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The Great Room Switch Of 2008 – The Saga Continues

I was a busy little bee yesterday. First – I wanted to vacuum the whole house because MrZ had given me the all-clear to move LilZ’s stuff back into his room (the touch ups can be done later) and I knew dragging furniture around the house would stir up crap again, since I don’t ever move furniture to vacuum. And was I right – I found ninety million hair bows and rubberbands under various items of furniture moved yesterday. Then, I went to Wal-Mart (I know. But it’s easier than Home Depot.) to get a few things like switchplate covers (LilZ didn’t want his sister’s floral ones for some reason) and fan chains. When I got there – I stumbled upon a display I had looked for last week when we moved NikkiZ from her crib.

Before Christmas, Wal-Mart had these Dora furniture sets for $100. There was this toddler bed, with a table/stool set, and a shelf/basket set. I thought that was a decent price and logged it away in my memory. After Christmas, they dropped them to $75 but we didn’t need them yet. Well – last week when I was considering toddler beds and wondering if they had dropped the price anymore, I couldn’t find them. That’s because they were between crafts and hardware. Of course. And they were dropped to $50 yesterday. That’s the price of the bed alone! It was like serendipity because we knew the transfer back to her own bed from ours would be better if she had a Dora bed to move to. And then the shelving (which we need terribly) and the table were an added bonus. $50. We decided to go for it and I put together everything but the bed before picking up the big kids from school.

When LilZ got home, we started moving furniture. MrZ put together the toddler bed and last night and – for the first time in a week – we all slept where we’ll be sleeping the rest of our tenure in this house. With no kicking of faces! (From NikkiZ, MrZ stopped doing that years ago.)

We still have to paint NikkiZ’s “new” room – but we think we’ll give that about a month. First of all – we don’t have the money to buy paint now that we bought her a bed. Second of all – we’re hoping if we give it a month in the toddler bed, we can just move that bed to our room for the week we paint and we won’t have to share a bed with the most MOST RESTLESS SLEEPER ON THE PLANET.

So – the end is in site! Here are the pictures of LilZ’s new room.

This is the bookshelf we moved from our room because LilZ was losing shelving in the room switch. Can you imagine if he had to only use the small one with two shelves? He’s got a lot of books. And crap.

20 thoughts on “The Great Room Switch Of 2008 – The Saga Continues”

  1. I <3 that color! the rooms looks great, everyone’s hard work seems to have really paid off.

    When can we see the Dora bed? (OMG, cannot belive I just asked about seeing Dora!)

  2. Ooooh, I LOVE LilZ’s room! I love that you chose a strong color for a smaller space–people are afraid to do that, thinking it will make the space seems smaller, but it gives the room a lair-like feel.

  3. I like the red as well. If you want to buy cheap paint, you can always ask about recycled paint. A lot of larger companies now take old paint that has been returned and recycle it to make new colors. They’re usually a bit lighter, but they’re also a LOT cheaper and they last just as long and look just as good!

  4. I had that very same black light poster in my teenage room. I think LilZ is in need of a Lava lamp, though. 😉

  5. Ahhh. If I only read my google feed IN ORDER, my questions about NIkkiZ’s room would have been answered.

    The red looks amazing! And ya gotta love a kid with so many books!

  6. Wow – it looks really great! Kudos to you all for making the plunge. Change is never easy. AND it sounds ike you got sleep – hooray!

  7. I actually loooove the colors of LilZ’s old/NikkiZ and AndyZ’s new room as it is. So bright and cheerful! Why do you want to repaint it?

  8. (And yes, I am referring to the green and blue room, not LilZ’s red room in these photos, in case you thought I had them mixed up. Red seems a little dark for an infant and toddler, although totally rockin’ for a teenager.)

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