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Knock Knock. It’s Me.

As much as LilZ loves his sister, he is a teenage boy who likes his privacy and his quality time with his phone. It seemed like for awhile he didn’t have any. NikkiZ was constantly knocking on his bedroom door, “Knock Knock. It’s Me. Let me in!” I would try my best to pull her away, but once she made contact he didn’t feel like making her sad by sending her back to me. But – since there were other things he’d rather be doing – he would get frustrated with her and I would get frustrated with him and NikkiZ never quite understood what the big deal was. I mean – isn’t it everyone’s desire to hang out with her endlessly?

Our remedy was to buy a hanger for his doorknob. We have taught NikkiZ, if that is on his door, brother needs Quite Time and we can’t bother him. She caught on pretty quickly but the hanger is not convenient and often falls off. She has learned that just because there’s not a hanger on the door – doesn’t mean it’s not Quiet Time. So, she’ll come to me and say, “Can I knock on brothers door?” Or my favorite, “Does brother need Quiet Time?”

Let me tell you – it is the most adorable thing in the world. Seriously. She would cling to his hip every second of every day if he would let her. It’s a struggle for him because he knows this – and hates to disappoint her. But – as I’ve pointed out to him – if he’s not in the mood to hang out with her, then he’s short with her and impatient and it’s not the kind of quality time she’s wanting anyway. So – I’ve been trying to encourage him to only hang out with her when he’s ready and in the mood. It seems to be working well. They played happily for a good chunk of time last night. He didn’t lose his patience or get annoyed and she got her brother fix. He gets to love her just as his adorable sister and not as an irritating pest.

Now – if only someone would let me put a Quiet Time hanger on my door once in awhile.

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  1. Aw that is so sweet. I love how little kids pick up on things so quick. It is interesting to see how their relationship is developing with the age difference. LilZ is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a great idea! It’s so cool that she actually understands that brother needs quiet time…and even lets him have it. After the discussion last week about yelling and how we feel like bad moms when we do, I just have to say that it’s these kinds of things you do for your children that make you a great mom. You think of ideas to help them get along better, you take them fun places (and actually play with them at the park!), you do crafts with them, etc. And it seems like you are always showing them how much they mean to you as people as well as loving and respecting them as your children. I think it is these things that they will remember, more than any yelling.

  3. Very sweet of both of them.

    I have an idea for a craft project for NikkiZ. She/you could make a QT doorsign out of felt for LilZ. She’d probably love making him a gift.

  4. Aw. I remember when my niece would knock on my nephew’s door shouting, “Buvva! Let me in!” It was the cutest thing. I love that NikkiZ also announces “It’s me!” Y’know, as opposed to all the other toddlers who come knocking on his door.

    I think we could all use a Quiet Time door hanger every now and then.

  5. that is so great! my kids are 8 years apart and i’m thinking that in not too long we may be teaching ‘little sister’ about brother needing ‘quiet time’! thanks for the idea.

  6. OH ! Such good ideas! I never would have thought of the doorhanger/quiet time idea, but then again I don’t have more than one kiddo. Anyway, I just wanted to say Zoot, you are a great parent! You kids are growing up very well with each other and I’m impressed!

  7. Stupendous idea! I’m going right now to make a Quiet Time Hanger for myself. Maybe I’ll hang it on the bathroom door.

  8. aww. SO cute. I wish I had a big brother like LilZ, growing up! My big brother lives in England and I’ve only met him once ๐Ÿ™

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