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She slept perfectly. And I didn’t get kicked in the head.

We actually woke NikkiZ up this morning before MrZ went to work so that we could see if she stayed in the bed the whole night. (If you’ll recall, her first night out of the crib without the toddler frame had her waking up across the room with no blankets.) She did! And she didn’t even stir when we came in and started snapping pictures. In other words? She probably would have slept a big longer. Which is AWESOME.

She seems to love the bigger room and is excited about sharing it with AndyZ. She keeps setting stuff aside to “show him when he gets here in May.” She doesn’t understand where he is now, but she’ll tell you he’ll be here in May and that he’ll be, “really tiny and needs a baby carseat.” She can’t wait to show him her books and toys. Any bets on how long before that changes?

So – that is the Dora Bed that came in the set for $50. Here is another shot of it without her unconscous body.

And here is a picture of the table/stools and shelves/basket pieces that came with it.

I think we’ll definitely get our money’s worth out of these things. Even if she only uses the bed for a year, she’ll use the table and shelf for several. And the peaceful night sleep it gave us last night? Made the $50 even right there!

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  1. I’m just wondering…

    Why paint her “new” room completely? The colors are awesome for small kids already – that’s actually the two colors I wanted for my youngest – and you could just spruce it up with some splashes of paint somewhere. I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but here’s what I would do to that room:

    A) if there’s dull or thin paint somewhere, find some leftover dark red paint from LilZ’s room and a sponge. Dab into the paint, get most of the paint back off the sponge, and sponge over the top of the dull/thin spot in some kind of neat pattern/randomness.

    B) Even out the spongy spots by putting other spongy spots elsewhere on the wall.

    C) Buy a single quart of yellow paint to pull together all the primary colors (and the green that’s already on the wall) and stencil or paint either some letters, basic shapes, numbers, etc. on the wall in random places.

    This will have a multi-tiered effect. First, you’re not having to paint the whole dang room. Second, you’re saving money on paint. Third, you’ll have a room that is perfectly fit for babies and toddlers up through, oh, say third grade or so. That means buying time!

    I have a TON more random tricks available in my KRAZEE head for furniture updates, room refreshing, and other random decoration stuff. I’m not a decorator, but all my friends drag me to rooms in their houses to offer logical but spiffy advice. So I’m just sayin’, why put yourself through a ton of work when a little would look awesome?

  2. $50 is an absolute steal for all of that – go you! I spent $35 on a table/chair set alone and another $35 on a storage bin set.

    I think the current colors are fine, but then again, I have NO taste when it comes to decorating as evidenced by pics of my own kids’ room I put out this week. Oof.

    Also, it is awesome that NikkiZ is at an age where you can sorta prepare her for AndyZ arrival. At 20 mos, my kid had no clue what was going to hit him. NONE.

  3. You mean that’s the room BEFORE you’ve painted? I agree with whomever said I don’t think you need to paint over that–I was actually coming to comment that you picked awesome colors, not realizing those were the old colors. I think the room looks super fun.

  4. We’re painting her room for several reasons. The main being that we won’t sell the house in a few years with the walls the way they are (the paint job is not that great anyway) and we figure now is the easiest time to repaint. We just want to tone it down and do it more neutral. So – while I love the colors too – we want something more neutral since two kids will be sharing it for at least two years until we can move. It’s easier to decorate for two kids two different genders with a more neutral wall.

    But thanks for all the compliments on the current room color!


    Okay. I’m better now. That was unbelievably cute!! 🙂

  6. I started to comment on the blue on the walls of NikkiZ’s room (*GORGEOUS*) but read the comments and saw that it’s actually the old color. Please to tell the Intarwebs what color that is so that we can go hassle Sherwin-Williams employees about “Indigo Ice” (or whatever it ends up being called ;)) paint chips. 🙂 Theeeeeeeeeenks.

  7. First, furniture = CUTE! I hope Tyler’s transition into his new bed [and new room, once we actually fix it for him] is as smooth as NikkiZ’s has been.

    Second, does Ang take requests, cause seriously? The color paint on the walls in Tyler’s room has to have something done to them, like…soon…and I could REALLY use some ideas/color suggestions – please? 😀

  8. Dora bed, Diego sheet, and Ariel pillow case. Perfect for a toddler! I LOVE the stuff you got with that bed; I wish we needed it for our 2yr old. But she’s still in her crib and will be for as long as we can keep her there.

  9. NikkiZ’s room is like a United Nations of cartoon characters!

    Her room is very cute, and LilZ’s is pretty awesome too.

  10. I am still lovin’ that she got her Dora sheets and Ariel pillowcase. Go Mom! (for not insisting things be matching)

  11. So cute! We have our 2.5 yr old sleeping in our old guest bed bed (it’s a double bed). She rolled around so much in her crib that we kept hearing banging so we figured she be better off in a HUGE bed.

  12. I like her room the way it is too. I’d get some of those Wallies in cartoon characters and call it a day. Or the blue would be really cool for an underwater mural; you’re home now you could work on a Nemo theme for them. 😉 Seriously, how cute would that be??? I lurve decorating kids rooms!

    Awesome on the sleeping for everyone!

    And don’t discount her enthusiasm for her new sibling. My girls are best, best friends still (knocking on wood.) They might fight over a toy here and there, but even w/that we just do the “take turns” thing (count to 10 now trade, count to 10 trade back) and they have no issues with it. The first thing out of their mouths each morning is asking for each other and the big one always wants to include the little one when her friends are over. I will be the one to send the big girls to go play w/Polly’s or something behind closed doors (just cause I think it’s a good idea for them to have an opportunity to play with their own friends on their own occasionally. That‘s how good they play together.) I know it may not last, but I think I would have more of an inkling of that by now if it were the case.

    Continue to encourage NikkiZ and tell her what a great big sis she’ll be & she’ll pony right up to your expectations.

  13. I very literally fear for my sanity if I do not procure a Thomas pillow like NikkiZ’s ASAP. Where where where did you get it? And when when when did I get so bonkers for that creepy-ass train?

  14. I was in Walmart on Saturday and, while wandering around the aisles, saw the same set. But, it was $75 instead of $50. I think our Walmart workers are a little behind on their markdowns!

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