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The Grindstone Beckons

Today is going to be my first official day back at work. That means it is NikkiZ’s first official day at her “new” school. We moved her from the old branch for various reasons, mainly because that branch was packed to the brim and chaos ensued. This one we’re using now still has space and doesn’t feel like my child needs to be “wrangled” with the other kids.

We have prepped her for today and she seems excited. She’s excited about wearing PullUps all day and going to the potty like the big kids. Whether or not this excitement will translate to success – will be hard to say. I also let her pick out a new outfit at Target (“As long as it’s on Sale!”) for her first day back and she’s very excited about that. I’m fairly certain once we actually get there the excitement will pass and the terror will set in, but here’s hoping for only a mild breakdown. From either of us.

Keep us in your thoughts today. I’ll pop back in later and let you know how she (and I) did with the drop off, but know that there is a small part of me today that is very sad. I know me working is (a) a necessity and (b) overall the best thing for my family. But, that doesn’t make it hurt any less to go back to leaving my daughter in the (very capable) hands of someone else.

In the meantime – here is a picture of her showing off the pillow I made her this weekend. It has two different sides (I’m that awesome) and is almost the right shape.


17 thoughts on “The Grindstone Beckons”

  1. Damn Flickr isn’t loading photos!

    Congrats on crossing one off your 101 list.

    I’m sending positive, joyful thoughts your way.

  2. Wow – it is turning in to a craft blog. Perfect pillow, and just the right shape for snuggling.

  3. Good luck to you both!!!!

    And aren’t you becoming the sewing queen?? I love that pillow, and the curtains you made are pretty great, too!

  4. How long ’til you open up your own Etsy shop? You’re getting GOOD at this stuff!

    Don’t forget the part about how work is fun. Right? I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a better mother when I’m working. I seem to prioritize more effectively, and my time with the family is more enjoyable after I’ve had the opportunity to do my life’s work during the day.

    Try to enjoy your first day back. Will be thinking of you all day.

  5. best wishes for the Zoot ladies today! I’m sure it will be a wild sucess all around. HUGS!

  6. Two different sides? You rule!

    Good luck today. I’m sure it must be difficult, but I’m glad the right opportunity came for you and your family.

  7. Yeah you! You crossed sewing something off your list. My thoughts are with you, I hope it gets easier for you to get back in the swing, and I hope it stays easy for you! Here’s sending good thoughts on potty training too!

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