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Is this…like Phase 10 or something?

We are heading out of town this weekend to visit my parents and my brother so MrZ is going to take this chance to start painting NikkiZ’s room. It was a horrible week the last time she had to be moved out of her room and I spent most of the seven days in tears due to frustration and lack of sleep. We thought that removing she and I from the house for at least two of the nights would make it less likely I need to be committed before this transition is done.

Many of you asked why we were bothering to paint her new room when we moved her in. I agree – at first glance the colors are awesome. However, MrZ let LilZ and I paint that room ourselves when we bought the house. LilZ was 10 at the time. 10-year-olds are not the best painters. Neither are klutzes with a shaking-hand issue (that would be me) so the paint job is far from perfect. There’s paint on the ceiling and the trim and the outlets. Also – a growing boy has resided in that room for three years now. Played several games of tackle with his friends and spilled several drinks. The walls are now beat up, filthy, and missing chunks of paint where things have crashed into them. Finally – there is the solar system I braved painting that turned out not so great because I AM NOT AN ARTIST. So – all of these things lead to the fact that the room needs a fresh coat of paint. And what better time to do it than before AndyZ gets here.

Also – There is going to be a LOT of stuff going on in that room with two kids different genders. I need a more neutral wall color just to keep myself from being over stimulated! I already get a headache in there will all of the pink AND the blue and green walls.

So…we’re painting. Or, MrZ is painting. But, since I can’t help with the actual painting (not that he would want me to) I am taking charge of moving all of the crap out of the room. AGAIN. What is up with all of the manual labor I’ve been doing? AM I INSANE? Yes. Yes I am.

Here are some pictures of the “before” room with my lovely solar system/sailor moon symbol mural

12 thoughts on “Is this…like Phase 10 or something?”

  1. Aw, I kinda dig the solar system, with the little signs and everythiing. No fair; you’re good at geography AND art!

    And astronomy too, come to think of it.

  2. Be careful moving all that stuff! You did a WAY better job painting then my clumsy self would have done…trust me !!

  3. I think your solar system rocks!

    Are pregnant women really not supposed to paint? My sister painted my nephew’s room almost by herself when she was 8 months pregnant. She’s a rebel.

  4. Your solar system is awesome! I’d totally beg you to paint that in my house if you were my neighbor.

  5. *Gasp* I JUST found out yesterday that since the summer of 2006, there are ELEVEN planets now instead of nine!! I missed that memo completely. So the solar system as I know it is dead to me now.

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