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Another one of the many reasons my son is SUPER ROCKIN’ AWESOME

Several weeks ago, we took NikkiZ to the mall so she could see Santa and so we could do a Build-A-Bear. LilZ did one years and years ago, and we wanted to take NikkiZ. LilZ and I had decided we would each do one too because I had always wanted to do one and he kinda wanted another one. There’s something about the concept of making your own stuffed animal, if you were/are a stuffed animal kind of person, that is so irresistible.

I chickened out at the last minute though, because I got embarrassed. MrZ’s parents had come with us and for some reason I was afraid they’d think I was weird if I did one, so I wussed out. (Yes. I’m well aware of how stupid that is. Thank you.) Afterwards, LilZ was really disappointed in me. Kinda like, “Seriously, Mom? You were SCARED to make a BEAR?” I told him I promised I’d come back and do it some other time. Like, maybe when the store was empty and I was by myself.

Fast forward several weeks and LilZ asks if someone can take him to the mall to get my Christmas present. I asked my sister-in-law to call him the next time she was headed there, and she did. On Christmas morning I opened my gift from him, and guess what it was? A Gift Card to Build-A-Bear! I thought that was such an incredibly thoughtful gift, and personal, that I vowed I’d do one ASAP.

We went this weekend, the weekend after Christmas when the mall was packed, and I built me a damn bear! It was so much fun! Although, I maybe acted like I was letting NikkiZ make it (Can you blame me?) but it was still cool. I didn’t do the birth certificate because I couldn’t think of a name. We finally decided on Sunday that I’d name it Dexter, after my new favorite serial killer/super hero. (What? Think it’s possibly an inappropriate name? Oh well. Too late.)

UPdate from 2020: I can’t find the pictures! But I remember this! 

24 thoughts on “Another one of the many reasons my son is SUPER ROCKIN’ AWESOME”

  1. That is a very sweet gift. Those bears are adorable.

    I think I would feel strange/awkward building one by myself. If you have kids with you, even if you’re each doing one, it would look like Mom doing a fun activity with her kids.

  2. Have I mentioned my wonderful almost 12 year old stepdaughter?? Because I’m thinking that arranged marriages might be coming back into vogue.

    He is awesome.

  3. I really hope your future daughter-in-law appreciates the absolutely fantastic man that you are raising. LilZ truly rocks.

  4. What a sweet kid!

    And it makes me wish I were a stuffed animal person. I can totally see the appeal but have no desire to make one of my own.

  5. That boy of yours is just the best!! That is an awesome gift!! I have one, I didn’t make it myself, but my sister and bro-in-law made it for me…gave it to me just like 3 years ago. I love that bear!!

  6. If you ask me, that looks like a perfect photo (and story that goes with it) for Best Shot Monday!

    ; ) See you next year.

  7. Love, Love, LOVE Build a Bear! Those are our favorites gifts to anyone who has a baby or anyone who has a love for stuffed animals.

    Lil’Z is the bomb-diggegy fo’ sho!!

  8. My kids love that place. Every year we go through their toys for charity and when one of them wants to put in one of those bears I’m so proud. Of course there is that part of me screaming NOO! that bear cost $50 bucks! What about this cheap care bear or this thing form the zoo??
    You’re doing a good job on that son of yours!

  9. Oh what fun! I think I’ll do one too next time I go with the kids. And, looking forward to you joining in with BSM, you have some great photos, you really should jump in!

  10. I love that show too! If this most recent baby had been a boy, it might very well have been named Dexter. So I wouldn’t worry about the bear thing if I were you. Just be glad I have no boy children.

  11. I just aw your comment at BSM and wanted to encourage you to join in the fun! Don’t stress yourself out about it, it really is all fun. :o) And the picture posted today is terrific, and the story that goes along with it so wonderful! Sounds like a great boy you’ve got.

  12. Good for you for not letting fear hold you back! Good for LilZ for not letting you get off easy. What an awesome kid you have. Is the pink bear yours???

  13. That was such a lovely gift from him. He really thinks about things doesn’t he? I so hope I have the relationship with my daughter that you have with him.

  14. My friend named her puppy Dexter after the character too. I think it’s a great name.

    Happy new year Chicky!

  15. that is so cool!! 🙂 nikkiZ looks quite happy with both of them might be a lil hard prying yours away 🙂

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