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Back in the saddle

So, I did it. 100 entries in 30 days, posting every single day in November. I’m very proud of myself, but I honestly don’t feel like 48 hours away from the computer this weekend gave me a long enough break. I find myself, for one of the first times ever, not having any clue what I should write about. So, pardon me if I’m more boring than usual the next few days. I need to get my sea legs back. Or get rid of my sea legs. I have no idea what I’m talking about.

LilZ and I spent a good chunk of this weekend doing Santa for NikkiZ. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. And we had some great luck. Mainly, we hit up this store called Ross. I don’t know if you have one in your area, but we spend lots of time there for clothing and housewares. Name brands stuff for dirt cheap. As long as you’re not looking for “current” – since most of the stuff is over a year or two old. Meaning it was new on the department stores shelves in 2006. But for people like me who don’t care? Awesome.

They always have a very small toy section, but evidently, they expand it for Christmas. As long as you don’t mind doing some digging, you can find great deals. We bought almost her entire Christmas there and spent less than $70. It was awesome. I highly recommend you hitting that store up for toys if you haven’t already. But brace yourself – there is no organization or order whatsoever. We even found two of the exact same items in different places with different prices. So, look around!

It’s amazing how much more fun Christmas shopping is when you have someone else to do it with. MrZ doesn’t mind it too much, but he has to be in the mood. Since I like to do my shopping early morning or late night, it just always works out that I do it alone. But having LilZ around this time? Was fantastic. I could have shopped all weekend since I wasn’t going alone.

We also found NikkiZ this GIANT stuffed penguin. She loves penguins (and pronounces penguins as “penis” for the record) and I’m fairly certain her eyes will pop out of her head when she sees this one.

We also put up our outdoor Christmas lights and NikkiZ put all of our Christmas interior decorations around the house. Which means every shelf below the two-foot mark is very seasonal. As is the floor. She took several of our taller snowmen statues and put them “Night Night” in the middle of the living room floor last night. And she put a Santa in timeout for hitting. I tried to tell her that putting the man in charge of the presents in timeout wasn’t such a good idea, but she’s a stickler for equality. If Rudolph has to go to timeout for hitting, then so does Santa.

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  1. Oh! I miss Ross! When I was in HS I used to go there a lot because it was cheap, so totally in my price range! Good job finding the great deals. I haven’t even started shopping yet.

  2. Some of my favorite Christmas memories stem from my mom and I shopping for my younger sister. I was so sad when she stopped believing in Santa Claus, in the fifth grade, when my mom made me tell her. She was devastated, of course, but I think more because she thought she wouldn’t get any more presents.

    My nephew pronounces penguins Peng-Wengs. I love it!

  3. There isn’t a Ross in NYC, but perhaps I can get to one in NJ. I love bargains. I don’t believe in paying full price for anything.

    I agree regarding the Christmas shopping. It is much more fun to do as a team or group. I do most of my shopping online these days.

  4. I will be doing the shopping alone this year or bringing the little one with us as there are only 3 of us in our little family and nobody locally that I trust to watch the lowercase (I’m overprotective, yes, but seriously, our local friends are NOT people who should be alone with a child despite the fact that they, you know, have children themselves).

    I’m at a total loss this year — with his birthday on Halloween it’s just hard to know what to get for Christmas! All the good ideas have been taken. How do you combat that with NikkiZ’s birthday in October, too?

  5. We have a Ross. And you are right, it is awesome! Just be prepared to spend some time in the store. It is very unorganized.

  6. I don’t blame you having a break from blogging but I did miss your blogs. I was visiting a couple of times a day and I was thinking “Where has she gone?! No blogs for two days!?”

    We have a similar shop like that over here and I hate going in it. I’m not one for digging around the shop looking for things. I just get annoyed and leave.

  7. Oh, I forgot to say that I want a Ross in MY area! I have no idea what to get my kids this year, and I’ll care a lot less if the gifts are cheap and affordable!

  8. Haha yeah I think we need the penguin pronunciation on video 😉 I’m so impressed by the relationship you have with LilZ. It makes me happy by proxy, or something!

  9. We don’t have a Ross. I’m imagining it to be something like Loehmans (sp?), but with housewares.I miss Loehmans. The designer stuff was better there, even if it was a few seasons old, than the clothes in your typical midwest department store.

  10. I work across the street from a Ross. And yes, it’s very ghetto and I feel like I might get shot while I’m there…I can find AWESOME deals there. AWESOME.

    (And it’s not always old. I got my husband come new Simple shoes for $25.00 and he had just seen online for almost $100. SCORE!)

  11. I LOVE that she put Santa in timeout. My son is always telling our kitten to “go timeout” for imagined offenses. . . it’s cute!

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a Ross, but we have Marshall’s, TJ Maxx & Stein-Mart nearby. I’m in the market for a new bedding set (or two? re-do the guest room?), so I need to go check it out.

  12. I’m becoming demanding in my last trimester. The pushy pregnant woman.

    Can we please have pictures of the 2 foot and below decor? I’m finding that hysterical and feel the need to push for pictures.

  13. I LOVE Christmas Shopping. I love this time of year. This year I decided to start my shopping early. Something I haven’t done in AGES. Pretty much since before my kids were born, lol. Up until the last 3 years I’d be seen doing the majority of my shopping on Christmas Eve.

    But this year I started in September and was finished by Halloween. I am so proud of myself this year.

  14. We don’t have a Ross around here either… Poop!.. I checked their website and it appears like they don’t have one within 1 state of Illinois… Bummer. Just another reason why living here stinks, lol

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