Losing my mind in the most glorious of manners.

Does anyone remember back when MrZ was tiling my kitchen floor and my stove was out of use, my dishwasher was broken, and my kitchen was plugged in in the dining room? For like a month? Well – I don’t know if I conveyed it well then – but that made me INSANE. I am not a fan of chaos in my home. I feel like it is the one place I can control the insanity. It may not be clean, but it’s at least IN ORDER and that keeps me from losing my freakin’ mind when the rest of my life is very much out of order.

Well – it turns out being unemployed and not knowing where the next paycheck is coming from makes that need for order in my home about nineteen zillion times stronger. Which makes the Great Room Switch of 2008 the one thing that is going to push me over the edge to a lifetime of padded walls and purple pills.

Pray for me. Again.

So – let me map out the chaos for you. First of all – I had to move both kids’ possessions into the big bedroom (LilZ’s old/current room) so that MrZ could paint the small room (LilZ’s new room). This was mathematically impossible as both kids had their rooms filled to the brim with their stuff. I decided the first step would be to switch the stuff in their closets. To do this – I finally had to go through all of MY crap that was in their closets. Some of it ended up in a charity pile, but most of it ended up in my bedroom. Then, after moving their items into their “new” closet, I started piling anything they wouldn’t need through the weekend into the closet as well. This would allow me to still leave enough space in the big bedroom for LilZ to sleep and NikkiZ to play with her toys. In other words, both closets are filled to the brim with stuff that I prayed they wouldn’t need access to until today.

Two kid’s worth of furniture in one room

Except that today – the room is still not done being painted. So – let’s hope they don’t need the stuff until WEDNESDAY.

Now – the second cause of chaos is my brilliant idea to give LilZ the big bookshelf in my bedroom. He’s losing a lot of furniture in the move and I was worried he wouldn’t have enough shelf space. I decided to give him our bookshelf and find a way to make due. I spent all day Saturday moving books and cramming them into other bookshelves in the house. Then – the non-book items on the shelves (boxes of crafts, photos, knicknacks, etc) have just been added to the piles of closet crap in my bedroom. So – now – my bedroom is a hazard zone requiring a hardhat to be worn at all times.

In total – no room in this house is absent of evidence of this move. There is a 6-foot tall corner shelving unit on the floor of my dining room. There is a random bookshelf and curtain rod against the window of my living room. There are two full closets waiting to kill someone and two bedrooms full of non-bedroom items. There is also one toddler with no safe place to sleep so she has to sleep in bed with her parents which is making sleeping IMPOSSIBLE because she likes to KICK US IN THE HEAD.

E’s primed walls in his “new” room

And the nightmare is so far from over. Hopefully LilZ’s new room will be done this week – but then we still have to paint NikkiZ’s new room. Which will take about a week longer because it’s bigger and has darker paint to be covered up.

I’m just saying now – there is no way I’m going to survive this transition. I give it one week before I’m curled up in the fetal position in the corner mumbling about tinted primer and shelf space.

I guess this chaos is why our Saturday trip to the playground meant more to me than usual. It gave me an escape to a place where only giggles and sunshine mattered. I’ve finally uploaded all of the pictures and each one of them makes me smile and reminds me why I even bother with any of this crap anyway. To keep these to angels happy. Because it’s the least I can do to repay them for the infinite amount of joy they bring me every day.

11 thoughts on “Losing my mind in the most glorious of manners.”

  1. Sunshine and giggles indeed! Good luck with the rest of the room switch! With things like that, I think, the mess always has to get worse before it gets better!

  2. wow. Um…good luck doesn’t seem like it will be enough, but I bet in the end you will be happy with how much stuff you have gotten done!! 🙂

    That is a fantastic pic!!

  3. The blue and green don’t work for Nikki’s color scheme? Couldn’t be made to work for a little while?

    Anyway, good luck and I hope you stay sane!

  4. Oh boy! Just reading your post brings back painful memories of when we moved houses and I was 34 weeks pregnant. We’re STILL trying to get organized in our new house! Good luck!

  5. Beautiful picture!

    Every time I read your blog, I think about a good friend of mine who is probably about as many years older than his sister as LilZ is older than NikkiZ (I’m not very good at saying things concisely).

    I have to say, I am painfully jealous of the relationship between both of these boys and their sisters. My brother was cool and all, but at only 3 years older than me, we had more similar things to fight over (games, toys, friends, whatever). And, yeah, we’re close now. But it’s not the same.

    Anyways, I’m rambling. What I wanted to get at is that Erica is now a freshman in college and Nick has been out on his own for 10 years now, and it’s so cool to watch them still. And it makes me think that your kids are SO LUCKY to have each other. It’s obvious how very much they love each other, and obviously that means that you’re doing something very very right.

    So, yeah. In all the madness, I wanted to give you a smile and a reminder that it WILL be ok. 🙂

  6. Hey MrZ! Over here! *waves frantically* Time to renovate and add more space, right???

    Just find a chaos-free way to do it. *nods*

  7. I feel your pain. I can’t sleep if my house is a wreck. Everything must be put away. I can’t stand clutter everywhere and things out of place. It makes me a little twitchy just thinking about it. But think how wonderful it will be when it is all done and everything is in its place. Think of this like spring cleaning.

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