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She doesn’t get this trait from me.

MrZ picked up NikkiZ yesterday and the director at her daycare told him one of the teachers wanted to go get NikkiZ a Happy Meal for lunch because she wouldn’t eat anything. All day. Not one bite of food. Nada. Zilch. He called me on the way home to make sure I tried to fix her a few things she would eat. Although, as he told them at her daycare when they begged for a list of foods she’d eat, her finicky eating style is not consistent.

It’s not like she’s one of those kids who only eats Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Or only mac-n-cheese. As a matter of fact, she hates mac-n-cheese. There are a few things she’ll eat. Sometimes. But hardly anything that she’ll eat consistently no matter what.

Corn. She’ll eat corn about anytime you put it in front of her. And strawberry oatmeal. At least she eats that every morning for breakfast no problem. But other than that? There are a few things that are basic staples she’ll eat most of the times: Cheese on Cheeses sandwich crackers, turkey hot dogs, and french fries. But even last night – she wouldn’t eat the french fries. And sometimes she turns down the obvious stuff like ice cream. How I gave birth to a daughter who turns down ice cream, I’ll never know.

We just assured them that we have the same problems at home. We gave them the list of things she’ll eat most of the time, and told them good luck.

…and to send any uneaten food home with her for her pregnant mother. She’ll eat anything and hates to see food go to waste.

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  1. My friend’s 4 year old is the same way. We think it is more because she is busy…she doesn’t really want to take the time to eat. She would rather be playing. Sometimes all she’ll eat is two bites of hot dog and an apple. Then about 7:30, she’ll be settling down to go to bed and then she is ravenous and wants cereal, popcorn, ice cream. That’s about the only time she really eats. Whatever works! πŸ™‚

  2. About the only thing the boys turn down is french fries. They would rather eat veggies. I know! Freaky little children.

    I think she will eat when she gets hungry.

  3. My four year old is the same way. One day, he loves a certain food and the next time I serve it, he says “Ewww gross, that’s disgusting” very dramatically. (Which by the way we are correcting him for lol)

  4. You can use the line that my doctor told me that really helped a lot!

    “You have to remember, we measure toddler food consumption by the month, not the day. It is normal for a toddler to eat their body weight one day and not eat at all for 3 days.”

    My son literally would eat 5 foods at one point in his life. At 4 we are much better and he eats much more — however, we still have nights where he will chose not to eat and that’s fine by me. We don’t give in to the bedtime stalls of I want… and we don’t give in to the Happy Meal. He has a choice of what is in presented to him and if that’s not what he wants — we eat again at the next meal. It took me two years to learn that one — so, I wasn’t always the hard ass I am today.

  5. Also, Jackson just has aversions to certain textures – he will eat baby food still but will not eat #3 baby food and he will eat cheerios …. it’s pretty hit or miss

  6. Both of my children were fussy – we made the mistake with Toad of letting it go on and on, and he’s STILL fussy. With Babygirl we corrected that by giving her ONLY the option of eating what we put in front of her. As long as she tried a few bites, we were happy.

    All the nutritionists said to let Toad become “unfussy” on his own, but he never has, so we got the pediatrician’s permission to put whatever we’re eating (be it steak, chicken, whatever) in front of him and give him no other options.

    I sound so harsh LOL – but it’s really worked. Toad eats a lot more than he used to, and Babygirl eats almost anything (still working on the veggies). Before this her iron level was LOW, but now it’s fine.

    My pediatrician also said that children NikkiZ’s age can survive on a tablespoon of food a meal, but my big concern with my kids was always making sure that they learned to eat a variety of foods so that they could stay healthy.

  7. I can’t get over the “pregnant mother” thing! That’s so awesome. I wasn’t a reader when you had NikkiZ and I’m excited to go through the process with you!

  8. My first son was like this. In fact, until he was probably 5 or 6, we had to battle over the strangest things, just to get him to try it. I’ll never forget all of the nights we had to eat our dinner cold, because we were alternating between cleaning up his tears and forcing him to try something. Anything. Including hotdogs and pizza.

    So not like me πŸ™‚

  9. I fear the eating habits…fear I tell you!!! my hubbie and i are not finicky whatsoever and i can just see lil foot being picky just because she can!

  10. I know this one well. I have one child who will eat, and always has, anything. The other child, even to this day (and she is 13) is just like you describe. When she was younger, I talked to the pediatrician and he told me that she was growing fine, was right where she was supposed to be, which means she was getting the nutrition she needed. It made me feel a lot better. She’s slowly trying different things, and now that she is old enough I make her TRY things..It’s enough to drive you nuts.

  11. Reminds me of my little one. She turns down birthday cake and pizza at Chucky Cheese for godsakes! πŸ™‚

  12. Patricia & Randi gave you great advice. Both our girls are great eaters and pretty much always have been. DD#2 is 18 mo & going thru the “I only want one thing” phase (usually pasta or rice). So carbs hang in the microwave until some meat & veggies have been consumed. My big one (who likes freak’n everything) has been testing to see if she can pull anything on this front & the answer is always, “you don’t have to eat it, but you can’t have anything else tonight either.” You have to stick by this for it to work. In the past we’d cover her plate w/platic & put it in the fridge. If she was hungry that’s what she could have.

    They learn quickly to eat those things when they’re hungry. Plus dessert in our house = yogurt, sugar-free jello, otter pops…we let them pick so they’re motivated to eat so they can get to those things.

    I swore I’d never give my kids food issues, so I won’t force them to eat anything, but I will prevent them from eating junk if they won’t eat the good stuff first. Good Luck (just say no to happy meals!)

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