It’s Hard to Stay Positive When The Universe Hates You.

You know. I’m trying NOT to get depressed about being unemployed. I really am. I’m trying to just focus on freelancing and setting up some money-making sites. I’m trying not to look at myself as a failure, but more so as someone who just opted for a change of course in her professional life. On her own. She did not get laid off. Nope. She just opted to be unemployed so she could work for herself.

But I’m depressed. And today? The Universe is not helping. My cell phone is getting ZERO reception anywhere around my home. (Usually it just stops working in my bedroom.) My internet (which I kinda need to make a living) has been spotty at best. I’m writing this at 12pm Central time. Let’s take bets on when (and if) it ever gets published. My stomach has been all upset, probably because I ate some weird frozen microwaveable meal that has been in the fridge since 2002. I tried to go for a walk this morning to boost my spirits but almost got run over by a roofing truck and then had to dodge the Chem Lawn truck as he treated so many lawns on our street that at one point I had to walk down the middle of the road to keep Sweetie away from the toxic chemicals. I locked my keys in my car so I couldn’t go to the bank because I couldn’t find the spare set which I found 30 minutes ago – IN THE KEY BOWL. I swear they weren’t there before. I can’t call or email anyone about my onset of bad luck because I’m isolated from the outside world with no phone or internet. I’ve got a conference call I’m supposed to be a part of in less than two hours, and who even knows if that will happen. Not like I could let anyone know that I’m currently here fighting the universe, unless they can interpret smoke signals.

Oh yeah – and I’m unemployed.

I’m trying my best to stay upbeat and optimistic. I really am. I’m trying to find the silver lining. Make lemonade. Get the best out of a bad situation. But today? It just seems hard. Like I’m walking uphill, in a snowstorm, wearing nothing but flip flops and a bathing suit. Completely unprepared and making no damn progress whatsoever.


I need a hug.

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  1. BIG HUG!!! and ANOTHER… b/c its seems like a day you could use more than one.
    It must be something in the atmosphere b/c my day has been working 100% against me too…
    I can’t wait to GO HOME and put my feet up… and pants that fit on.
    Tomorrow will be better!!

  2. A big bear hug followed by hot chocolate and a box of HOT NOW krispy kremes for you!
    Just make NikkiZ read about penguins, that might help a little…

  3. {{{{{Zoot}}}}}

    Did you try turning your phone off and back on? Sometimes that works at my house when I have unreliable reception. Dunno why.

    I was unemployed for a while last year, and it kicked my self-esteem down a hole. But I try to remind myself that everything happens for a reason, blah blah blah fishcakes. Anyway. It didn’t help all that much, so I just let myself wallow for a day or two, and THEN tried to stay upbeat and optimistic.

  4. Hug! The universe doesn’t hate you. It had different plans for you today. It just wants you to take a break. Go with it. Put your feet up and relax. Try again tomorrow.

  5. aw, man. i guess it’s going around, because the universe totally hated me yesterday. don’t worry, it’s only a 24 hour bug.

  6. HUUGGSSS!!!!!

    It’ll get better. Winter pays for summer and all that. But in the meantime, HUGS.

  7. Hugs!!! It’s ok to be depressed. You’ve gone through a lot PLUS you are embarking on something NEW! Let it pass through and just go with the flow. It truly is ok. I would be worried about you if you just ignored it.

  8. (hugs).

    I know how you feel. I was so sick with my last pregnancy that I went on LOA and eventually quit. By that time, my self worth was in the crapper.

    Lots of love. The Universe will love you again soon.

  9. HUG. When I was pregnant I kept locking my keys in the car. I must have done it twice a week.

    Remember, change is hard. Cut yourself a little slack.

    And breathe, remember to breathe.

  10. Man, I’m sorry you’re having one of those days! Get yourself into something comfortable, turn on the TV, grab a book, or whatever you like to do, and just chill. I hate to sound all greeting card-ish, but … Tomorrow is another day.

    And BIG HUGS!

  11. Hugs, hugs and even more hugs. Each day will bring on something new for you as you branch out into this new chapter, some days will be like this…the not so great ones. BUT for every bad there is a good. There has to be or we would all go crazy.

  12. I don’t know if I’m delurking for this, but I’m sending you HUGE hugs from this side of the internet. You can do this!

  13. Zoot, this is a very normal feeling. I went through it to and I did it to myself. We are taught from a young age that our job defines us. That if you don’t go to school and get a “respectable” job that you’re somehow less of a person.

    Think about it this way: almost everyone in the entire world is unhappy with their jobs most of the time. At least your unhappy at home! 😉

    It will pass, it does get better and it does get easier.

  14. It will all be OK. Even when it’s not exactly “OK,” everything’s still OK. Know what I mean?

    And like the others said, cut yourself some slack. This is what, Day 3? It’s bound to be a hard–any new situation is an adjustment. You’re doing great. Really, you are.

  15. I give hugs. {{{hugs}}}

    As someone who will probably be in your situation (well, except the whole pregnancy part…), I live in fear of having that kind of day. The worst part is, my husband is retired. So, he.will.be.home.too.

    I will be coming to you for hugs.

  16. Big Lurker Hugs! I know it’s hard to hear…things will get better when you are smack dab in the middle of a bad day but try try try to not let it get to you. My phone and computer seem to sense when I need them the most! Sometimes reboot/toggling off/on helps. I dunno, by this time your crappy day has melted into night. I hope it’s not crappy too (((((((you)))))))!

  17. Big hugs!

    I’ve been unemployed twice and whether ot not it is your choosing, I think the natural thing is to feel like a failure. Because in our society, work is a major thing that defines us.

    But you are so BRAVE and awesome and NOT a failure. You are doing things you love and enjoy. And things you are damn good at!

    Hang in there! It will get better!

  18. I’m sorry, Zoot.

    It does suck. You don’t have to play up the positives. It’s okay for it to suck sometimes.

  19. I hope you’re still accepting hugs…BIG HUG…there, even if you’re not. Hope you feel better, today.

  20. Hang in there! Remember- that every emotion you have secretes hormones that your baby is bathing in. If you can’t be happy or content right now-fake it! Make sure you are getting plenty of b vitamins and if you ahevn’t heard of the blue ribbon baby, no risk pregnancy diet-I highly recommend it http://www.blueribbonbaby.org

  21. Delurking to give you my sympathy. I have been laid off a couple of times and know your pain. Choc-chip cookie dough always makes me feel better.

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