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One Of The Habits I Can Only Blame On Myself

When NikkiZ transitioned to her big-girl bed, we started introducing some new nighttime rituals to get her interested or excited in going to bed. One of those things was to encourage her to pick out a friend to sleep with. (Hopefully she won’t follow this policy in college.) Since she didn’t sleep with any animals in her crib, this new development was very effective.

Of course, if I had thought this through, we may have tried to limit the selection to one animal. Especially since, as a kid, I often felt guilty for neglecting any of my stuffed animals. I remember trying to rotate who would get to visit my Mom’s house with me every other weekend so no one would get their feelings hurt. I should have known she’d have similar tendencies as she now has to sleep with every animal she owns. It’s the challenge every night to find room for her amidst the colony of plush.

I finally thought to take a picture of this trend this morning. For you to enjoy. And for her friends to laugh at later when they stumble upon this blog.

27 thoughts on “One Of The Habits I Can Only Blame On Myself”

  1. Awww…poor Nikki (disturbed by the flash). My dad loved to take pics of me and all my other bros and sisters when we were sleeping. They’re fun to look back upon 🙂

  2. It’s very hard to spot the baby in this photo 🙂

    At one pint I think I had 13 dolls and soft toys line ina row on my bed. I used to rescue unwanted toys from jumble sales.

  3. “One of those things was to encourage her to pick out a friend to sleep with. (Hopefully she won’t follow this policy in college.) ”

    Laughed at those lines. Now my co-workers think I’m crazy. I hope she more selective by college too. LOL

  4. I used to line up my stuffed friends in bed with me every single night. I stopped. Uh, eventually.

    Also this — (Hopefully she won’t follow this policy in college.) — cracked me up.

  5. Did you pack up all your favorites when there was a tornado watch/warning? I did. They were going to the church basement with me!

    And even though I’ve never mentioned that to my girl, she does the same when there’s a storm: gathers her babies and makes sure I know to bring them if we have to go to the closet.

    Love NikkiZ’s bed o’ friends. 🙂

  6. The college line was awesome. You’re so funny 🙂
    (Oh and I loved the do not use quotations for emphasis thing. So funny!)

  7. supertiffx365 – join your favorite supertiff as she celebrates thirty years of super by remembering a person from her past in thirty words, everyday, for a whole damn year.
    supertiff says:

    it looks like elmo had too much to drink last night…

  8. I used to surround myself in much the same way… and when I woke up in the morning EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL would be on the floor.

  9. I used to rotate which ones got to sleep next to me so they didn’t feel left out. No surprise I grew up to be a social worker.

  10. widgete – College student just trying to make it to the other side while majoring in education, practicing her cooking and make-up hobbies, marching in the band, and living the sorority life...
    Elyse says:

    “Hopefully she won’t follow this policy in college.”

    *Sigh. If only that weren’t true…;-)

  11. My 6 y/o daughter sleeps with no less than 20 of her favorite stuffed animals-replacing/adding some only when she gets a new webkinz….If my daughter has a dollar to spend she will find the tiniest stuffed animal to spend that dollart on, oh and they have to be arranged in a very specific order, yeah bedtime is a blast in my house.

  12. Random Musings – Retired teacher. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Friend. Community volunteer. Reader. Quilter. Knitter. Midwesterner. Addicted to my computer.
    Grandmere says:

    I often tell my daughter there is no room for my grandaughter in her bed! She insists on books as well as her 2 blankets and I do not know how many dolls and stuffed animals. But if it helps keep them in bed, who am I to question it?

  13. That’s adorable. I was the same way. I would cry if I couldn’t find the “right” animal to sleep with because I was CERTAIN that s/he was devastated at missing the chance to sleep next to me.

  14. Jen H. – Hey y'all! I'm a GF/V, and mama of three wild boy chirrens(four if you count my Daddy. And I TOTALLY do). I love USC Football, the LA Dodgers(and my Mama's Atlanta Braves!!), reading all the things, drinking way too much coffee and anything that has to do with a yard sale. I'm an avid Baker and I love to garden, as any good southern belle does. I'm totally a catch. Just ask my husband!!
    Jenny H. says:

    Please. That is nothing.

    My two boys have eleventy-bajillion stuffed animals that they HAVE to sleep with. Every. Night.

    Wanna guess who loves it when she makes their bed?!

  15. HA! That college line made me laugh so hard, I snorted. And just like Shelly up above, my coworkers now think I’m nuts!

  16. Alliclaus does this, except with books. There are literally a dozen or more books in her little toddler bed with her. I have a picture of it. I’ll have to make sure it’s on my flickr, because it seriously is ridiculous.

  17. I am so glad to know that I’m not the only who thought my stuffed animals would be sad if they didn’t get to sleep with me. I remember being SO pained as I would choose who got to sleep with me, near me, etc …

  18. My 2-year-old daughter does this two. But with books. She has to have them arranged around her bed, propped up so she can see the covers. They don’t stay like that. She wakes up with papercuts in very weird places. I am sure child services will be coming.

  19. Hey is that Elmo! What is he doing over there? He is supposed to be in my daughter’s crib.

    I have tried the limiting to one animal/friend. And, each night she needed a new friend.

    My mom thinks she will suffocate so every weekend, when my mom comes to watch the kids she hides a few friends/animals. But, my daughter and I always uncover them.

    Each morning now, my daughter has to hand me the ones that she wants w/ her that day. Somedays, we are talking 7 or 8 friends.

    How cute!

  20. I suffered from the stuffed animal guilt too. I even kept track of which ones got to go downstairs with me on Christmas morning so that the next year, some of the others would have a chance.

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