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Her Prom Night Is Going To Be FUN.

I receive a lot of comments about my “promnightslideshow” tag on some of my flickr photos. I thought I’d give an explanation that is actually not the obvious one. I’ve noticed as flickr becomes more and more popular (I signed up before it was taken over by Yahoo!) more and more creeps tend to frequent it. I keep a close eye on who favorites photos and I’ve learned the hard way, not to tag photos with anything that might attract the creeps. Like “bath” or “naked” or “feet.” (I know.) We all accept a small risk by placing our children’s pictures online, but I like to remove the ease at which the perverts can peruse them. So – if someone goes to flickr and does a search for “bath” or “naked” – my kids’ pictures won’t show up. But – should I want to print them for an album or a gift – I can find them easily with the “promnightslideshow” tag. And of course it will help when it comes to her actual prom night…the slideshow will just build itself by that point.

Aside from that – how adorable is this photo? MrZ has taken over most of the bath duties since I lost my job. It’s his allocated time with NikkiZ of which I’m not a part. Except as the photographer, of course. I brought home these bath tablets this week that change the color of the water, but leave behind no residue. NikkiZ loves them. She thinks it’s very cool to have blue or green bath water. We haven’t used the red ones yet, but I think I’ll mix them with the blue, I’m not looking forward to the mental picture of my daughter in a pool of red. I’d prefer purple.

She also loves the bath crayons and bath paints. But – she likes to do more than just color on the bathtub with them – she takes very precise care to clean the markings off. I think part of the fun to her is watching the colors disappear when she rubs the washcloth over them. Now – if only she would be as fascinated with watching the mess in her room disappear when she actually puts things back once in awhile.

Actually – it would be just as nice for my husband and teenager to enjoy the same fascination, now that I think about it.

15 thoughts on “Her Prom Night Is Going To Be FUN.”

  1. LOL – So cute! I just don’t post any of the kiddos bath pics that I take (cute as they are) for obvious reasons. My 2 yr old also loves bath crayons, fizzies and bubbles, oh heck, I love them too!

  2. Take heart! The brilliant makers of colored bath tablets have anticipated your concern! The red ones generally turn the water a deep fuchsia instead of the watery orange-red we associate with, uh, lifesblood.

  3. hehe she is gonna love you…really really love you. I don’t use flikr because I couldn’t get it to work….and I guess I want to control what people a bit more..I do have a photo storage site but you can only access it via my giving out the link….

  4. I would nix the red tablet. So not a picture you want to have in your head. Where did you find the tablets?

  5. Clever way to tag your photos! There is an article somewhere about the best way to protect such photos on flickr – I can find it if you like.

  6. I know exactly what you mean..if everyone picked up their own stuff and put it away then I’d only have to pick up after myself….;-P Promnight photos reminds me of a story: Friends had to stay over one night due to a power outage in their town. Their 2ish year old hopped out of the bath and looked down at us from the loft area and said: “Hey, Uncle Herbert…wanna see my butt?” She is now 17 years old and we love to torture her.

  7. I try not to be to paranoid about pictures…but I do set all bath pictures to private (friends and family).

    Great picture!

  8. The flickr tag idea is pure genius. Because the weirdos, they are out there… and they’re very weird. *shudder*

  9. That’s an adorable shot! I remember using the bubbles to make myself a santa beard and hat…even in the summertime. Guess I always loved Christmas!

  10. That’s a clever idea. I’ve taken to doing fairly generic tags most of the time, the subjects name, a vague description of what’s going on, etc. I have noticed anything I’ve tagged with “feet” has a ton of views. GAH. Also? Pregnancy belly shots. *shudder*

  11. I remember using only the red tablet in my nephew’s bath once. Even though it’s not quite the “right” color, it was still way too disturbing. Much better to add the blue or the yellow.

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