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I think I may have overdosed on Sweet Tea

Well, I just got back from brunch at LilZ’s school. It was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. They had a hostess who seated us at a table with real linens and dishes. They had servers and centerpieces. We ate fruit, muffins, and breakfast casserole and it was all wonderful. The kids were serving and there were about 4 kids per adult there, so we had someone at our table ever 33.2 seconds asking if we needed anything. I felt so bad constantly saying, “I’m fine!” that I finally just started letting them continually refill my Sweet Tea. Which means I’m not going into some sort of insulin shock. Save me.

LilZ was so adorable the whole time – and it finally occurred to me how tall he really is. I mean, I know he’s tall compared to me, but who isn’t? But – he’s tall compared to most of the boys in his class. Not the tallest, but definitely in the top tier, that’s for sure. He did a great job serving and he didn’t seem too embarrassed by his goofy family. We all had fun. I was completely impressed. I just wish I had been able to say “no” to the adorable wait staff. Then I wouldn’t feel my kidneys crying in agony currently.

17 thoughts on “I think I may have overdosed on Sweet Tea”

  1. Aww! If I had a son, I would want him to be like LilZ.

    Perhaps, next time you can drop your fork or something occasionally. 🙂

  2. How tall are you? How much taller is LilZ?

    I’m 4’11” so everyone is taller than me too. My 8 year old nephew is already taller than me. 😆

  3. Being from the North (a Yank, if you will), I have never had Sweet Tea. It always sounds soooo good, but I have never had it. This makes me sad.

  4. I’m glad you had such a nice time. I think thats a great idea for schools to do. I used to hate Home E. My teacher would spit when she spoke though so I never ate anything I made.

  5. Sounds like one of those memories that will be locked away forever in your heart (if not your bladder for the next 6 hours)…

    Sounds like you’ve raised a great kid!!

  6. wow I wish my Home Ec class had done stuff like that. Mostly the teacher just had us watch the Torklesons and let us goof off.

  7. BECKY! You do not know what you are missing. Sweet tea is the best frickin’ drink evah. Especially on a hot day. Yum.

  8. Sorry. I was so blown away by Becky’s not ever having had sweet tea I forgot my comment!!

    Good for you. That is so cute that they were that attentive. Your poor bladder. You are such a good mama!

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