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My Second Day On The Job and I Should Be Fired

Yesterday, LilZ told me he need something for school today. Some art supplies for his new art class. I put it off with a lecture along the lines of, “I need more warning, I don’t have to just drop everything when you wait until the last minute.” I told him we’d run to Wal-Mart in the morning. Of course, I had a voice inside my head saying Wal-Mart won’t have what he needs, go to Staples but I ignored the voice because Staples is further away. Of course – you know what happened. We went to Wal-Mart and they didn’t have what he needed. So, we went to Staples, which ended up making him late to school.

Now – he’s never be late so I didn’t know the protocol for checking him in. Luckily, a woman and her son were walking in right before us, so I paid attention to what she did.

The mother signed the book and said, “I need to check my son in,” to receptionist. She asked the reason and the Mom said, “He had to have his asthma treatment.”

Damn. Now that is a good excuse. Don’t think I didn’t consider using it myself.

When it was our turn I said, “Um. I had to get him school supplies.”


I should have just gotten them last night. Yesterday was the first day back, it’s not like LilZ knew in advance what he would need. And chances are, it was on some list I through away at the beginning of the year. I’m good about doing stuff like that. But – I didn’t feel like dealing with it last night so I put it off. So, even if he should have known somehow, I still should have just sucked it up and gone out last night to get the stuff. I should have told her to put “Mother Is Really Damn Lazy” on the excuse. That would be more appropriate.

Of course – I’m not going to complain about a spontaneous trip to Staples. I actually consider it a good morning, even if he was late. Staples is the best way to start the day, in my opinion. It was a fair trade.

14 thoughts on “My Second Day On The Job and I Should Be Fired”

  1. It has been MUCH too long since I made a trip to Staples. Starting back to college on the 23rd is a damn good excuse, though, and I’ll definitely be making a trip soon!

  2. You get extra points for being honest about why he was late.

    I need a trip to Staples to cheer me up.

  3. I’m with you! I forgot completely to pack a lunch for my son last night. I remembered at about 3 am. Just what *I* want to do at 3am! Pack lunches!

  4. i’d like to retract my previous comment: i was watching cnn and they were talking about tornadoes in arkansas, and i was all ‘oh no! zoot lives there!’ and then i got to work and was all ‘oh no! zoot lives in alabama! i am now a jackass.’

    so, yeah. don’t worry so much about that whole duck and cover thing.

  5. Last year I wrote, in an excuse note to the school, “Please excuse daughter from being late to school because her parents are total slackers and couldn’t get themselves up in time.” Seriously. The school staff cracked up.

  6. They ask the reason? Good grief. I’d have said, “It’s personal…” But honesty is the best policy and little pitchers have big ears or what have you so good for you!

  7. I’m reading Douglas Coupland’s novel The Gum Thief. And guess where it’s set. Go on … Staples. I’m a big fan of his stuff so I could gush about the book. But if you’re looking for a fun, easy read and one that incorporates your love of Staples, I highly recommend it.

  8. Heeee….I love that you were honest about it. I don’t know if I would have been so brave. It’s tough to get into the swing of things when school starts back up. My girls go back tomorrow. I need to do the shopping for lunches and stuff. I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it because I go back to work as well after having been off for over a month.

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