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When It Comes to Books, I Don’t Multi-Task

I’ve started reading the Young Adult fiction Twilight. I picked it up after I saw my sister-in-law with it over the holidays. I’m a sucker for Vampires as Protagonists type of stories, whether they be in writing or on TV. Or even in the movies. After I watch all of the new episodes of my shows tonight, I’m going to curl up with Twilight and try to finish it. Mainly because I am not very productive when I have a book hanging over my head. Do you do that? Do you have trouble being motivated or productive when you’re reading a really gripping book? This is why I can’t read more, I don’t seem to have the ability to put a book down and move to other things. I’ve been known to carry a book around with me for days reading every spare second I can get in order to finish it. And I most definitely can’t read two books at once.

I’ve noticed that LilZ does the same thing. He brings his book in the car on the way to Target, which is 10 minutes away. He carries his books to school and gets in trouble for sneaking reading in during class. He takes them to family functions and friend’s houses. You just never know when you’ll get a chance to read, so you don’t want to be caught without your book if you get one of those chances.

So – are we weird? Or do you all do that too?

Update from 2020: WE ARE STILL ADDICTED TO TWILIGHT. This is the pandemic year and we even custom-ordered t-shirts that said “Quarantined in Forks” because we watched the movies constantly and Nikki read the books and we even built our Mother’s Day around the movie. This entry made me so happy.

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  1. I am totally that way about books. I love them and I am so much more productive when I don’t have a climatic ending hanging over my head. But I can read two books at once. What other vamp books do you read? Do you read werewolf books too? Just being curious.

  2. Once I start a book, I don’t stop until I finish. I actually have times of the year that I allow myself to get new books and times I don’t.

  3. I am JUST like you and LilZ – and have been since I learned how to read chapter books. I carry at least one book around almost everywhere and at almost all times. My ideal purse/totebag/handbag/whatever would be large enough to fit a book (or two- because I DO read multiple books at once, though it’s usually one fiction and one or more non-fiction).
    You’re not weird at all!! Or at least, if you are, you’ve got some company :).

  4. i TOTALLY do that! i bring a book in my bag everywhere with me, and is the sole reason i carry a big purse everywhere. because i read in lines, while we’re driving places, anywhere. i’ve been known to pull out my book at a stoplight before, and not realize the light has changed until someone is honking at me!

  5. I am so that way too. I used to read my books as I was walking around delivering newspapers whilst I was young.

    I had that route memorized by periphial vision and could walk the whole route by reading and not looking up once. That takes talent AND dedication.

  6. You are not alone. I don’t read much for the same reasons you said–I get totally lost in a book and neglect to do things like sleep and feed my kids. One of my neighbors up the street reads while walking his dog, and I wish I was coordinated enough to do that. I love young adult fiction, too. Glad to know other adults are enjoying Twilight. Have you read Scott Westerfeld?

  7. I take a book with me everywhere, it’s like my security blanket. I don’t mind long lines or single-tracking metros or any of those general annoyances if I have a book to occupy myself with.

    Also, thanks for reminding me that there is a new Moonlight on tonight! I love that show, even though the writing and acting are pretty awful. I’m a sucker for vamp protagonsists, too.

  8. I definitely keep a book with me at all times. When I find myself somewhere without one, I feel so stupid because hello! This could get boring any second!

  9. supertiffx365 – join your favorite supertiff as she celebrates thirty years of super by remembering a person from her past in thirty words, everyday, for a whole damn year.
    supertiff says:

    i once too a book to the bowling alley and read inbetween my turns.
    sad, really.

  10. I HATE being somewhere without a book to read. My purses always have to be big enough to stick a book into, because you never know when you’ll be somewhere with nothing to do. I love it when a book is so good it is distracting though. What frustrates me is when they are so good I read and read and read and then it ends and I’m disappointed that I’m done. The Harry Potter books were like that. I HAD to know what happened next so I would just read forever and then I’d get to the end and think “why didn’t I slow down?”

  11. Twilight is amazing! My friend lent it to me over the holidays and I was skeptical at first but I ended up loving it. I’m in the middle of the sequel, New Moon. 🙂

  12. I don’t read two books at a time, either, but my lunch hour may need its own read. I’m just afraid of leaving my “main” book at work…

    I always have a book with me in case of lines. If I didn’t have books, the DMV would always be a horror, but instead, it’s like me time.

  13. LPW – you know, life is just plain wierd ... are we supposed to figure it out, or do we just hold on with white knuckles, do our best to not flip out, and work each day to just do our best? What happens when doing our best is just not worth it at the moment ... do we have to lose our complete sense of self - who the heck is this 'hefty' person ... do we lose control of our finances, weight and hopes ... do we lose control of the kids ... EVERY TIME??? Hold on ... trying to get back in my 'right' mind ... we will see where we go!!
    Lauri says:

    I am definitely like you and LilZ, but I want to know your secret as to how LilZ is that way too … my kids aren’t

  14. I am the same way when I get my hands on a good book! I’ve gone so far as to consider reading at red lights, but that would just get me honked at when I didn’t notice that the light changed so I don’t actually do it.

