Looking at the Glass as Half-Full

Dear Heather and HBM and every other Mom who discussed whether or not they’re exploiting their children this past few weeks. (It’s 3:45am and I woke up with an allergy attack, my brain can not dig up any more links currently.)

Can I just get something out in the open that I sometimes feel like pointing out but am afraid that if I do – I’ll jinx my own good fortune? My son is 13 years old and he enjoys my blog. He reads it at school and at times shows it to his friends. He gets excited when, once-in-awhile, someone sends us stuff who reads my blog. He attends functions with me related to the blog and even knows some of my blogfriends by name.

I guess I want to point it out because – brace yourself – there’s always the possibility that your kids will like your blog.

Now, I know I am lucky and that he might still end up hating it. Or NikkiZ could be the one that grows up and hates me for awhile for it. Who knows? But I just always want to remind people that – while our kids may hate us for our blogs – there is a distinct possibility that one day? They’ll enjoy it. My son is proof.

Note from 2020: My two younger kids hate my blog. Okay, not really. But sometime in 2019 the idea of people being able to read it for childhood stories of theirs because traumatic and so I threw every post into draft mode. ALL OF THEM. And for the last year I’ve been slowly going through them deleting the embarrassing stuff and republishing. So, you know, DO NOT GET SO EXCITED KIM OF 2008.

And to the naysayers? As parents we know our kids. I know it’s hard to believe, but my son never had to actually ask me not to write about something. I know him and I know his life and I have, just on my own, stopped talking a lot about his life this last year. I write about him more now as a brother to his sister than as a teenage boy. It’s partly common sense and partly just knowing our kids.

And yes – he may still ask I quit talking about him at all – and I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. But – I also am a lot more than just a Mother to him. I have plenty of other stuff to talk about, so it’s not a big deal. I mean – my boobsweat entries alone would sustain this blog.

Essentially? I sometimes want to just tell the naysayers to chill the hell out, and the bloggers they’re targeting not to be too pessimistic about the future. My son has truly appreciated the sweet and sentimental entries I’ve written to him and he’s laughed at the ones spotlighting my own idiocy. He sometimes reads it when he’s bored and he sees a little bit of light shed on a woman who he would normally just see as a Mom. He gets to sometimes see a glimpse of who I am besides his Mom. And I think sometimes it helps us with conflicts. I actually wish he had a blog so I’d be able to do the same!

Of course, all of this may be stupid for me to even talk about since I don’t make money off this site. Maybe I’m the wrong person to chime in on this conversation. But who am I to NOT open my mouth at any given moment? I mean – I chime in on every conversation. Regardless of whether or not I’ve been invited.

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  1. My daughter loves my blog and she reads it every day. She posts almost every day and I love it that she shares it with me. Of course she is 31 and I am 49 (almost the big 5-0) but still, I think she would love it even if she were a lot younger.

  2. But don’t forget that LilZ is an unusually awesome child young man. πŸ˜‰
    Really though I think it’s probably the same as blogging about any family member – like you said, you’ve got to know THEM – and their boundaries.

  3. Child was supposed to be crossed out but HTML hates me (or I forgot how to do it. Also possible.)

  4. I think that some kids are going to be used to be mentioned in blogs. It is being more and more common for parents to write and well it is the wave of the future. πŸ˜‰

    People just like to complain and bitch about things. No matter what it is. They are sad.

  5. I write about my friends and random strangers and the funny and stupid things they do. Am I exploiting them?

  6. A-to-the-MEN, woman! What you said. In fact, my kids LIKE my blog…so much…I’ve started a separate “family blogging project” and it’s working, well.

    They’re practicing their writing skills and – as Administrator – I am totally enjoying being THE BOSS of them.

    See, it’s all good.

  7. I think that like anything – kids will become accustomed to it. And yes, there will be the requisite amount of teen angst, but that comes with the territory. I don’t use my daughter’s name because I don’t want anyone to be able to google and find it some day, and as she gets older I am more selective about what I write about (not that I have a lot of readers or anything anyway), but really the only difference between blogging and writing in a baby book is that it’s public. I would love to have had this kind of memory of my childhood and my mother’s life. And to see, in words, how much my mother loved me. I think people just want something to whine about. I mean, really, are comedians who use their friends and/or family exploiting them? Are newspaper columnists who write about their family (like Erma Bombeck became famous for) exploiting them? It’s not exploitation. It’s about sharing a story – about documenting history. And I’m rambling so I will shut up now. I just mostly wanted to say – great post!

  8. Finn and the guys often suggest ideas for the blog. In general they like it and think it’s funny.

    There have been a few topics Finn (and my husband) have asked me not to blog about, and I respect those requests.

    But when a boy says he wants a tattoo of “a really buff Jesus” (as opposed to the wimpy Jesus?), well, that’s what blogs were MADE FOR.

  9. Moving forward a few years with LilZ… my ‘boys’ are 26 and 27 years old and they LOVE my blog (so do their fiance’s). They’ve all told me how wonderful it is that I have this blog as ‘our’ memory keeper. They even love reading about the stuff that was really embarrassing to them at the time that it happened

    Trust me, there’s plenty of THAT material.

    Now that I have a grandbaby (not biological, but mine, nonetheless), you betcha- he’s going to be posted about and I’m sure my future DIL will appreciate the fact that she doesn’t need to keep up on a baby book.

    I do not see Heather, you, or anyone else as exploiting your children. It’s been really fun for me to watch NikkiZ grow up and I’m eagerly awaiting her brother. As one of your readers (not often posting comments), reading about your kids is like reading about my family’s kids. It’s just a part of your life. So is Target- but are you exploiting Target? (heeeeeeeeee)

    Even though I’m 48 and my children are grown up, I think my favorite blogs are the ‘mommy’ blogs. BTW, I don’t categorize yours as a mommy blog in my head. I think of your blog as a couple of friends (me being the stalker one) talking about what’s been going on.

    Wow- I’ve sure made up for the few times I’ve commented. Maybe I should slow down on the coffee….


  10. My 14 year old daughter reads my blog too. Not a lot – but I’m aware she does because she’ll mention something about a post when we talk. I know what to post about her and her brother and what not to post. I think about what my mom would post about me if she had a blog (oh what a funny thought!) and I take that into account when I talk about my children. πŸ™‚

  11. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Heck yeah, write about your kids. They probably think it’s cool. Having off limits topics seems… well… like a no-brainer to me. It’s like blogging about your job. You just don’t do it. πŸ™‚

  12. I wish I had more memories from my childhood. If my mother had kept a blog all the details would be there, in order. Makes me think I should be starting my own blog.

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