When I picked up LilZ from school today, we had a sudden blizzard come through our area dumping at least four or five snow flakes on our front yard. We immediately donned our winter weather gear (it used to snow here, you know…) and ran to play in the winter wonderland.

NikkiZ, obviously, was not as excited.

She did, however, greatly enjoy wearing her snow jacket for the five minutes we spent outside. She didn’t even want to take it off when we came in.

I just had to document this amazing experience. It’s not every day someone has a snowflake land on their head, you know.


  1. It is currently snowing here in Chattanooga. Really pretty but getting kind of slushy. I wonder if there will be accumulation tonight.

  2. Haha, she’s adorable! I took a few photos as well. You know what’s weird? I took photos of the superstorm we had last week, and the rain looks the same as the snow in all the photos.

  3. Maybe you & I should house swap for vacation. In the winter. You’d love it here. Today’s high was 20. Tomorrow’s high will be 20. Oh, and there’s snow. Just not when its this cold.

  4. The look on her face is priceless. Seriously, she looks how I feel when I realize that the high here this weekend is a whopping 3 degrees.

  5. wow, ZOOT, sorry, to hear your having such bad weather, here in MN its like the tropics, we’re gonna be waking up to a whopping -15 to -25 degrees, saturday morning. It just makes me wanna get out and tan.

    HA HA Ha.

  6. that last picture is great. i love it when they don’t really know how to smile on command.
    you: smile!
    her: *shows her teeth*
    you: smile, nikkiz!
    her: can’t you see my teeth! i am smiling!

  7. ๐Ÿ˜† You’re so funny.

    I hate winter with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

    But … I’ve been praying for a blizzard so I can have a reason to stay home. I’m THAT tired.

  8. haha! those are great photos!! We got rained on ALL DAY yesterday. Not sure where that weather system was headed to next so maybe you could get more snow.

  9. It was really snowing hard around 4:30, huh? We were at the Y and it looked beautiful through the big windows. Little B was so excited, but yeah, all my attempts to take pictures totally flopped.

  10. Her facial expressions are priceless!

    Can I come live with you? I’d trade your blizzards for ours any day!

  11. I know what you mean about it used to snow here. In the mid 80’s one year we had 8 inchs and another year we had about 10 inches.

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