Spring For A Day

We started hearing whispers earlier this week about a 60+ degree day today. When I woke up and saw ice on the windshields, I was suspicious of this rumored spring-like day. Of course – that didn’t stop me from standing outside in my socks to take pictures of the gorgeous pink sunrise.

After the Saturday morning grocery trip, we knew it was going to be a gorgeous day because it had warmed up a good 10 degrees while we were shopping. We decided to take advantage of that and go for a picnic at a park with a kick-ass playground. Of course, getting in the car for a picnic confused Nikki as we usually have picnics in the front yard. She was all – I thought you said we were going on a picnic?.

We had a fantastic time and it gave me a bit of a rejuvenation after a week of manual labor prepping for the Great Room Switch of 2008. I even took a couple of slides with NikkiZ on the FASTEST SLIDE ON THE PLANET. I actually screamed and thought we were going to fly off the end and crash into LilZ who was taking pictures. Usually the slides are slow because my ass is wide, but this slide had some sort of magic coating on it that eliminated the slowing effect that a pregnant ass can have. IT WAS AWESOME.


15 thoughts on “Spring For A Day”

  1. Wait…you mean sunrises look kind of like sunsets…all colorful and pretty? I’m honestly unsure if I’ve ever seen one! Sure, I’ve been “awake” when they happen, in the sense that I wasn’t sleeping but I’m sure I’ve never seen more than the blurred images of my own eyelashes seen through tightly squinted eyes. They look so much better through the lens of your camera. Jealous of your spring day — can’t wait for our next picnic weather day(which isn’t likely until May).

  2. I’m so jealous! I would much rather have had a picnic instead of playing snow soccer today. We have over a foot of snow!

  3. Okay, I had to laugh. 60 degrees to you guys is a “spring” day. To us, it’s just downright cold…lol! But hey, I’m glad you got to enjoy the weather! You can see our weather tomorrow during the Super Bowl. It’s supposed to rain. Go figure. 😉

    And by the way, love the two profile shot. Very nicely done.

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I love the outline of the trees against the pink sky. And your beautiful kids look like they had a blast.

  5. supertiffx365 – join your favorite supertiff as she celebrates thirty years of super by remembering a person from her past in thirty words, everyday, for a whole damn year.
    supertiff says:

    ok, so you already know that that first pic is beautiful, and obviously we’re all jealous that apparently this is the view from your front porch. so, there’s that. but then there’s the fact that you’re how pregnant again? and (somce we can’t see your belly in the slide pic) you look very twee! (yes, i’m stealing an amalah word) so, there’s also that.

    but, most importantly?
    HELLO, amazing last picture.
    that last picture might just be the most wonderful pic i’ve ever seen here…and that’s saying a lot.
    i hope you’re going to frame that sucker!
    it’s just really unbelievably beautiful.

  6. What great shots!!! It was a beautiful day down here, I got sunburned at the Mardi Gras parades. It is wonderful!!

  7. She is so cute and you get to do it all again soon.

    I’m so jealous I think my tubes just untied themselves.

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