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Forced Adaptation

One of the many things I’ve bragged about regarding LilZ his entire life is his ability to remember things I can not. He started the trend at a very young age as I recall him listing off things we needed at the grocery store, long before he could even read. As a teenager he has learned that anything needed for school or his social life needs to be written in blood on my forehead several times if he has any hope of me remembering.

When my own lack of memory wasn’t causing my father issues growing up, he would point out that maybe I had too much on my mind and that’s why I had trouble remembering the little things. I like to use that as my excuse because it says, “I’m A Very Busy Woman” as opposed to “Maybe I Drink Too Much.” Either way – my faulty memory has forced my son to adapt with a quite awesome memory to compensate. I have come to depend on this trait of his quite a lot as he has saved me from several major mistakes in my parental life with his memory.

When I woke up NikkiZ this morning, I told her today was a school day. She started to get a little fussy about that, which she does sometimes, so I distracted her by saying, “Don’t let Mama forget your pink naptime blanky!” It’s the one we had to bring home and wash after some child went home with the chicken pox. She said, “Okay!” – tantrum thwarted – and we went about our morning.

As we were pulling out of the driveway, my two-year-old daughter yells, “Mom! My pink blanky!” Oh, yeah. That. I pulled back into the the driveway and we ran in to get it. All the while I’m thinking…Thank God. Now I’m safe for another 16 years. I mean – what was I going to do when LilZ goes off to college if my other kids need things sent to school or made for homework? I can’t remember all of that crap myself. Good to see that NikkiZ has developed the same adaptive trait as her brother: Remember it. Because there is no way in hell that Mom will.

8 thoughts on “Forced Adaptation”

  1. I’m in the same boat you are, Zoot. I just hope my kids end up being as awesome as yours. Only, I don’t know what I’m going to do between the time I move out of my parents house and the time I have kids. Why? My boyfriends memory is worse than mine. ~.~ He’s worse than a gold fish sometimes!

  2. I have to write things down all the time, because I am always forgetting.
    Wait!! You guys don’t have today off?? That sucks.

  3. My memory used to be so sharp. Now it seems to focus on those most pointless bits of info, while I forget all the important stuff. Like I will be thinking about the movement of the icecaps, while walking out the door and leaving my purse on the table….hope my kids are able to hold in the more important stuff, like grab the damn purse!

  4. I use “she’s a workaholic” as an excuse for my faulty memory. It’s better than “she’s over 40” right? 🙂

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