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We’ll blame his teacher if it sucks.

LilZ and I went to the store this morning to pick up a pumpkin pie for dinner tomorrow. As we’re wandering around looking for one, LilZ points out that he knows how to cook a pumpkin pie. They learned in his Teen Living class. (Today’s “Home Ec” is now called “Teen Living” for some reason.) I didn’t really want to add any other cooking into my menu, so he said he would do it.

So, right now, we have two pumpkin pies in the oven that LilZ cooked. I have no idea if they’ll turn out right, the filling seemed a bit liquidy, but I’m still very impressed. I’ve never cooked a pie. Unless it’s one of those already ready pies that you just stick in the oven. We had to actually buy a crust for this one. I don’t even know if we bought the right kind. I’m so clueless.

Either way – made by LilZ. Very cool. My tax dollars are serving me well.

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  1. Fear not! Uncooked pumpkin pie filling is quite liquidy by nature. It’s a custard that sets as it bakes. I bet LilZ’s pies will be great.

    I’m impressed by him! I love to cook and always have, but I still wasn’t making pies when I was in seventh grade. They say cooking skills can skip generations… perhaps LilZ will be talented in that area, and you can hand over all the household cooking to him by the time he’s in high school. Wouldn’t that be great?

  2. I made a pumpkin pie in “foods” which was my version of home ec when I was a kid. I as so proud of that little pie (we made mini ones) that I carried it around through four periods (including lunch) so I could take it home and show it off!!!

  3. I always think that when I make my pumpkin pies, but they always turn out fine. That’s custard for ya. It looks like it will never thicken up, but it does πŸ™‚ Good for LilZ!

  4. Our version of Home Ec was called “Chef Cookery.” One of the gourmet dishes we made was pizza (read: processed cheese on crackers with jarred spaghetti sauce.)

  5. Kathy’s story scared me a bit, but I like the sound of Arwen’s πŸ˜‰ I’ve never made a pie myself, because my mom says she can’t make pastry, and so does my granny. Apparently they feel that the talent has escaped the women in our family! Since I really do like to cook, though, I’m going to enlist a friend’s help to show me how to do it πŸ™‚

  6. Way to go LilZ…that’s awesome…and he won’t even be there to enjoy it :-(. I keep thinking about your post the other day and LilZ not being there for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I get sappy and tear up. Awesome though that you will all be together for Christmas!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Zoot!

  7. I love cooking. And baking. And making messes in my kitchen (not so much on the cleaning it up).

    But if LilZ ever needs a no-fail pastry crust recipe, let me know – its easy and versatile (subtracting some of the sugar makes it a perfect pot-pie crust) and oh, so yummy!

  8. He made them from scratch. Color me impressed whether they turn out right or not. At least he tried. They are liquidy before hand, so he will probably have bragging rights. πŸ™‚

  9. I hope his/yours turn out better than mine! I made two – one was fine, but the other bubbled up & burned. I think not shaking one of the cans of condensed milk may have done it. Happy Turkey Day!

  10. I made two today that you only had to add eggs and the evaporated milk to. And use the deep dish pie shells. I love punkin pie – with the french vanilla cool whip.

    No room in my fridge to chill them, but hopefully will clear some space to do it for at least an hour before dessert!

    Another tip: Since they bake so long, put a little tin foil just around the crust edge until the last 20 mins or so to keep it from burning.

  11. That is so cool, hurray LilZ. No pumpkin pie for us today, since we are in the home country, where there is pea soup on the menu tonight. We tried to get a turkey, so I could cook THanksgiving dinner for my family, but they do not sell them here yet. I think my husband will have turkey (and football) withdrawal.

  12. WTG LilZ… Your mom says they were awesome!!. My mom bakes pies all the time… she even makes her own pie crusts…from scratch!!!

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