    I am a big fan of vampire stories, too. Have you read The Circle Trilogy (3 books, not the title of 1 book) by Nora Roberts? If you like vampires, I bet you’d love those books.

  15. Oooh, the Twilight series is addictive.
    I used to bring books to restaurants when I was a kid because I couldn’t stand waiting until I got home to finish them. I assume you’ve read Ann Rice, too!

  16. You are definitely NOT alone. I read just the same way. My husband, on the other hand, as well as my oldest daughter have several books going at one time. I just can’t do that.

  17. I always have a book with me too. When I was in high school my Mom used to ground me from the library because I was reading and not doing my work. I tricked her my senior year…I became a library aide so I had to go to the library everyday….LOL! I’m a geek and I know it. 😉

  18. I don’t always have a book with me (I’m not smartly prepared for much of anything), but I do read a lot, and usually just one book at a time. That reminds me, I need to order more books.

  19. That is me to a “T”. I am not motivated to do anything if I am reading either. The bad thing is, I am like that with working Suduko puzzles and reading blogs. It is an addiction and I have noticed a lot lately that I am more lazy than I used to be because of these addicitng things.

  20. I ALWAYS have a book with me and am astonished when other people do not. I’m also astonished at people who do not read. What the heck do they do with their time?? I mean, I love movies and tv – but books. How can you live without them? And I loved Twilight and the two sequels. You will love it!!

  21. I am totally that way too. I find that I will hurry and cook dinner and then really fast, clean up just so I have like an extra 5 minutes to read.

  22. I love commuting on public transit for the five years we lived in DC because it gave me a good chance to read. Now we’re in the suburbs in the bay area and I’m a SAHM, so I drive a lot more, but I still carry a book around with me. If the baby falls asleep in the car (and she often does) I let her finish out her nap while I read. And I may occasionally drive somewhere so that she’ll fall asleep and I can spend some quality time with my book. I worry that the neighbors think I’m some sort of freak since I’m always sitting in my car.

  23. I had to switch to short stories and blogs because I will stay up ALL night with a book just to see what happens. Then the kids have the nerve to wake me up at 7 a.m. asking for breakfast.

  24. I always have a book with me just in case I have a spare minute to read. If I’m reading a really good book, I can’t bring myself to do anything else until I’ve finished!

  25. I so do this! I did it growing up, too. I would take books with me IN to restaurants and read while my family talked. My mom used to ask me whether I thought they were boring, and while I did, I normally lied and just said that my book was fantastic. LOL I frequently go out to dinner alone now that I’m single and I always take a book, read while I eat and just hang out with my book!

  26. I take my book with me everywhere, I even read when I am at traffic lights ( the really long ones) It helps me relax for 4 minutes before the long ride home.

  27. I totally do that. I read ALL the time. I love to read. Lunch breaks tend to be a bit longer cuz I will want to finish a chapter.

  28. My thirteen year old daughter always takes a book or two with her everywhere we go. She’s been doing it for years. And it’s not a bad thing! 🙂

  29. hotfessional – I'm a female I.T. executive whose specialty has somehow become organizational transitions. We've been bought by a rival, which means although I'm helping with the transition project, I'm really working myself out of a job. I am surrounded by males (including husband, son and pets), so I'm definitely not prim and proper. Bitchy and Ballsy, maybe. Hot according to some.
    Ree says:

    Um, guilty as charged.

  30. It boils down to this: Every time I’ve left my book at home (no matter where I go), I’ve lived to regret it. You never know when you’ll be stopped at a red light for long enough to read 2 sentences… 😉

  31. I am the same way. I have to limit myself though because if I get into the plot, I won’t hear my name called at the doctors office, won’t hear that my car is ready at the carwash, etc.

  32. I take my books EVERYWHERE! I usually have my book weight too, so that if I’m eating somewhere I can prop it open and eat and read at the same time.

    Reading is my favorite!

  33. widgete – College student just trying to make it to the other side while majoring in education, practicing her cooking and make-up hobbies, marching in the band, and living the sorority life...
    Elyse says:

    Growing up I was NEVER without a book. My parents would leave my sister and I in the car just so we could read while they went into the grocery store. If I could sneak two pages, I would. Now, I carry my school books with me everywhere desperately trying to finish my work before class.

  34. I was a dorky child growing up and read ALL THE TIME. I read until I ruined my eyes. The worst habit that I had was that I read at the table. I now associate reading with food, and it’s bad. I also think it is rude. Oh hai, you guys eating? Me too, but I am READING and eating. I now catch my 6 year old doing it.

    Speaking of 6 year olds reading, I was so excited that he reads and likes it I have bought him a million Tree House Mystery books just to make him a dork like his mom.

  35. Yes! I cannot focus on anything until the book is finished. I recently did that this week with Eat Pray Love. It was awesome.

