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The four-legged Zoots are adjusting as well.

Something that has surprised me during this transition of me into a Stay-At-Home Mom is watching my pets also transition. The oddest change, has been how the animals are adjusting to having a toddler around all the time. NikkiZ has always liked the cats more than the dogs (they’re not as licky) but lately, all of the animals seem to want to hang out with her. If you’ll notice, it seems that Sunflower pops up in a lot more of our pictures lately. It’s like she is always hovering around NikkiZ, waiting for some love. NikkiZ, if she notices sunflower, will try to love on her a bit. It seems that Sunflower actually likes her form of love. The aggressive, sticky sort of love that only a toddler can offer.

NikkiZ would still like everyone to know that she still does not approve of dog kisses. She doesn’t mind the occasional snuggle, but the second that tongue comes out, she runs for the hills.

8 thoughts on “The four-legged Zoots are adjusting as well.”

  1. aww kitties are the BEST! My nieces best friend is my sister’s dog cricket…this little bouncy dog that is pretty much the size of a cat, so far she doesn’t mind the kisses. Hopefully Aubrey will be accepting of all the animals, (3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 birds and some turtles) yeah she could grow up to be a vet like her mom.

  2. Wow — I wish my cats were as accepting of change as your pets! More than 2 years later, both cats still avoid the lowercase as much a possible (despite, or maybe because of, his intense love for them). And both cats still give me the stinkeye for bringing the baby home — a move I’m sure they viewed as another pet that gets more love than they do.

  3. I’m with NikkiZ: I love pets, but I can’t get down with dog (or cat) kisses. All I can think is, “You lick your butt with that mouth!”

  4. That second picture is really cute, but the first one cracks me up because NikkiZ’s fake smile is such a terrible expression. I mean, in a cute way.

  5. I love how her hand in on the baby’s head in the bottom photo. She is going to be a great big sister! Very protective and loving.

  6. I hope NikkiZ comes to love the dog licks as much as I do. There is nothing like it as far as I’m concerned.

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