We have an art festival downtown every year. It is called Panoply and it runs this weekend. We went as a family last night because Saturday and Sunday are out of the question for us as a group. So, we went last night to try to enjoy it for a few hours. MrZ is pretty sure he hasn’t been to this festival in years, which is one of the downsides to being an adult in the town you grew up in: You take stuff for granted. He ended up really enjoying himself and I’m actually kinda hoping he’ll go with us again today. He wants to get the house painted (the outside of it) before AndyZ gets here, but I’m thinking the rain last night might have soaked the walls too much.

Either way – the festival is going on all weekend and NikkiZ and I will be heading out again if the weather holds out. I’m taking it as my mission to do as much with her as physically possible the last few weeks of this pregnancy and there’s plenty going on this weekend for her to enjoy.

What are YOU doing this weekend?

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  1. I’ve been in Ohio visiting my mom and today we (Fuller and I) drive back to Chattanooga. Fuller got his face painted yesterday too! He was Spider-Man.

  2. Jazz Fest. Day One (yesterday) was fun…long and tiring but fun. I am also working night shows selling merch for bands, volunteering for a radio station, and enjoying the fest.

    Have a great time!!

  3. I was going to go watch my son play rugby but it is currently 28 degrees with snow flurries here and I’m not that crazy.

  4. I have a few little errands to run, and then I’m going to take my dog to watch the local high schools’ battle of the marching bands competition. After that I’m meeting a friend who is training for a half marathon, and we are going to run about 6 miles (gulp!). Tomorrow is for relaxing, and I’m going to a card-making party. I’m worried all the other girls there will be more creative than I am… Enjoy the art festival!

  5. I am being the cook in the kitchen (which is sorta like hell freezing over) making cudighi sausage (which is something you can’t get unless you still live in Smallsville). My plan is to have friends and family at my house on Monday for dinner to enjoy a cudighi.

  6. Hey snap, I went to an art show too. Saw some beautiful paintings I couldn’t afford, sigh. Talking about beauties you and your daughter are a couple of smashers. I think blue is your colour.

  7. We went to my 4yr old’s soccer game and then I’m doing NOTHING with my hubby and girls since my husband just got home from a 2 week trip. It’s nice not having anything planned so we can just relax at home. Except for the mounds of laundry he brought with him…but that’s for another day.

  8. Have fun at the festival! I don’t do crowds well, so I won’t be going. I am going to be working out like mad; I wanted to cry when I saw the pics of me from my Nashville tirp.

  9. An art festival (or any kind of festival) sounds like fun.

    This weekend is actually Easter by the Orthodox Christian Calendar (and my husband is Russian Orthodox). So… he’s been to church a lot in the last couple days. (Zoe and I don’t go too much… toddlers and church just don’t combine too well in my opinion). The Easter bunny will be making a 2nd visit to our house tomorrow. We dyed eggs with my husband’s parents yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll go to their house for Easter dinner.

  10. I will be working the day shift which is quite unusual for me and spending the nights hanging out at my best friends house so our daughters can play in the nice 80 degree weather before it snows again. (Gotta love NY lol)

  11. Yesterday (because I took the day off, darn it, so it counts!): McD’s picnic at the school yard playground, because the schools are on spring break here; WebKinz day; nap for the toddler; walk around the lake. Today: work home-based direct-selling job (1 of 7 shows since the todder was born 28 months ago, i’m sooo rusty!). Tomorrow: church and toy warehouse sale and laundry and make sure we’re stocked for the week. So, yesterday was fun! Today, kinda sorta, too. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain and get cold, ick.

  12. I am using the quiet of the evenings…after all three kids are in bed…to discover new and fun blog sites, like yours!

    Visit me at:

    Happy Panoply!

  13. Hi Zoot! Great photos at Panoply.
    I saw you there Friday but you were talking to someone and I thought it might be creepy to say “Hi, I read your blog but I don’t really know you. Um, OK then… hi!”

    I really want to go back today but it looks rainy and the boys were a bit much. I couldn’t get them to stay focused on a single thingsince there was so much for them to look at! They did like the musucal instrument tent – it didn’t matter how rough they were with the violins since that’s what they were there for!

    Hope you all had fun.

  14. You look so pretty.

    I vegetated all weekend. The forecast called for rain, so I used it as an excuse to watch all the episodes of Crossing Jordan and Without a Trace I had recorded.

  15. I got to meet you this weekend! Weird but totally cool. I am so glad you all enjoyed the festival. Let me know of anything you see that we need to change or add for 2009…and don’t worry…the drum circle shall return!!

  16. We took our 3 month old to the World Beer Festival.

    It was a bad idea, turns out. Must write post about it.

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