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I Let A 13-Year-Old Cut My Hair.

I was saying yesterday that I’ve hit that phase of my pregnancy where I’m trying to take care of things I won’t want to have to worry about once AndyZ gets here. Stocking up on paper products and cosmetics is my mission for the next week or two. I have a hard enough time remembering things like paper towels or LilZ’s shampoo on a normal grocery day. For the month following AndyZ’s birth, I probably won’t be remembering crap. So, I’ll stock up now so that none of us have to worry about running out of toilet paper until I get my brain back functioning post-baby. I did it with NikkiZ and it really seemed to help because grocery trips were only about food, which makes it an easier task to handle when suffering from post-birth memory loss.

I was talking to LilZ about this task yesterday and mentioned that I should get my hair trimmed before AndyZ gets here. It’s something I don’t do but every few months, but I haven’t had a trim in a few months as it is. So – I should probably get it trimmed now so I don’t have to worry about it for awhile after AndyZ gets here. LilZ said, “I can do it.”


Let me tell you, I hate spending anything more than $10 on a haircut. I just get my hair trimmed and I’ve let random friends and family, including MrZ, do it before. I don’t really care so much about it being even since it’s curly and you won’t be able to tell so much anyway. I just want the ends cut. Since it’s a task that I feel like anyone can do, I don’t feel like I should have to fork out big bucks for it. So, when my son volunteered? I jumped at the idea.

We sat down last night in the kitchen and he trimmed my hair for me. It’s not perfect, and if I had straight hair it would definitely show a bit of unevenness. BUT – the task is done. The dead ends are gone. My hair can be ignored for the next several months and I’m not out any money for it. Mission accomplished.

But I do find myself asking the question: Would I have let my teenage son near my hair with a pair of scissors if I were not pregnant and maintaining only a slight hold of my sanity as it is? We’ll never know.

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  1. Aww, that’s sweet that you let him do it!! I have insanely straight hair, so I know I couldn’t trust anyone near my hair besides someone who does it for a living. :-\ I’ve tried to have my mom do it… and it was a disaster.

  2. That is awesome that he wanted to do that for you!! I love that. I am getting my hair cut tomorrow for the first time since October. I love getting my hair done, but don’t like to pay outrageous prices for it. One of my friends does hair so she has us go to her house and she cuts it for us…we pay her like $20 and it is a good job. Normally I would just go to Super Cuts but we make it into a girls night….

  3. that’s awesome that you let him do that, and dude, even more awesome he OFFERED! I too have curley hair, though not nearly as curly as yours, or as cool – mine if more white girl with a long afro, and I ALWAYS have my husband cut it. I’m like you, I have a simple cut that I really only need trimmed every few months. Every now and then I do break down adn go to a salon, but that’s like ONCE a year. the rest of the time, my husband rocks the scissors.

  4. Your one brave woman! I don’t let anyone near my hair. I have a hard time finding a hairdresser who I feel is qualified enough to cut my hair! I still haven’t found one since the one I used to go to when I was 16 closed down. Which is why the last I had my hair cut was in November and now it REALLY needs a good trim.

  5. Stocking up is BRILLIANT. We did that (Costco thanks us) with toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, toothpaste.. basically anything that doesn’t expire. Which. was. awesome.

    Now if we can only convince Amazon to start a grocery delivery here.

  6. I am so with you on cheap haircuts. I never do anything fancy with my hair anyway, why pay $50 on THAT? Bah. I just need the ends trimmed. That’s all. Then, I can use the money I saved on the fancy shampoos I love, guilt free. I have it all worked out. In my head at least. Not sure my husband agrees!

    P.S. I do also swear by Suave, though.

  7. I got my hair trimmed this weekend and the person who did it might as well have been a 13 year old. Hate!

    I’m wondering if it would be worth it to fly down there and have LilZ do mine next time I need it.

  8. I guess that’s one of the benefits of having curly hair. Believe me, I only pay through the nose to get my hair trimmed because I HAVE to.

  9. You are a brave woman!

    Wait a minute, are you telling me I will get even stupider and more forgetful AFTER I give birth? Because I am already shedding brain cells at an alarming rate and was hoping they might come back to life after I give birth. Sigh…women really got the crappy end of the deal in this kid thing, didn’t we?

  10. You are totally insane 😉 But if I were going to let any 13 year old near my hair, it seems like LilZ would be an excellent choice heh.

  11. And once again I mull over my plot to set up LilZ and my stepdaughter . . .

    Nobody touches my hair except Trish, my hairdresser. Not even me.

    Once, I took some bad hair advice from my brother (who is bald, by the way), went out and bought some blonde color and a bottle of merlot.

    It ended badly.

  12. I LOVE that you let him do this… I actually thought about letting Lauren do mine last weekend, but then thought better about it. Only because she freaks out and I don’t want her to freak WHILE she’s cutting my hair.

    This reminded me of the time and cut Junkie’s hair. I accidentally cut it VERY short and stabbed her in the neck!!!! Remember that?? She was NOT happy w/ me! hahahahaha

  13. I’m the same way about refusing to pay over $10 for a haircut (I’m cheap and I know it). Actually, just over the weekend I had enough of my hair and cut off about 4 inches by myself. I’ve attempted cutting my hair myself a few times and thankfully this attempt was successful. Well, as successful as they get!

  14. I had my (completely unqualified) boyfriend give me my last hair cut. My hair is completely straight and fairly long, so my rationale was hopefully he could cut a straight line and I’d save myself $40, and if it didn’t work out it’d still be long enough that I could go get it fixed by a professional. I think he did just fine… but I might not press my luck by having him do it again next time.

  15. Ha! I do that too! The “stocking up on toilet paper in the third trimester” part, not the “letting a teenaged boy cut my hair” part.

  16. Yay for hair-cutting kids! When my oldest son was six (or maybe he was even five), I noticed my layers were all frizzy at the end. I tried to trim it myself, in the mirror, but I kept angling it down from the other side. In desperation, I finally called my six year old, ADHD child into the bathroom and let him have at it with the scissors. I just told him to make ‘this side even with that side’. And you know what? He did it. I don’t think my hairdresser could have done a better job at trimming it.

  17. Um, my husband cuts my hair. And does quite an excellent job, I might add.

    But my hair is also curly. And on the short side.

    And on a side note? I was not allowed to do anything to my hair whilst I was pregnant. Because I was INSANE.

    I am loving the whole “stocking up ” thing though. I will totally be stealing that the next time I become with child.

  18. Just found your article and thought it was hilarious. Acted weird too when I was pregnant with my children. I received bad haircuts from salons, and my guy has been my stylist for the last year, he gives a great haircut. Now that your son is 19, is he still your regular barber? Or has he moved on to trimming his girlfriend’s hair?

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