Or the one of NikkiZ in her swim suit or laying with AnyZ..or, or….they are wonderful!

  16. These pictures are all AWESOME. I have never seen a cat look so huge! No offense, Cat! It’s just that you’re bigger than the tiny human!

    Also: never have Boston Terriers looked so much like Big Huge Guard Dogs.

    AndyZ is so lucky to have such a great group of humans and animals looking out for him!

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