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A girl and her new sheets.

We’ve been busy today moving NikkiZ’s stuff into the BIG bedroom so we can paint for LilZ to take over the smaller bedroom. Since chaos is going to reign over this transition in the next few weeks (we paint this weekend) we decided we might as well take her out of the crib amidst the insanity. We can’t really afford to buy a twin mattress or bed right now, so we just decided to buy her some new sheets and put the crib mattress on the floor. We thought the new sheets would help her distinguish the BIG GIRL BED from the BABY BED. I decided to let her pick out the bedding with only a small bit of suggestion from me. (I could not allow her to choose that BRATZ stuff…it scares me so.) She chose two crib sheets: Dora and Diego. A Dora blanket, and a Mermaid pillow case. After I took her crib apart and put her mattress back down in her nearly empty room, I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Like Wait. When you said “No Crib” you actually meant it?. THEN — I put the new sheets and blankets on and she went KRAZEE. She is so very excited. Oh — to be a kid and so easily amused again.

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  1. Thats a great picture of her!!! Makes me want to go out and get some new sheets…
    I think thats a great idea for the “transition”

  2. I feel for you in all of the moving around. We decided yesterday to start tackling the process of clearing out a new room for Tyler [which means computers go into the living room, Tyler into the computer room and the new baby into Tyler’s room…*sigh*…our house looks like a tornado hit it!]. I’m extremely excited about it all, though. πŸ˜€

    Now, I admit I could be considered extremely cheap when it comes to picking out my son’s new “big bed”, but thanks so a random JCPenney catalog that wound up in our mailbox a week ago, we’ve fallen totally in LOVE with this bed, and the price is a fair amount better, for what you’re getting, based on some we’ve looked at in Huntsville lately. πŸ™‚|40536|40693

  3. Re: Expense of twin beds.

    I KNOW – they are SO expensive. I was shocked when we went to buy one for our daughter (our son got my old twin from when I was a teenager!); people actually payu $1,200 FOR A TWIN. Hold me. We finally gave in and spent $240 for a close-out. Gawd.

    She looks so happy with her “new”; the question is…will she sleep in it?

  4. LOVE that picture! I especially love how her lil ponytail is swinging round like a helicopter blade, too cute! How do you not pass out from cuteness overload every single day??

  5. Thank you for saying no to the Bratz – they scare me too.

    I want to do that dance as well, but I think my husband would think I was drunk.

  6. I totally love how you caught her ponytail in mid-air!

    Congrats on the transition! I remember those days fondly. πŸ™‚

  7. Where, oh where did you get the Dora comforter? We are contemplating the toddler-bed move (i.e., removing the side of her crib), and she would so adore the same thing. Please say Target!

  8. This is a GREAT IDEA. I’ve been wanting to move Elizabeth, but I’m not sure she wouldn’t scream and scream and we’d be so sorry we took down the crib to put up a twin bed. This is perfect for in between: we can leave the crib set up if we want to, but put the mattress on the floor.

  9. I particularly love the fact that her pillowcase doesn’t match her sheets – I think that’s adorable. When my sister was little, at one point she was rocking Lion King sheets with a Pocahontas comforter on her bed…

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