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A Debate That Kinda Annoys Me (Like Many Debates Do)

I find the climate debate frustrating. What caused it? Are we experiencing global warming? Is it human’s fault or natural? I’ll just say 100 times…WHO CARES? I mean, I care, obviously. I very much believe the climate is changing and it’s the fault of humans. But I feel like something we can all agree on if we weren’t poised to “debate” constantly is: We should STILL quit wasting so much. Period. End of story.

But – while we’re on the subject – my family has really tried to be more conscious of how much we throw away. We are recycling and reusing as much as we can. The result of this became apparent about a month ago when I forgot to drag the garbage can to the street for pickup. Typically, we filled our can beyond capacity every week. As a matter of fact, for awhile we discussed paying that extra $3 for another bin. That is a lot of garbage per week. So – last month when we missed a week – we would have normally taken some of the garbage over to the nearest dumpster and thrown it in there. Or else it wouldn’t all fit the next week.

Not this time. When the next weekly pickup rolled around? Then our bin was overflowing. But that was two weeks worth of garbage. I know that we can’t just easily say, “We reduced our wasted by half” based on that evidence alone, but you can’t deny we reduced it significantly. It now takes us two weeks to create as much waste as it did in a week before. That’s a huge change, and we barely even tried. A we didn’t do it because of some movie, or some weather trend. We simply did it because it makes sense. We should try to be less wasteful in life. That’s it. We don’t need to monitor extreme weather patterns or polar bear populations. (I mean, we should, obviously.) We just need to look around and think, “Man. That’s a lot of trash.” Can’t we all at least agree on that?

/end rant.

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  1. We need to get recycling here because it makes sense…right now it really isn’t offered. And that makes me sad. However we don’t have a lot of trash, and can go two weeks without taking it out to the curb for pick up. My friend has a compost and LOVES it.

  2. AMEN! (I also kind of feel this way about organic stuff. I should feed my children healthy things with lower sugar, more natural ingredients-regardless of whether its organic or is bought from a fancy expensive store.)

  3. It only costs you $3 a month for an extra bin?!?! Upgrading to the larger bin in my town from 32 to 64 gallon, I think. Costs like $25/month more. Luckily they give us a 64 gallon recycling bin for free and do yardwaste for free, too. Since I can compost my gdiapers I put all of my wet diapers into the yardwaste and they get sent of to decompose with my veggie scraps and lawn cuttings.

  4. I have a position on the debate (that’s actually kinda somewhere in the middle), but it definitely boils down to ‘be responsible.’ It’s a matter of respect – for the planet, for others and for ourselves.

  5. I can’t understand when the whole debate got all religious and political– and why the origins of the debate matter.

    Even if, GOD FORBID, more Dems than Repubs believe that global warming exists, does that excuse any of us from being good stewards of our resources?

  6. I have been trying to get us a recycle bin since we moved into this house. I have called and called and they say they will bring us one…and yet we still don’t have one. We would be much better recyclers if they would bring us a damn bin!

  7. I think you got a lot of stuff figured out with just reducing the debate down to something a normal person without a PHD in Angry Environmental Debate can do. Way to go!

  8. I bought the cutest grocery recycle bag, I love it. I love using it. I feel all green. And really, even if I don’t use ONE bag, it is saving. imagine if everyone only reduced the use of ONE bag. Seriously.

    I am dying for a compost bin. Do you have one?? I want to throw those carrots I buy and we don’t eat SOMEWHERE!

    I think your stance on the whole issue is perfect.

  9. I agree – it reminds me of my stance on race – I think if we stop arguing about it and stop focusing on our differences we can stop having so many problems over it!

  10. You have hit a nerve for me today. Just today I was thinking how can we moms do it all…be a mom, wife, tech savvy, blogger, stay fit, cook meals, clean house AND be green. Seriously, something has to give.

    I also feel this crazy competition going on between “green” bloggers, like who is more organice or more green. “I can sleep w/ my thermostat set at 40 and look at all the energy I am saving.” And I am like but it is cold!! And being cold makes me crabby.

    Long story short…who cares, just do it like you said and forget the accolades.

  11. Am I allowed to have a crush on you?

    Personally, I call that lazy greening. I even blogged about it last night. And I’ve blogged about it before.

    (Yes, this is a selfish stab at increasing my readership :))

    Al Gore came to my region to do a talk for however many billion dollars per plate. And the environmentalists got free tickets through their environmental organizations. I am of the opinion that, if he really wanted to make a change, those free tickets would have gone to the ones who needed convincing.

    The point is, baby steps. Do the easy stuff, then move on, if you feel you must to the big steps.

  12. I can’t tell you how much I truly AGREE with you!!!

    I have been on this shtick lately that goes something like, “global warming is a crock of crap designed to make people do things because someone tells them to. If you watch the weather report every day you notice that when they get to the weather records over the course of time, there are numerous other times in weather history where larger records were set, and back then did they cry oh global warming, oh the humanity…NO!!!” Like for instance today? I was watching the Today show and they showed the records for this date in history and in 1949 it was something like 78 degrees here in NY. It maddens me all these people who are all “Save our earth”. People need to give it a rest, the planet goes through changes just like every human body goes through changes, give mother nature a little bit of privacy as she goes through her bodily changes 🙂 I just ranted…on your blog comments…sorry!!!

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