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NikkiZ Fights Aliens (And Gets Her Teeth Cleaned)

MrZ took NikkiZ to his dentist appointment with him this morning. He took this picture of her with his cell phone. She ended up being so comfortable watching him get his teeth cleaned that the dentist decided to give her teeth a try. She evidently LOVED it.

Where was I during this adventure?

I was home doing some manual labor. Cleaning our bedroom and dragging crap we don’t need to the street while bagging up crap other people might find useful to take to Goodwill. I’d like to say I stayed home to work because I have to get these things accomplished before AndyZ arrives. However, we all know the truth. I’m so extremely mortified of the dentist that I would not even go as an escort for my children. Not even if they paid me. Or gave me prizes like stickers and keychains. No way in hell. There are limits to the sacrifices I’d make for my children, and facing my fear of the dentist falls on the Nope, Sorry! side of the line.

11 thoughts on “NikkiZ Fights Aliens (And Gets Her Teeth Cleaned)”

  1. Those glasses are COOL! My kids love the dentist too! Go figure! I keep wondering when the fear sets in.

  2. I need to get to the dentist but I bet gestation and nitrous don’t mix and I can’t get in the door without the stuff. I guess my teeth will be my second sacrifice for my child {my lovely lovely amaretto was the first}.

  3. I thought I was the only person terrified of the dentist!!! Thank you for making me feel “normal”.

  4. I too make someone else take my girl to the dentist. When she was younger she had a loose tooth and I called my mom to meet us in the parking lot at school (45 mins from her house) so she could pull it for her because I just couldn’t help her.

  5. I understand about the dentist – I kinda feel that way about the hospital, but only when I’m a patient.

  6. I loathe the dentist. When I was a kid? I bit this awful dentist my mother took me to, as his way of dealing with scared or crying kids was to put his hand over your mouth and the other hand over your nose to get you to calm down.
    I calmed down, then when he went near my mouth, *crunch* How’s them teeth buster! Revenge is sweet.

  7. Awww, not even if the dentist promises to give you some of the happy gas, too?

    Oh, I have an email coming for you. Not yet, since I have been down in the dumps and lazy. But I will get it to you soon!

  8. I’d rather go for my annual than to the dentist. I take my son, though. We were there last month and just for laughs we had him look at the toddler’s teeth. She wanted NO PART of the chair. She opened her mouth, let him look. Nope, not sitting in that thing, thank you very much.

  9. NikkiZ’s a little trooper for letting him take a look. And yet she’s afraid of pooping! KIDS!!

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