  36. amandaespi – Writer. Entrepreneur. I love Jesus, good friends, good books, cooking, time travel, banjo music and Texas. I homeschool my 3 young kids. Married to @d_espi.
    amanda says:

    Yep. I am just the same – when it is a gripping book. I was like with Memoirs of a Geisha. My books are like Linus’ security blanket. They are so comforting to be around.

  37. I definitely do that. I used to get in trouble for reading during class. I also have to say that my parents weren’t thrilled when they took me to see Cats on Broadway, and I tried to read through the entire second act. I just like to have my book on hand for unexpected reading opportunities! I do the same thing with my knitting as well!

  38. When I was in high school and younger I would buy coats on the basis that I could fit a book in the pocket. Now that I am a mature adult I make sure my purse is big enough to fit a book. I am NOT a person that can remain all sunshine and rainbows when I am forced to wait so if I have a book I can control my inner beeyatch. I also read at stop lights when I am the driver this does not amuse my husband.

  39. I actually just finished Twilight and I’m about to start (the sequel) New Moon … as soon as I finish this other book I started reading. I really can’t read more than one book at a time; I guess I’m worried I’ll get distracted or something.

    I used to read on-the-go a lot, even though it gave me motion sickness. I even used to read by night light when I was supposed to be asleep as a kid! These days, I manage to confine my reading to actual down time. Mostly. 🙂

  40. I got Twilight for Christmas and started it last Saturday. I finished at 4am that night, got the 2nd book Sunday, finished it Monday, got and read the third book Tuesday. I have since devoured all the info I can find on the internet – Stephenie Meyer has outtakes and extras on her website. So yeah, I know what you mean!

  41. I am also that way about books. You just never know when you will get a chance to read. When i moved into my apartment about 6 months ago, I had to wait a month for cable to be set up. It didnt phase me at all, more time for reading. People thought i was weird.

  42. Of course – also used to get punished for reading in bed after bedtime when I was a kid. Used a flashlight. I didn’t realize the whole ‘flashlights are very obvious through bedcovers’ thing.

  43. Leslie – Thinking about intersection of Mind, Media, Tech • AI, psychology, wine, food, books, music • AI/ML CMO • McKinsey alum • she/her
    leslie says:

    Oh I definitely do that. Absolutely.

  44. When I look for a good book to read I try to find the thickest book I can because I never want the book to end. The characters become friends to me and they become a part of my life. Ending a book is like saying goodbye to them.

    Okay, it’s Sunday and I haven’t seen a new blog entry from you….Sure hope that everything is okay.

    delurking, but have been reading you for over a year now,

  45. I just finished Twilight also and really liked it. I am considering downloading New Moon because my library cannot get it fast enough for me! I have to limit myself to reading fiction on the weekends. Otherwise I will be completely distracted. During the week I read the nonfiction books that I want to get into because they seem more complicated and require more brainpower. this assures I will not be reading them very long. 🙂 If you like supernaturals, try the Women of the Otherword series by Kelley Armstrong. The first one is Bitten. There are several (8?) in that series and she weaves through a large cast of characters.

  46. Lately I’m having trouble motivating myself to read, period. And I have a book sitting on my desk right now that i have to read and write a review. I get that “my book report is due tomorrow” feeling and the pressure takes away from the pleasure of reading. Normally, yes, I have something with me to read if I’m going to be stuck in a waiting room or worse, jury duty.

  47. I’m exactly the same way. I ran an errand for work this morning, and I was going to stop at Pizza Hut and order a personal pan for lunch, but decided against it because I DIDN’T HAVE MY BOOK! I couldn’t see sitting at Pizza Hut waiting for my pizza doing NOTHING and wasting all of that precious reading time!

  48. I also read all the time, smoke breaks at work, lunch, at restaurants, etc. If I find myself in a conversation with others around me, that is great, but otherwise, I would rather read. I always have at least two books with me, preferably more. I also listen to books on tape during my commute back and forth to work, and especially on long trips, otherwise, I will fall asleep. I, a single woman, also bought a house with 4 bedrooms: one for me, one for my roommate, one for guests, and one for a library. The library is connected to my bedroom through a door to the master bathroom, and it is filled with bookshelves, and stacks of books, also a reading corner with a comfy chair. I can’t understand people who do not read, it just confuses me.
    Also, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are wonderful. Let me know if you like these, and I can always suggest other vampire genre authors. Enjoy your books!

  49. I totally do the same thing! I’ll sit down on a Saturday afternoon to relax and read, and I end up reading the entire book because I must. Know. How. It. Ends.

    And I wonder why my house hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time!

  50. I am exactly the same. I’ve gotten to the point where if I know that I won’t have my daughter with me when I go on the bus, I will take a travel sick pill before I go so I can read on the bus. I get travel sick just sending a text so I have to plan ahead if I want to read.

    I also can’t read two books at once. I need my full concentration on the one book.

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