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New Sources of Fun.

My mission yesterday was to clear out the 20+ 30-gallon bags of clothes out of our garage and take them to Goodwill. I wasn’t sure how it would work as I’ve never dropped off stuff at the new facility, so I took a small load the first time. There wasn’t anyone to help me throw the bags in the bins, but I saw where other people were putting their bags, so I did it myself. The next trip, I filled the car to maximum capacity: 15 bags. Again, no one was out there helping so I threw them all in myself. The third trip we were lucky enough to have MrZ join us because he was home after a doctor’s appointment. So, of course, the time he was with me there were two guys that came out to help. That is just my luck.

Needless to say, my back was a little sore yesterday evening. So – LilZ spent some time with NikkiZ in her room yesterday afternoon while I soaked in the tub. After I was done, I checked in on them playing in her room and found her in the excersaucer.

I would have never put her in there as I just always say, “You’re too big!” But evidently? Not so much. LilZ used my camera to document their playtime which is where I found evidence of her in the basketball goal as well. Another activity I wouldn’t have considered. Put her in the basketball net? Why would I do such a thing? But LilZ did it and she cracked up over it.

The best, though, was when he put her in the pull-up boxes. She laughed that deep infectious laugh we don’t hear all that often because it takes extreme measures to produce it. Evidently, sticking her in the box her diapers came in is a good start.

So – new things added to my list of ways to entertain a toddler: Basketball Simulation, Excersaucer, and Cardboard Box Storage. I wanted to share these things with you in case you aren’t lucky enough to have someone living in your home that thinks outside of the boring “MOM” box when it comes to entertaining a child.

12 thoughts on “New Sources of Fun.”

  1. Haha soo cute! I love the look on her face in the first one. She’s obviously having a blast! More big bro points for LilZ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. The expression on her face in that first picture is priceless. How do you standing living with such blatantly adorable children? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My boys loved being pushed around the house in a laundry basket – try it sometime – especially if you have a tile floor…zoom zoom zoom…but dont get mad if NikkiZ decides to push the dog, the cat, or baby brother around in the laundry basket…promise?

  4. Let me at plastic clothes hangers to that list.

    My son can entertain himeself for HOURS with plastic hangers. He pretends they are guns or a bow with invisible arrows.

    And one of his most favorite activites is to go with me to Kohl’s and gather any hangers he finds on the floor. He will carry them around with him and then turn them in when I check out.

    Anything that causes a 7 year old boy to ASK to go clothes shopping is a plus in my book.

  5. Big brothers with their little sisters are the bestest!

    My 2.5yo wanted to get into the exersaucer at daycare the other day. Weird, the first year I couldn’t get her to stay in it.

  6. I LOVE her facial expressions in these photos! Esp. the exersaucer one and the diaper boxes one. Such natural, fun and cute smiles!
    She just looks so happy. I love it.
    Good work LilZ!!

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