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Daddy’s Little Girl

Last night, NikkiZ and I were hanging out in her bedroom. She asked me if I wanted to, “Blast some bad guys.” This is a phrase that MrZ uses when he says he’s going to play video games. He’ll tell her, “Daddy’s gonna blast some bad guys.” So, of course, I was intrigued with her offer. I said, “How?” She doesn’t have a TV in her room, much less video games.

First, she said (to herself), “Hmm…let me find my pretend TV.” She dug out her Blues Clues computer and set it up on the hand-me-down washer/dryer combo next to her bed. She then said, “Okay. Now I need my remote.” I was getting curious and I was pretty sure what “remote” she was looking for (she has a few old remotes we’ve discarded that she pretends with) so I helped her find it. When I found it, I gave it to her. She stood in front of her “TV” and held the “remote” out and just started pushing buttons. Like her Daddy does when plays his games. Then, she handed the remote to me and said, “Your turn, Momma.”

I was pretty damn impressed with her “pretend” setup she had going. I called MrZ in to ask if he had taught her that and he said, “No.” She just came up with it on her own. So – she and I sat in there for awhile taking turns blasting the bad guys.

It just amazes me how these kids we’re raising? These kids we care for from infancy on – they have their own little minds. Eventually, they start coming up with their own games, their own songs, their own ideas and their own beliefs. It may start with a setup immitating Daddy playing video games, but it ends with little movie producers or playwrites. Their own little creative minds expand beyond their parents’ limits. AND IT FREAKS ME THE HELL OUT.

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  1. The imagination children have is amazing and definitely something to encourage. It’s unfortunate that as they grow older, that ability to amuse themselves, be uninhibited and imaginative can disappear.
    She’s just gorgeous – and totally Daddy’s girl?

  2. Watching Fuller’s imagination grow has been amazing. He makes “oatmeal” out of Lincoln Logs, he cuts his little dog’s hair with a plastic saw, and he thinks the pocket door to this bathroom is an elevator door.

  3. I love watching how my girls will come up with their own little stories and conversations when they’re playing with their toys. Also, does NikkiZ like to be in only a diaper? Because my 4yr old has been like that since she’s been in underwear–as soon as she gets home from preschool she’s stripped down to her underwear. It’s hilarious.

  4. She has the finger action down.

    You shouldn’t give her license to be a big girl. 🙂

  5. She’s definitely resourceful! My four-year-old niece likes to pretend that the educational computer games I put her on are her Myspace page and that “cute boys” send her stuff! Isn’t it funny how kids’ imaginations and games have evolved with technology? 😉

  6. The little boy that I nanny for is 2 years old and spent most of the day today “fixing” my hair and pretending to give me a haircut (with craft scissors that wont even cut paper anymore) and he was so clever, down to finding a blanket to drape over me as a cape, and making small talk. Man, I love kids.

    As a sidenote, I know nikkiz is healthy, but man look at those ribs!

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