I know my limits…

Remember how I was thrown into being a stay-at-home Mom for awhile and tried to work from home to make money and FAILED MISERABLY? I’m remembering now why. Because it’s impossible to work from home with a kid running around. I am once again amazed that anyone does it successfully.

I normally don’t work on Tuesdays but I needed to go into the office today as I frantically try to get things done before AndyZ gets here. NikkiZ thought the idea sounded fun when I told her we could pack her backpack (BACKPACK!) with stuff to do/play with at the office.

However – I didn’t factor in the Poop Issue we’ve been having. While I spent almost four hours at the office this morning, I think at least an hour of that was in the bathroom with my daughter who needs to poop but won’t do it in the potty. Every five minutes she says, “I GOTTA GO POTTY!” and freaks out. So I freaked out and ran to the bathroom with her. Only to sit there for 15 seconds before she said, “No I don’t.”

I finally finished all that I had to do from the office and am now trying to work from home. This has required me to change the rules a little bit to keep her distracted. For example – she is now allowed to do anything she wants that won’t kill either of us. I’m letting her eat anywhere she wants, play with baby items, baby wipes, eat all sorts of junk food, and pretty much destroy any part of the house she’s in. I just need her to give me some time, so I’m giving her free range of everything. Except the car. I do have some limits.

Anyone want to place bets on (a) Will I actually get my work done or (b) Will the house still be standing when the day is over? I’m betting I won’t get anything done and my house will be in shambles while I stay curled up in the fetal position in the corner hiding from my daughter who is running around screaming something about the BIG RED CHICKEN!

14 thoughts on “I know my limits…”

  1. But how cute is she in her backpack?

    I can totally relate to letting my kid run me when I am trying to accomplish work things. She is 2 and I am also 9 months pregnant, so pretty much anything goes as long as I don’t have to extert myself or bend. This includes: eating constantly, on any surface, playing with Balmex and mommy’s makeup, destroying diapers (the expensive is somehow worth the peace)…

  2. I dread the day I have to bring my toddler to work. Fortunately her daycare is open more days than my company is. You are a braver woman than I. There is already so much chaos in my life I can’t let the toddler drag me down further.

  3. OH BOY- I am betting you will not get a whole lot done… sorry to say…
    If it makes you feel any better I am at work today and haven’t gotten a whole lot done either… (no kids here, just needy men)

  4. Oh, I’ve been there! My boys are now 10 and 7 and I still refuse to bring them into work with me on those infamous “Bring Your Child to Work” days because I know I’d get nothing done. NOTHING.

    When I’m working at home, I get so little done that I usually give up after the first thirty minutes. The constant “Mom”ming every five seconds makes it impossible to focus.

    Hopefully you’ll get through your must-do tasks without too much trouble, but I’m not counting on it…

  5. I think the “doing whatever you want so long as it doesn’t kill us” approach is pretty brilliant.

    I have a hard enough time trying to get work done at home with a dog, let alone a little human being.

    Good luck!!

  6. Do you ever wonder about the children of moms who successfully work from home? What they do? I have a hard time even checking email when the little man and I are at home alone. You gotta give it to NikkiZ, though–she is incredibly cute with that backpack!

  7. My Dad used to ask me about if I would like to go to bring your daughter to work day (my dad works for a telecomms company and they trying to encourage more girls to want to work in the field) but somehow he’d always forget to organise with his manager and get my mum to write a note to school.

    I now work in customer service for a safe company.

  8. Oh dear Lord…that sounds like each and every day of my life.

    I was secretly hoping for awhile that you would continue to work from home so someone could figure out how to make this work, because frankly, I suck at it. I’ve been doing it since October and my 2.5 year old runs rampant while I try to focus, or if I’m on a conference call.

    I come out and check on her every 20-30 minutes and on a good day, she has dumped each and every toy out in the living room and gets an unhealthy amount of TV. The worst day? She covered herself in vegetable oil. Head to toe. We have also survived a red jello incident, permament marker all over the walls, carpet, and entertainment center — oh, and the day of the FlaxSeed. (shudder.)

    Just know that I love these posts because it makes me feel so very less alone. πŸ™‚

  9. Okay, that picture KILLS me! How cute is she?

    You crack me up – and I can sympathize with the POOPING. Gawd – is it really THAT hard to figure out? B will do it in her pants, no problem, but on the potty? Hells to the no… argh! If you figure out a solution, pretty please to pass it on to us — πŸ™‚

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