Traditions: Christmas Collages

I scanned our old Christmas Collages last night so I’d have record of them through the years. I’ve been doing it since 2004, but the year above is 2005. I’m happy to say that my children are growing up nicely and my Christmas Collage Creations are improving as well. Here is this year’s collage:

Update from 2020, when I was trying to find the 2007 collage I found both of these. I have no idea which one I actually sent out!

I do collages because it keeps me from having to choose one picture from the entire year. I just can’t be expected to make that kind of decision. Also – I like to include pictures that show some of the things we’ve been doing. I create a 4 inch by 6 inch (300 dpi) document in Adobe Photoshop and just add the pictures and move them around until I find a layout I like. Then, when I upload it to flickr, I can click “order prints” and it sends it directly to Target. That way, I can still buy “real” Christmas cards (because I’m a sucker for a unique card) and add my newsletters on the inside along with the collage. It’s a good system and it seems to get compliments from friends and family who feel the collage and the newsletter gives them a good glimpse into our last year.

They should see my blog. Of course, that’s probably more of a glimpse than they need.

20 thoughts on “Traditions: Christmas Collages”

  1. Wow! These are great! I fought with Adobe all weekend to get something like this done and could not for the life of me get it to work. I have Adobe Photoshop – but I think it is the abbreviated version – so that might be why. Beautiful kiddos!

  2. @Steff – I have the “abbreviated” version too – Elements. It’s all I use. BUT – it has taken me years to be comfortable enough with the package to do something like this and not cry at some point. Photoshop can be frustrating, to say the least.

  3. Adorable! I wish I had the creativity/patience to do something like that. Patience being the key word. My computer would probably end up getting thrown through the window at some point.
    Now, for a REALLY adorable card go look at my blog. It’s from 2004-and is sure to bring some Holiday cheer! Curiosity peaked?

  4. Oh yes, these are GREAT. Good job Zoot.

    (I also have photoshop elements and it is all I need to make fun things like this.)

  5. How gorgeous! I’m jealous because I haven’t even worked up the courage to TRY Photoshop yet.

    And it’s nice — and maybe bittesweet — to see how much your kids have grown over the years, isn’t it.

  6. There’s a third-party Flickr app (I think the site’s called bighugelabs) that lets you make collages an whatnot pretty easily, and send them to your Flickr account.

  7. Very cool. I’d like to do something like that next year. First I have to solve the problem of being the family photographer. I’m only in about 1% of the photos, which makes it hard to find any of me that are actually not horrible.

  8. This is so cute! I love looking at old pictures of NikkiZ because you can see the little girl she grows into in her baby facial features.

  9. Coolness! I love that! I’m a sucker for a unique card too and always send out photo cards of my kids (and us, this year). As my 3 year old says, “’cause it’s so fun.”

    Of course, this year I did surprise a friend or two with my baldness. Then of course they googled me and found my blog. From too little info to too much … but I see I’m not alone in that!

    Merry Christmas, Zoot! Hope you feel PERFECTLY WELL in time for Christmas Day!

  10. P.S. Did you see Hax’s comment this week, or was it Ask Amy? Something about how it would be great to see more of the grown-ups in the pictures too, because the “mantle looks like a catalog of orphans at this time of year”? I snorted milk out my nose, and I’ve been waiting for just the right friend to share this with. Clearly, you’re the one!

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